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Exclamation A shocking telephone interview with the FED

A shocking telephone interview with the Federal reserve bank - The criminal and fraudulent activities of the Federal Reserve

Original Article is in german, translated by babelfish into english:

(source: Dan Benham [email protected])

In the following an interview about FED (Federal reserve system), which many humans falsely regard as US central bank. A telephone interview to the Federal reserve of Dan Benham © 2002

The following is a Konversation with Mr. Ron Supinski of the Public information department of "San Francisco Federal reserve bank. This is a report of this conversation:

INTERVIEWER - Mr. Supinski, holds my country the Federal reserve system?
MR. SUPINSKI - we are an agency of the government. MORE ASKING - is not that my question. It held by my country?
MR. SUPINSKI - an agency of the government is created by the congress. INTERVIEWER - is the Federal reserve enterprise?
MORE ASKING - does my state government hold any shares on hand in the "Federal reserve?
MR. SUPINSKI - no, it is held by the members banks.
INTERVIEWER - are the members banks private Corporations?
INTERVIEWER - is the Federal reserve notes covered through something?
MR. SUPINSKI - to put by the fortune of the Federal reserve however, mainly by the power of the congress a tax down on the citizens.
INTERVIEWER - did you say to take the money by power taxes that are it, which covers "Federal reserve notes"?
INTERVIEWER - which is the total assets of the Federal reserve?
MR. SUPINSKI - San Francisco bank has $36 billion at active.
INTERVIEWER - from which is these active compound?
MR. SUPINSKI - gold; the Federal reserve bank and government endorsements.
INTERVIEWER - to which value does the Federal reserve bank gold hold by oz. in its books?
MR. SUPINSKI - I do not have the information, but, San Francisco bank has $1,6 billion in gold.
INTERVIEWER - wools you thereby say, the Federal reserve bank of San Francisco have $1,6 billion in gold, as bank, and the balance of this fortune are government collateral?
INTERVIEWER - from where the Federal reserve receives the Federal reserve notes?
MR. SUPINSKI - you are authorized by the Treasury.
INTERVIEWER - how much the Federal reserve pays $10 Federal for a reserve note?
MR. SUPINSKI - fifty to seventy cents.
INTERVIEWER - how much they pay $100,00 Federal for a reserve note?
MR. SUPINSKI - the same - fifty to seventy cents.
INTERVIEWER - only fifty cents in the exchange for $100.00 an enormous profit is not true?
INTERVIEWER - accordingly to the US Treasury, the Federal reserve $20,60 pays little more than two cents by $1,000 nominal value and/or for $100,00 a calculation, is so correct?
MR. SUPINSKI - that probably is near that.
INTERVIEWER - doesn't the Federal reserve, the Federal reserve notes, use which in each case two cents cost, in order to buy US certificates of indebtedness from the government to?
MR. SUPINSKI -, but is there more than that.
INTERVIEWER - essentially, it is what takes place?
MR. SUPINSKI -, essentially that is correct.
INTERVIEWER - like many Federal reserve notes are in circulation?
MR. SUPINSKI - $263 billion, and we can deliver only account over a small percentage.
INTERVIEWER - where the other lights went?
MR. SUPINSKI - in the mattresses of the people, and in the background, as well as illegal money buries drugs.
INTERVIEWER - because the debts are payable in Federal reserve notes, how the $4 trillion know national debts with that totally Federal reserve notes in circulation ever pay themselves off?
MR. SUPINSKI - white I not.
INTERVIEWER - if federation the state government each Federal reserve note in circulation would in-collect; would it be mathematically possible to pay the $4 trillion national debts?
INTERVIEWER - would it be correct, if I would say that, for ever $1, insert into a member bank, according to which $8, with sufficient reserve politics, again to be lent to be able?
MR. SUPINSKI - about $7.
INTERVIEWER - correcting you me if I wrongly is appropriate, but for $7 further Federal reserve notes, which never arrived in circulation. But, in the lack of better words - it was "creates from thin air" in the form that credits and the two cents for each nominal value had been never ever paid. In other words, which were not Federal reserve notes in reality, physically printed out, and production, but, simply generated as a book entry and to interest lent. That is correct?
INTERVIEWER - is that the cause for the fact that there only $263 billion Federal are reserve notes in circulation?
MR. SUPINSKI - that is a part of the reason.
INTERVIEWER - I interpret that wrong, as the Federal reserve law (anno Christmas 1913) was closed, transferred it power, coins to coin/shape, and money to our nation to thus spend, as well as the circulation and the value to adjust, from the congress to a PRIVATE society. And my country ENTLEIHT now, what our own money should be, from the "Federal reserve bank" (a PRIVATE society) PLUS interest. Is that correct - and the debts can be never paid off - under the current money system of our country? MR. SUPINSKI - in the reason.
INTERVIEWER - I do not smell there a rat, you?
MR. SUPINSKI - Sorry, I can not answer to it, I works here.
INTERVIEWER - was the Federal reserve examined ever independently?
MR. SUPINSKI - we are examined.
