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Originally Posted by ally_uk View Post
serious question has anyone spoken to either? how do you actually talk to them? I am not religious but I have this daily habit of speaking to a higher being I ask them in the name of jesus and the holy spirit to guide and protect me. To protect my family.

Can anybody help? how do you like communicate with your higher being.
I once knew someone who talks to Jesus / God. I heard he sounds just like Morgan Freeman.
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Originally Posted by trebor8 View Post
Or maybe a false nature?
A false nature that we cannot shake off. Maybe because it is real.

The connection between Icke and 9/11
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Originally Posted by kalam View Post
Reply: You don't talk to jesus. He doesn't exist. He's a created myth to keep people like you stuck on the physical plane.

You are God. You are the creative force of the universe. You are a powerful Creator.

You are that which you think you are seeking. You are it. You are God. It's not outside of you.

When you can get Spirits to believe that God is outside of themselves then you've got their Consciousness captured.

All you need to do is speak/think about that which you want to manifest/create. You're speaking to yourself.

The illusion/reptilians created jesus to keep Spirits stuck in something that doesn't exist. And to do that they had to give him a face to make him real; pictures of jesus, jesus hanging n cross with a face. A huge trap.

Wake up to what you truly are, the Higher Self is you.

Would it not be easier and far more likely for a shepherd to be able to lead a flock to the greener grass than trying to train every sheep of that flock to be a shepherd to lead themselves?

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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post

Well there you go. The man known as Jesus was tortured and murdered in a most heinous way and it was done publicly to scare the fuck out of those who were listening to what he was saying. In a "THIS will happen to YOU". This guy was a Palestinian Jew who was a real person borne of flesh and through less than immaculate means. He also did not walk on water.... he was a truthful, honest person who knew the Government and Religions were corrupt and set about to do something about it.

They hated that guy and they still do. The fact that they simply gave up trying to eliminate all record of him and as a massive inside joke based a whole religion around him doesn't make it real......

Lucifer is the sun in the sky, the sun is our god and our connection to the power that FUELS those stars.... all the building blocks of life are in starlight, our star shines everyday. Lucifer Morningstar...... the Sun. The shitty people who run the world believe in Lucifer, and as a Christian you unwittingly or unknowingly are just worshiping another version of Lucifer in Jesus, the Sun God. OK? Believing in Jesus is not believing in God, but since so many people believe in that tale, there is a power to that belief. That's all. We're past fairy tales, or we should be.

Such is the power of repetition that you probably can't even consider that the what we were told about Lucifer is not true. It's neither good, nor evil, it just is. We need it, it doesn't need us. The sun fuels this universe/multiverse, as other suns in other galaxies do.

To the OP -- try to talk to something positive, and keep an open mind. Messages aren't always Moses style or strikes of lightning. I once was going through a hard time after separating from my ex and kids. I was laying on a deck in a lawnchair, feeling miserable, looking at the stars. I said out loud "I just need a sign to know everything will be OK"....and a shooting star shot straight through my line of sight in an instant. Coincidence? Sure. I've had a few of them in my life.

Lucifer is not Satan, the elites want us to believe that Lucifer is evil, associate it with Satan etc, because as per the norm, they want everything to be theirs.

This is Lucifer in human form. Beatific.

The Sun, of God. It is what it is, you can believe what you want. Lucifer doesn't require a church, a steeple, crude laws or a book to tell you what it is. Take a walk in the sunshine........ that's pretty much it.
First of all, thank you for your courage and dedication, you are speaking the truth.

I am born in 1985, as a Roman Catholic, as a child I have done everything the church asked me to do. I have never believed in the bible all my life, I have never read the bible too. I asked Jesus the Christ why I was in this body? Can I change my spirit inside another body? I was 9 years old when I've spoke to Jesus the Christ for the last time.

Since I've never got an answer, I've abandoned all hope and probably faith at this time. I was living around people filled with anger, evil and madness, teenager I've discovered about death metal and black metal music, who mostly speaks against Jesus the Christ and promote extreme gore violence, the evil.

In my late 20', I had a fascination about mythologies, I learned about every gods and goddess and every rulers of the pantheons. Greek, celtic, egyptian, norse, roman etc.
I have come in conclusion that, they are sharing the same goal, they are all sharing the same destiny and dynasty, good versus evil, all related to the unknown. They all speaks about the great gift of life, creation and creators, the sun.

At 30 years old, I got my first consciousness enlightenment , I did a prayer to Lord Lucifer because I am someone very curious and not sellout to a man made religion and wow, I don't regret this day. I've started to play with electromagnetic forces, frequency and vibration (Yes Nikola Tesla).

My consciousness as been packed of tons of information , I had to decode everything one by one, I dedicated 15hours a day for 1 year doing only this.

A star got my attention in the sky, right in front of my house facing north, it was flashing/glowing like crazy. When I was pointing with my index in his direction, the star was changing colors and glowing even faster. And some messages and suggestions appeared in my consciousness. This was the most amazing adventures I had in my life.

I will not reveal publicly, what kind of inner-discution I had with him, but I can tell you, the almighty angel of light, governor of venus, is not a fallen.

When I go outside, in a clear blue sky, I close my eye, I breath slowly, I put my right hand directly in the sunlight, I find the sun with my eye closed. 'Oh father, I love you father, fill my heart and my spirit with your almighty divine light, please father, together we will fight evil. Amen.'

Him- 'I love you too my son, hum hum' and I feel my head shaking saying 'Yes' I heard you.
And suddenly I feel very light and strong.

Peace and love for everyone.
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