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Default What we are told

"Contrary to the widely disseminated narrative of a rebellion that began with peaceful protests, many in Zahra recall a wave of violence engulfing Homs amid a chilling rebel slogan: "Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the coffin!" As the war ground on, Alawites who say they faced expulsion or death in other areas fled to Zahra for safety, swelling the population"

http://www.latimes.com/world/middlee...#ixzz2swGtqxCW (whole article very interesting and suggests a lot of the rebel fighters were whisked away by the UN even though the ceasefire terms were that all men of fighting age were to undergo a Syrian 'judicial process' if they were evacuated from Homs)

Things are slowly coming out now about what is really going on and why this invasion started. They are not happy at how it is progressing either as it was widely assumed that Assad would have been taken out long ago, regime changed and HEZBOLLAH isolated prior to the peace talks. As you will have seen there is now talk of a US/Israeli invasion of South Syria to create a safe buffer zone (ie disrupt Hezbollah supply chain). I do not know what started as an 'Arab Spring' but think that a truly 'moderate opposition' changes things without using Al Qaida to invade its own country, does not practise sectarian genocide or behead people it does not like. Sharia Law is not moderate either and is only wanted by a small proportion of the Sunni population at the great expense of everyone else.

I would like to hear more from our politicians on why they are supporting an illegal invasion again. An explanation from them which does not mention a president 'gassing and killing his own people'. Do they favour this kind of political uprising in their own countries, which like Syria actually have elections and women standing for office and voting, but are not quite as democratic as they suggest? This war can be stopped as soon as the rebels are withdrawn and the funding these foreign nationals receive is also withdrawn. Then the Syrian people can return and have an election and help from their wealthy neighbours to repair the damage done. That is the truth of the peace talks in Montreux but not one the west is interested exploring. History will do it for them and shame us all.

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Default Kahanism increasing?

I suppose this is the most worrying article I have yet read about extremism taking over Israel. Last week I posted an Israeli article seriously suggesting that if Lebanon is taken over by Al Qaida, bad as they are it will be good for Israel, better than what rules Lebanon at present. Apart from the fact that this raises questions about who Al Qaida actually are, it also shows the callous disregard for Arab lives. Could such views really be taking over a country once full of kind and moderate people who despised oppression in all its forms. The Israeli author writing here (below) for Haaretz is suggesting that moderates and those who do not hate the Palestinians are now leaving the country in droves. What have we done? Every criticism or suggestion of the increasing racism in the country in the last year was either branded anti-Semitic or delegitimizing Israel and our top politicians have agreed with these assessments. Yesterday I posted an article (one of very many now appearing) which clearly shows that Israelis on the right intend to take all of the West Bank and are building furiously on it. This will not bring lasting peace to anyone on this planet, just hasten the end fast approaching which is how Sefi starts his article:

Fire of incitement is destroying Israel
The fate of the country lies in the hands of two people: Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni. If they fail, it's the end of days.
By Sefi Rachlevsky | Feb. 11, 2014

