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Default Six six six not the number of the beast.

It's the number of all men and beasts

6 protons
6 neutrons
6 electrons

Put these together and you get carbon.

F = 6
O = 60
X = 600

It's a fox!
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666 is a number of Therion.
http://theater.goodfight.org/?vdId=Aleister_Crowley (2/3rd way in the video when Book of the Law is mentioned)
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H or U.
“We trade real labor for fake money to pay fraudulent taxes on stuff we don’t own.” Doreen Hannes

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist." we live in satan world.
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Man is made of Carbon, Man is the beast, the fallen Angel.

The secret societies have been communicating with the other side for ages trying to keep one step ahead of God, they know the objective of the holy spirit is to resurrect humanity into a state of enlightened beings they have been monitoring us to subvert this from happening.

The Illuminati does not believe in God they work against him in every way they are 666 made from carbon and Godless men who prefer the fallen Angel Lucifer as their King.
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666 is also the number of the hexagon/hexagram found in the geometries and cymatics of Saturn and the Sun. The sound "OM" which is said to be the vibration/frequency of the Universe is shown in the video below to also produce a hexagon/hexagram form in frozen water. "OM" is also shown to be the sound emanating from the Sun as recorded by NASA:

In Dr. Emoto's water experiments positive words associated with "love" produce hexagonal, six pointed star geometries:

Carbon based lifeforms dominate earth. Mankind is made of carbon atoms (666). Many ancient wisdom traditions state that the spiritual energy emanating from the Sun is closely connected to the 'light' or 'divinity' inherent to man, and within him (i.e. Nous/Christ consciousness). In these teachings, 'light' is often synonymous with 'love'. Saturn the 'Black Sun' and it's dark energies are generally considered to be the antithesis to all that is good and filled with the 'light'. The bible states that 666 was the number of man:

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

"The Beast" is obviously Saturn. The one whom the Gnostics identified as the lesser creator, the Demiurge - a kind of inorganic, artificial intelligence that mimics and distorts things already existing in Creation. That Prime Creator/Creation is often called The Absolute, Source, The One, Monad, Pleroma, Brahmin, Ein Sof etc. The A.I. technology that Saturn appears to be, is merely a distorted imitation of this primary force.

All three religious symbols associated with the Abrahamic religions (Cult of Saturn) are found within the six pointed star:

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel

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An interesting interpretation of the number.
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Not sure about that water experiment.

Does it matter who wrote that?
What if they like Hitler?

How does water recognise the English language?

What happens if you write on the note, 'you make me sick, but I still love you'?
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664,668 = The neighbours of the beast

Well,if we start throwing numbers around

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Originally the word "Beast" just referred to anything with life ...

We have Beasts of the field ..... Beasts of the sea ... Beasts of the air ...

The filthy christians tried to put a division between us humans and other life . We were made "in god's image" we were to dominate and eat other animals ... they were seen as savage .. beasts for us to control ....

But humans ,we were told , also had a bestial nature and we also had to fight and dominate that!!!

So we had constant struggle in our inner world , and in the outer world...

This is not a natural state of affairs , and will come to an end as we move into our new civilisation....

So this explains why the leaders of the new religion bear the title Beast (and Scarlet Woman)...

Someone carrying the title Beast is saying ..." yes I am an animal ,one of many types on this planet , I am comfortable with that , and with my passionate sexual side "

This will carry humanity forward to a new civilisation noticable for it's more humane treatment of other life forms , and for it's preoccupation with sex ...a higher love.
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Greg D
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666 is the number of a man in the book of Revelation. The Pope has 18 titles that are used for him and by him that have a numeric value of 666. Including the vicar of christ which means anti christ, or instead of christ. He calls himself holy father, which is also blasphemy. Six is the Bible numeric number for man under sin, thus the Pope is, the man of sin or perdition. The beast is the Catholic system or the woman that sits on seven hills, Rome. The numeric value for the devil is 13×13×13 by the way. In the last days of this world system there will by 3 powerful forces the beast (Catholic system) the false prophet (Islam) and the Dragon (Zionism) this is fortold and is present in 2018. Then Jesus returns to rule with his bride, the church. I could add alot more to this topic but I am probably not going to be allowed a chance to do it.
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