INTERVIEWER - why there a current house resolution (1486 designated) for a complete book examination is to the Federal reserve by the GAO; and why is the Federal reserve there resisting?
MR. SUPINSKI - I do not know.
INTERVIEWER - does the Federal reserve adjust the value of the Federal reserve notes, and the interest rates?
INTERVIEWER - explaining you like the Federal reserve system to be constitutional can, if nevertheless only the congress of the USA, which in the senate and the house of the representatives subdivides itself, has here power (at least to have should), to coin/shape our coins to give change, and the value over it to adjust? [ Article 1 section 1 and section 8 ] anywhere to transfer in the condition power or power is not given the congress, any granted power in the range of the condition to a PRIVATE enterprise - or nevertheless?
MR. SUPINSKI - I am not an expert in constitutional law. I can refer you to our law department.
INTERVIEWER - I can say to you, I read the constitution. This does not permit it that any given power at a private company or combination can be given. Is it not expressly fixed the fact that all other power grants, not particulars but the state and the citizens is reserved? Meets too a private enterprise?
MR. SUPINSKI - I do not believe, but, we were created by the legislative meeting.
INTERVIEWER - you became obligations; it is our country and it should OUR money, how given in the constitution, to be?
MR. SUPINSKI - I understand, what you want to say.
INTERVIEWER - why should we, our own money from a PRIVATE consortium from Bankern (AT INTEREST) borrow? Wasn't it exact that, to become why we created a revolution, in order separate sovereigns a nation, with own rights? MR. SUPINSKI - (has to answer rejected).
INTERVIEWER - did the Federal reserve clarify this ever at all constitutionally with the highest Court of Justice?
MR. SUPINSKI - I believe there was relevant cases of court.
INTERVIEWER - goods there with the highest Court of Justice of cases?
MR. SUPINSKI - I think in such a way, am however not not safe.
INTERVIEWER - the highest Court of Justice did not confirm unanimously in A.L.A. (Schechter Poultry Corp. vs. US and Carter vs. Carter Coal CO.) the koerperschaftlich stating arrangement as an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power? [ power transferred is to be adjusted power. This is a legislative delegation in its usually anstoessigen form; for itself it is not even a delegation to an official group of body/societies, which regulates probably uninterested the general, but interested that private of the persons. Carter vs. Carter Coal CO... ]
MR. SUPINSKI - I white, I cannot refer you to our law department.
INTERVIEWER - isn't the present money system a "house of cards" to collapse MUST, because, which can be here mathematically never erased debts?
MR. SUPINSKI - it appears in such a way. I can say to them that you check up obviously very well the subject, and am very experienced. Nevertheless, we have a solution.
INTERVIEWER - which is the solution?
MR. SUPINSKI - the debit Card.
INTERVIEWER - do you mean with it the EFT act (electronics of find transfer)? Is it not much be frightened, if one considers the abilities of computers? It becomes the state and all its agencies, the inclusive Federal reserve such information how: They were at the gas station over: 2:30 and following you bought in the food shop around 2:58 and bought bread, the lunch, meat and milk for $12.32 for $10.00 lead free gasoline to $1,41 by gallon and, were, and afterwards you bought medicament in the pharmacy around 3:30 for $5.62. In other words, they would know, when, and where we go, how much we paid, how much the wholesale dealer paid, and how much it made profit. Under the EFT system they would know everything of us word by word. Is that not frightening?
MR. SUPINSKI -, it surprises already.
INTERVIEWER - there I smell a GIGANTIC RAT, which probably uebertoelpelt there our constitution. Don't we pay a tribute/tariff, in the form of income taxes, to a private consortium of Bankern?
MR. SUPINSKI - I cannot call it a tribute, it am interest.
INTERVIEWER - credit not all selected officials an office oath performed out, the condition both before foreign, how domestic enemies to protect and defend? Is the Federal reserve in such a way seen, not a domestic enemy?
MR. SUPINSKI - I cannot say that.
INTERVIEWER - our selected officials and persons of the Federal reserve are guilty of the own promotion and destroy thereby my constitution and, that are betrayal. Isn't the punishment for betrayal death?
MR. SUPINSKI - I believe already.
INTERVIEWER - thanks beautifully for the information, and their invested time, and if I could do I would say, you should the necessary steps to the protection for itself and your family introduce, and all your money off from the banks take, before the system collapses. I do this.
MR. SUPINSKI - it does not look well out.
INTERVIEWER - God may have mercy, for the spirit, for which acting criminal behind this unconstitutional and called The Federal reserve stand. If the ALLPOWERFUL MASS awakes and recognizes this gigantic caper, they will not take it like a salt grain. A joy was to be spoken with you, and I thank again for your time. I hope, you mine advice will obey, before it comes to the collapse. MR. SUPINSKI - unfortunately, it looks not good.
INTERVIEWER - credit it still another beautiful day and thanks for your time. MR. SUPINSKI - thanks for the call.

