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Default Psychotronic Cover-Ups in Eastern Europe?

Hello everyone,

This information was sent from Eastern Europe -

It has become known that that the CIA has sent prisoners to Siberia, where the GRU (the Russian Intelligence) used them for experiments.
The Russian Center of Psychotronics is located near by Lake Tiberkul, in Siberia
The Hypnosis Methods

There is a whole network of groups/mostly working in groups of five, one decision maker and four perpetrators/, who are working in countries like Bulgaria. Any open-minded person, who would part from the herd and start asking questions, becomes a potential target. There is a major cover-up going on. A major player is a, Ukrainian lady, called Tamara Tyutchenko [spelling's uncertain!]. Interestingly enough,the Cover-Up's headquarters are located in Greek Cyprus. This is mostly, where people get hired, before being sent to the Balkans. A laptop hidden, device gets scanned. The device is located in the floppy slot. This is an inportant detail.

A Kirlian photography [ http://www.themystica.com/mystica/ar...otography.html ] gets carried out, to scan the persons brain frequencies. Then comes the "suitcase". The "suitcase" device is small enough, not to attract attention.

The aim is to implant beliefs, into the person's mind. Gradually the person becomes totally hypnotised. In case that the person 'wakes up', the device locks to the brain or heart frequencies, causing a stroke or heart attack.

These are the general facts. In early 1990's it became known that some, so-called healers, like Prof. Boris Zolotov, used hypnotic devices
The devices mentioned are of a Psychotronic kind, with the ability to keep a people in a hypnotic state, and use them in P-R-S scenarios.

The source is saying that Soviet (now Russian) and Bulgarian Intelligence Agencies have widely used the devices, on their own people. This has had catastrophic consequences.

For us, in Bulgaria, the situation has now become desperate.
The source is saying that the only hope now, is to spread more information about what's happening

This is apparently the website, of the source, but it's all in Bulgarian - http://www.voininatangra.org/
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