‘This is how the end looks. The Israeli regime has become Kahanist***. The culture minister praises Sapir Sabah with a big “like.”
Sabah, the high school student who decided that her teacher, Adam Verete, is a traitor, and that traitors deserve a death sentence. Sabah, who is an open Kahanist, who celebrates with the most extreme Kahanists from the height of physical belligerence, of the kind that led to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.
This after the leading members of the regime, like Ministers Avigdor Lieberman, Naftali Bennett and Limor Livnat, stood enthusiastically behind a Kahanist singer who sang a song of praise to God for the death sentence thanks to which Rabin was assassinated and the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon collapsed.
And so, shamelessly, a revolution was carried out. They praise a singer who praised Rabin’s death sentence, and praise the enthusiastic disciple of Kahanist Michael Ben Ari. Meanwhile, not only is the municipal rabbi who forbade selling and renting apartments to Arabs not dismissed, but he is about to be promoted to rabbi of the capital city.
In her eulogy to entertainer Sefi Rivlin, Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat said, “For anyone who loves the country, it’s not easy to be in the artists guild.” The culture minister. According to her, most artists hate the country. Most artists are “traitors.”
When the government lights the fire of incitement, it spreads rapidly among the public. That’s why this week the spark of hatred for the left reached its highest point since Rabin’s assassination.
Political leaders’ enthusiastic embrace of Kahanism has a tremendous influence. It’s similar to the influence of the legitimization for violence that was granted by Benjamin Netanyahu when he orchestrated the demonstrations against Rabin that led up to the assassination ("In blood and fire we will expel Rabin").
Those who paid attention this week, whether on the Internet or in real life, could have seen what many are suppressing: the results of the incitement against “the Arabs,” and, even more so, against “the traitorous left.” A video on the popular news and entertainment website Walla showing settlers with cudgels beating a pro-human rights Israeli led to hundreds of immediate responses by real people, who were angry that it was only a beating. Leftists should be killed, not just beaten, these commenters insisted. And they should be dealt with before even the Arabs.
Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni — who are holding the Kahanist regime in their hands, given that without their parties the governing coalition would not have a majority — refuse to understand that the spirit of the country is the main thing.
While Lapid’s Yesh Atid and Livni’s Hatnuah parties are in cahoots with a peace process that won’t actually be implemented, with a prime minister who makes incessant declarations, the spirit of the country is being poisoned every day here. Israel is changing overnight.
There’s a reason that Israel has been overcome with a craze for Spanish passports over the past two days: Citizens want to flee from fascist regimes. Incitement can create hatred of the other and fan murderous intentions toward so-called traitors, but it cannot generate love. Not love for a place, for its people, for its culture or for its trampled language.
This is a serious and immediate warning. The fire of racism is changing Israel forever. After the betrayal of the citizens’ outcry against a cannibalistic and ideological governmental capitalism that doesn’t enable people to live, public frustration is being diverted to two places, as happened in Europe during the rise of fascism: dreams of escape, and hatred of others and of “traitors.”
Israel’s fate is in the hands of two people: Lapid and Livni. As of now, they have the power to join Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and cause the downfall of the Kahane regime. If the two continue to close their eyes and cooperate with Kahanism, everything will be consumed by the fire.
Eighty years ago, the six seals of the racist apocalypse were opened, and the resulting enmity was poured over the heads of millions. Now the seventh seal has been opened. The one on the inside. These are the last moments in which the process can be brought to a halt. The last moments for realizing that preventing a Kahanist state is the only mission. Everything is secondary to it. Every second in which the public is poisoned by the regime is changing our lives forever. ‘

*** 'Kahanism is a nationalist ideology based on the views of Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach party in Israel, who said that the State of Israel must defend itself against its enemies. Kach has been designated as a terrorist organisation by Israel, Canada, the European Union and the United States.

The central claim of Kahanism is that the vast majority of the Arabs of Israel are now, and will continue to be, enemies of Jews and Israel itself, and that a Jewish theocratic state, governed by Halakha, absent of a voting non-Jewish population and including Israel, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, areas of modern-day Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and even Iraq should be created.
According to Kahane, the term "Kahanism" is used primarily by those ignorant of Torah Judaism to discredit his ideology, which he asserted to be rooted in Halakha[citation needed] and the same as Torah Judaism. "Meir Kahane did not hate the Arabs – he just loved the Jews", said his widow Libby in her November 20, 2010 TV interview’ Wikipedia

Note that ‘Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq’ and what has happened to them since the ‘Arab Spring’, for example the military coup in Egypt financed by Saudi Arabia and the role of the Jihadist ISIL (or ISIS) in Iraq and Syria said recently to be controlled by a Saudi prince. Saudi Arabia’s main interest seems to be delivering a mortal blow to the Shiite regimes in Iran and Syria, although Iraq is also majority Shiite. For some time it has therefore seen Israel as an ally and vice versa. Quite where the West and US in particular stand on the above is hard to say. Kahanists are terrorists, but so are Qaida and we seem to be supporting groups who are working with them and calling them ‘brothers’. Are our intelligence agencies and politicians asleep or have we missed something about the real world politics now? Is the bigger picture only just emerging?


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Default Who to believe!

Third shipment of chemical weapons leaves Syria - UN
BBC News-43 minutes ago
A third shipment of chemical weapons materials has left Syria, with some destroyed inside the country, the global chemical weapons watchdog ...

Syrian chemical weapons stalling tests limits of US - Russian deal
Reuters UK-8 hours ago
Syria missed a first deadline to give up the most dangerous toxins on ... and Washington over how to respond to Syria's lack of progress

British Muslims 'carried out torture' in Syria
Telegraph.co.uk-2 hours ago
British Muslims have carried out acts of torture and possibly executions in Syria, according to new video footage posted on social network sites.

Rebel Attack on Syrian Alawite Village Kills 40
ABC News-5 hours ago
Extremist Islamic rebels who overran a village in central Syria populated by the Alawite minority have killed at least 40 people, activists said ...

