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Default Communitarianism - The Dictatorship Of Everything



Nancy Levant
January 2, 2007

Let us start with the premise the title offers. Let us assume that our Constitution and three branches of government, our state constitutions and governors, our schools and universities, our health care systems, taxation systems, all regional and appointed governing bodies, commissions, and councils; our churches and synagogues, our military, land and watershed systems, and all forms of licensure and credentialing, including travel, are under the governing auspices of internationally emerging laws. Then let us try to figure out what is not under global dictatorship specifically here in the United States.

We still have our 2nd Amendment intact, though it has been degraded decade by decade, and the United Nations is in the planning stages of disarming the “international community.” By “international community,” let us assume that means the international rabble. I’m pretty sure the elite will still have their armed body-guarding details and that the “international” peacekeeping forces will remain technologically armed to the teeth and into outer space. Let us also assume that non-lethal weapons technologies will also remain highly funded and manufactured. Let us therefore assume that total disarmament of other than elites and militaries remains a global governing plan of action. In other words, our 2nd Amendment is hanging on by a shred of a thread.

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