If you have any doubts as readers concerning the reliability of this discussion, they call its next Federal reserve bank (= Federal Bank/central bank). IT KNOWING NOW, THE QUESTIONS, WHICH IT APPLIES TO QUESTIONS! (it it not to find listed under the central state government.) They are listed in the white sides, together with Federal express, Federal plant insurance Corp. (FDIC), as also different business concerns. Find out they whether all of this is true. And then they go seeing them to their local court and after evidence, in the documents to the article of the university University of States, case # 80-5905, 9th district, June 24, 1982. To read in the part: Examining the organization and function OF the Federal reserve bank = investigation of the Organization and task of the Federal reserve bank "and concerning the relevant factors, we come to the conclusion that, the Federal is reserve NOT in federal administration. . . separate in the possession of independent and privately controlled Korporationen - Federal reserve banks are registered neither as the state government completebelonging societies, [ under 31USC section 846 ], still as, ' mixed vested title ' societies [ more under 31 USC section 856 ]. . . 28 USC sections 1346(b), 2671. Federation the address is defined as: an implementing department of, the military departments, as an independent mechanism of the United States; and societies act here mainly as mediators of the United States, but, not including all entrepreneurs in the United States. . . There there are no strict criteria, which specify whether a unit is a Federal Office in the sense of the law, but, the critical factorist the missing existence of central state government control of the ' exact physical fulfilment ' and of them ' day for day activities ' concerning the unit.

There there are no strict criteria, which specify whether a unit is a Federal Office in the sense of the law, but, the critical factor is the existence of central state government control of the ' exact physical fulfilment ' and of them ' day for day activities ' concerning the unit. Other constitutional court yards classified the nature of these units than independent enterprises. . . neither the state is involved into the financial position of the units. . . and neither it is to be promoted order of the units the policy of the United States. . . Investigations for organization bezuegl. the function of the Federal reserve banks, and concerning their important activity, we can conclude that the reserve bank no federal apparatus or Federal Office is... It is obvious, by the legislative history of the Federal reserve of law that the legislative meeting did not have forwards to give to the centre government an instruction power over the daily operating expiration of the reserve bank. The fact that the Federal reserve group adjusts the reserve banks, does not make it federal offices under the law. . . differently than typical federal offices, each bank is authorized to "hire and fire" of the own coworkers, as it simple wants. The officials of bank do not take part at the national retirement system. They are instead protected by an employee compensation insurance, finally by the bank, better said, by center the employee compensation law. The coworkers journeys for banking transactions are subject not to the federal travel regulations and do not reach not the employee price deductions for officials of state for overnight accomodation and customer services. . . Finally, the banks are authorized to complain and can be sued in their own name. (12 USC section 341). They carry their own liability insurance and typically work on and settle them their own interests. . . In accordance with ton the Federal reserve bank OF Philadelphia. When the Federal reserve was created, the shares on hand was sold to its member banks! (the hats, which the Federal reserve carries, became spent by the Federal reserve bank OF Philadelphia).

The original shareholders of the Federal reserve banks anno 1913 were the Rockefeller's, JP Morgan, Rothschild's, Lazard Freres, Schoellkopf, Kuhn Loeb, be castle, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. The EXCHANGE BROKERS wanted to be safe that THEY had the monopoly over our supply of money, then came it in the legislative meeting to the law article 12, section 284 the United States Kodex. Section 284 does not determine expressly, "a SHARE/CASH ON HAND IS PERMITTED BY US" ' Monopoly ' - "its own special right, or profit possibility, lent at one, or several persons or societies; consisting of exclusively transfer right [ or power ], at a special business or trade; the production of a special article, or control of the sales of the whole supply of a special commodity. A form of sales market construction, in which only some few companies dominate the entire paragraph of a product or a service. ' a monopoly ', forbidden by Paragraf 2 of the Sherman anti-monopoly law, has two elements: possess monopoly a power in a relevant market and conscious conquest or maintenance of this power, uncoupled by the possibilities of a superordinate, (usual) adjusting power, coupled with business sense of sharp; or a historical product. "a monopoly, forbidden by the Sherman anti-monopoly law to be determined is the power of prices or jedwede competition excluding, coupled with guidelines, in addition conceived, to receive power." (Black's of laws encyclopedia, 6th edition) of the Federal reserve law continues still another step: Senator or a delegate in the Lower House may not be a member of the Federal reserve of committee or an officer or a director of the Federal reserve bank. They do not wish the fact that we which people, approximately by the selected representatives of the people has any say in the enterprise of their monopoly. "we are grateful the Washington post office, the New York Times, to the time of magazines and other large publications, whose directors attended our meeting for nearly forty years and held its promises of the discretion.

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been exposed to the light of the public during these years. In the meantime however the world is more highly developed (sic!) and for it prepares to approach to a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and the Weltbanker is with security of the national self-determination, as it in past centuries was practiced of preferring "David Rockefeller, conference of picture mountain he of 6. _ - 9. June 1991 in Baden-Baden
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