Saudi Arabia calls for urgent UN meeting on Syria
Al-Arabiya-10 minutes ago
A man reacts at a site hit by what activists said was a barrel bomb dropped by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the ...
By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News
Sunday, 9 February 2014
Saudi Arabia has called for an “emergency” meeting over what is happening in Syria, citing “growing evidence pointing to war crimes,” and the lack of implementation of previous agreements regarding the conflict, a letter sent to the U.N. General Assembly dated Feb. 7 showed.
“U.N. officials have been repeatedly expressing their frustration and disappointment at the lack of progress in addressing the grave humanitarian situation and growing body of evidence pointing to war crimes and crimes against humanity,” it said.
It also went on to say that there was a “lack of full implementation of the Security Council presidential statement date Oct. 2, 2013,” which is “unacceptable.”
In a 2013 statement, the Security Council repeated its calls for the immediate humanitarian assistance to Syrians, especially those who live across the conflict lines…..

West faces new terror threat from Syria border
The Times (subscription)-7 hours ago
An aid truck crosses the Turkish border into Syria. The 566-mile border poses such a threat to the West it is inundated with spies from the CIA, ...

“HOMS, Syria — The international community is lauding a United Nations-brokered deal to provide relief to Homs' long-blockaded Old City, but the aid plan is far from universally welcome in this battle-scarred and profoundly divided city.
The relief effort has stirred deep animosities among many government supporters, who view it as a sellout to opposition forces — "terrorists," in official terms — hunkered down in the ruins of the Old City.
"This is basically giving the terrorists food and medicine and letting them go free," said Rihab Ismael, a dairy worker who lives in the Zahra district, a sniper-plagued zone less than a mile from what remains of the rebel-controlled Old City. "We desperately need help here too. Why is everything concentrated on the ones who made our lives unbearable?"
More than 600 people were evacuated Sunday from Old Homs under U.N. auspices, an exodus that unexpectedly included 130 fighting-age men, many accompanied by their families. The initial deal applied only to civilians and stipulated that any men ages 16 to 54 who chose to leave could face a judicial process.
Some Syrian soldiers providing security were visibly dismayed to see men who could be their rebel adversaries apparently headed to freedom under U.N. patronage.
The possibility that rebels were among the evacuees seemed likely to complicate the Old City aid process — and to further stoke fury among those who already view the deal as a betrayal.
Nowhere is the outrage more evident than in Zahra, where most residents are Alawites, the sect of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Syria's Alawite minority is generally fiercely loyal to the government; likenesses of Assad and the Syrian flag are ubiquitous in Zahra. As the Syrian conflict has turned more sectarian, many Alawites view the war as a question of survival against Sunni Islamist militants who regard Alawites and members of other Muslim sects as apostates. Rebels clutching the severed heads of Alawite men as gruesome war trophies have become a staple of opposition images posted on the Internet.
Hundreds of civilians in Zahra have been killed by sniper fire or shelling originating from the Old City and other rebel-held districts, residents say; others have been kidnapped and never heard from again. Many also have perished serving in the army and security services.
Stylized color posters of "martyrs" line the streets of Zahra; one image mourns a family that lost 19 members to "terrorists," including several allegedly kidnapped and executed.
The accounts of rebel atrocities mirror those from pro-opposition activists who accuse government forces of massacres of Sunni Muslim families and bombardments of Sunni districts.
Contrary to the widely disseminated narrative of a rebellion that began with peaceful protests, many in Zahra recall a wave of violence engulfing Homs amid a chilling rebel slogan: "Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the coffin!" As the war ground on, Alawites who say they faced expulsion or death in other areas fled to Zahra for safety, swelling the population.
Syrian forces have gradually pushed the rebels back in Homs; the Old City, now surrounded by government troops, is one of two remaining strongholds inside the city limits. Government forces keen to cut rebel supplies have kept aid out of the encircled Old City. Two truckloads of food, medicine and other supplies delivered Saturday were the first outside assistance to reach the Old City in 20 months.
On Sunday, the third and last day of the U.N. aid operation in the Old City, six would-be evacuees were killed in a mortar strike, said Yacoub El Hillo, U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Syria. The day before, four people were killed in strikes. It was not clear who fired the deadly mortar rounds, El Hillo said.
Cease-fire violations occurred on all three days of the aid operation. Officials were mulling a possible extension, El Hillo said.
The extensive street fighting and shelling have reduced the Old City and a number of areas, including the adjacent Khalidiya district, to ghostly, rubble-strewn wastelands. Along the remaining commercial strips in Homs, street stalls hawk appliances, furniture and other items looted from abandoned and ransacked homes.
Homs, Syria's third-largest city, shuts down in the evening amid the thud of mortars and the crackle of gunfire.
For more than two years, all streets from the Old City east to Zahra have been blocked with alternating rows of makeshift anti-sniper barriers built of cinder blocks, metal dumpsters, sand bags and other material. The barriers, the tallest about 30 feet high, are pockmarked from bullets and shelling. They are placed like huge dominoes along the vulnerable thoroughfares.
"That man is in danger of being sniped," Mustafa Abbout, mukhtar or district leader of one area of Zahra, told a reporter Sunday, pointing to an elderly man using a cane to navigate a street exposed by a gap between two cinder-block walls. "We've tried to arrange the barriers to connect the streets, so children going to school can pass safely. But it's still not completely safe."
Like other Zahra residents interviewed, Abbout is shocked that the Syrian government, under international pressure, is allowing food and other staples into the Old City. He acknowledges that some of the estimated 2,000 civilians inside are being forced by the rebels to remain there as "human shields," a deterrent against military bombardment. But he and others interviewed in Zahra insist that most inside the warren of rubble-strewn streets and alleys are rebels or their families, people who back the rebellion and deserve no mercy.
"Anyone who wasn't with them left a long time ago," said Abbout, 41, who pulled back a cracked cinder block from one barrier to expose a sliver of the devastated Old City, a cemetery in the foreground, unseen snipers somewhere in the blasted cityscape.
Inside Abbout's nearby apartment, a wall in the living room has become a shrine to a younger brother, Amer Abbout, whose smiling visage gazes down from a photograph. A taxi driver, Amer was kidnapped two years ago, the family says; he hasn't been heard from since.
"He's inside the Old City somewhere; we don't know if he's alive or dead," said Abbout, as his elderly mother gazed forlornly at the image of her lost son. "He is in God's hands."
The mukhtar leads visiting journalists to the roof of his five-story building, offering panoramic views of the skeletal remains of Homs' ancient quarter. Safety dictates staying low, moving quickly and crouching behind satellite dishes that provide some cover from snipers. Chickens scamper about, pecking at decaying bits of lettuce and other greens left on the roof; people started keeping fowl when it was too dangerous to go out for food, Abbout explains. A clutch of pigeons takes wing as a shell detonates in the distance.
"We suffer and no one helps us, but the terrorists inside are getting everything they need," says Abbout. "I don't see any justice in that."


