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My wee boy started P2 last week on a wed, by Fri he had a wee printout about swine flu....2 days back and wee blue A4 page on Swine Flu...lol sad really...I was expecting it but thought they would have gave it at least 2 weeks not two days. Was just the basic info about 'swine flu' the one that say's that if you have the signs of flu then it is 'swine flu' crazy. Well His mother and me feel that he will not need no jabs thank you very much...
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Originally Posted by spaceman44 View Post
I have been shunned by some parents at my daughters local school, for advising a few of my parent friends, not to let their child have the vaccine that is planned, some time when the school opens after the summer break. More exposure needs to implemented to advise parents of the situation regarding these deadly vaccines. I do my best to inform them, but they look at me as if I am crazy for saying such things, and putting these ideas in their children's heads. My 10 year old daughter knows everything about what's going on regarding the deadly vaccine and she quite openly tells all her friends at school. I don't mind my daughter knowing about the vaccine, in fact I promote it, and so should other parents, not to scare them but, to inform them of the situation. They have a right to know, considering it's them that are being targeted first. Does anyone disagree with me ? I wonder.
just read through all the replies, you can listen to others but believe what you feel - not being an expert i think you know that you have done right,

No proof I'm afraid to say MR CROCK or what ever his name is but, it's evident that X amount of the population (majority) will believe the media, school pamphlets and queue up to vaccinate. X will be very difficult to change? but it's ok to try and we should.

y, for example you and i and a few others, minority will wait,

The Z people either know the truth or require proof and analysis but unfortunately with humans it is never 100% accurate,

Do you remember at school the intelligent brainy types, they were completely worlds apart
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