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Arrow Evidence of Instant DNA Change

Chemtrails, Radiation or Evidence of Instant DNA Change, as opposed to stage by stage microevolution.
Last year this Ash tree was a normal looking tree, growing happily & sprouting 13 leaf fronds as one would expect .. This year >>> GIANT 7, 8, and 9 leaf fronds!
In this video we sea Ash Tree Mutation: “A permanent structural alteration or change in the DNA sequence“. Filmed August 2012.
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Are you sure its not a walnut tree?It looks like my Walnut tree. If it is Ash then that is scarey.It reminds me of my Stella Cherry Tree as this year it suddenly started growing leaves 7ins (13 cms)long by 4ins (10 cms)wide Fukushima? Chemtrails?
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No offence meant, but I wouldn’t have posted this video were is as trivial as folk seem to think.
Having lived in and around Hazel & Ash Coppice for much of my life, I can say this video is showing something very unusual, having never seen Ash grow as this in all my years coppicing & I’ve seen thousands of Coppiced Ash & Hazel.

When we cut Ash, Hazel, & other trees/shrubs in this fashion, it is called Coppicing, witness the Coppiced Ash that I took the Frond from in this video, & notice how well & naturally it has grown, albeit with a dozen trunks (Rods) no longer just the one .. Cutting back low, caused no stress or harm, quite the opposite, it’s flourishing, & will supply us with Bean Poles & such throughout it’s lifetime & well past mine.
So, we don’t stress the trees/shrubs when Coppicing, what we do is; encourage them to grow more trunks .. Just Google/Search: What is Coppicing, Coppicing, Coppice.

From the resultant “rods” we then make Hurdles & all sorts of products .. By Coppicing every 7 or 8 years in rotation,, we receive a continuous Sustainable supply of useable rods, pea sticks, bean poles & such.
Left longer we can harvest a continuous Sustainable Supply of logs for fires or the production of Charcoal & wood for building.
Coppicing has been in practice since the dawn of Man & whether he knew he was coppicing at the time is another thing all together ‘~)

Let’s clear up this mistaken idea that Light Restriction could have caused the mutation in this Ash:

Most Coppicers purposely leave what we call “Stools”, that is; the low cut stumps of the Coppiced wood ( as per the video) covered by unusable bent & branched remains of the harvested wood, with the intention of defending “new growth” from browsing Deer. The Coppiced tree will then happily break cover & force itself straight up, forming the straight Rods we woodsmen then use.

Even when overgrown by Bramble, these Stools will produce & grow many Rods .. This is the purpose of Coppicing.

Light restriction is in fact an integral & necessary part of Coppicing, traditionally enabled by what are termed “Standards” .. these standards were traditionally Oak trees, although other species are often found in the Coppice, the general idea is that the Coppiced wood will grow straight up from the shade offered by these Standards, searching out the light, while not be deadened by the lack of it.

In the border around our patio, where this Ash has grown, “self seeded, so it liked it there) we can note that the growth of all the plants was simultaneous; that is, they all shot in the spring this year, while the Ash is so angled as to receive Sunlight throughout the day until such time as it‘s companion plants were fully grown. Unfortunately, the grapevine grew/blew over & on top of it, otherwise it would have been as upright as it was last year.

Hope this helps inquisitive & open minds to get the message.
Working the Coppice.

So, no, Not a walnut, it’s An Ash Tree .. IF this were a Walnut, then IT Too would be mutated ^!^
Take another look at the leaves .. Then see Alder, Lime & Ash shaped leaf, but not Walnut, nothing like it.

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