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Default Eye of horus

Peace, my name is Bash Copeland. I was wondering if anybody knew what the hieroglyphics around this Eye Of Horus image means. If you could help it would mean the world. Thank you.

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At the heart of heaven the massive gas giant Saturn appeared fixed atop the North polar axis, with Venus and Mars set within its center like two concentric orbs (see figure one, where Venus is the green orb and Mars the innermost red orb). The theory holds that the origin of ancient myth and religion -indeed the origin of the primary institutions of civilization itself - is inextricably linked to the appearance and evolutionary history of this unique congregation of planets.


In order to understand what our ancestors were trying to tell us, we have to understand how the Solar System really formed. The Earth has experienced major, literally earth-shattering and terra-forming, catastrophies in the past - it was one hell of a ride for our ancestors some 5,000-10,000 years ago. Why do you think the planet Venus was obsessively monitored worldwide and made, among many motifs, a ravaging witch-on-a-broomstick and a beautiful virgin goddess by nearly all cultures? Why was the planet Mars made the god of war? Why was the planet Saturn described as an ancient sun?



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