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Default There any counter in place to symbols\sublim MSGs?

I have always been wondering about this. There is always talk about how groups use Symbols and Hidden Messages and other nefarious tactics to either spread a message or conform the masses. And I have been wondering if since the beginning when people started to find all of these "hidden" messages and symbols if there is anything, be it a group or program or an individual or anything really, to counter all of it.

And not in the sense of trying to SHOW people all of this and hope they can see the groups message.

But use the same tactic WHILE explaining it for the power of love and the benefit of the masses.

I have heard people say "One eye hidden means they are part of the 'Illuminati'" or "They are using a secret hand shake or hand signal to show who they represent". Well has anyone done this for our benefit?

Positive EX: Hippies use two fingers to show "Peace".
Negative EX: Celebrity covers one eye to show being "Enlightened".

Instead of showing all these bad hidden messages, someone should make videos with "Good" hidden messages that are positive and then say in their comments that they did use subliminal messages and these are what they are: Good morals, good hygiene etc etc. That way the people who will not believe in hidden messages are still being affected by them but in a positive way, and the people who were on the line of believing that big corporations use symbols now see how they were being manipulated due to LACK OF INFORMATION on the subject. Because if you tell someone that some company is trying to manipulate them for greed they will have a skeptical attitude toward them, even when you try to show them "proof". But if you were to show the same people the same subject of subliminal messages but show them it was not for a "bad" reason, they will be a lot more open minded about it.

I.d.k. The reason that the shadow groups have a power over the masses is because they work together. So shouldn't everyone who is "in the know" have some sort of way to show that we are all not going to be puppets? Just one of the many ways to take the power back and give it to the people.
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