Who can we believe? Why do we support the ‘moderate opposition’ if they or their friends are beheading Shiites, Christians and Alawaites? Is that moderate?

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Default Sticking the boot in

It is worth looking at the extremely strong lobby currently pressing Obama to attack Syria. It is reminiscent of the one urging Bush to attack Iraq. With the attack on Syria I am posting a link to a fascinating article in the Financial Times. It is basically blaming Obama’s inaction for the humanitarian catastrophe and suggests that action now, targeting Al Qaida (as if that was the intention), setting up buffer or no fly zones ete must happen now. In a sense it is quite convincing but look at the author. He urged the attack on Iraq and Libya. Does he recognise the deaths of perhaps 700,000 civilians as a result, the fact that both countries are now being bombed daily by Jihadist gangs? No and one has to suspect that behind this humanitarian appeal is a very hard headed desire to see regime changes that benefit no one in those countries but benefit who? The author is described as a historian and author and here are some extracts from Wikipedia - not representative extracts but ones which reveal the possibility that he may have an undeclared mission. These sort of articles are being released in many major newspapers now in readiness for the inevitable attack on Assad and common sense. There are very few articles which reflect the opposite view. I also note an article also linked below suggesting that the US will downgrade their war on Al Qaida now it has changed, or that is what I read into it. Make up your own minds. So the first author - Max Boot:

Max Boot (born September 12, 1969) is an American author, consultant, editorialist, lecturer, and military historian.[1] He has been a prominent advocate for American power. He once described his ideas as "American might to promote American ideals."….. He is now Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has written for numerous publications such as The Weekly Standard, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times, and he has also authored well-reviewed and best-selling books of military history…..He serves as a consultant to the U.S. military and as a regular lecturer at U.S. military institutions such as the Army War College and the Command and General Staff College…. His writings with the Council appeared in several publications such as The New York Post, The Times, Financial Times, and International Herald Tribune in 2002.
Boot wrote Savage Wars of Peace, a study of small wars in American history, with Basic Books in 2002. The title came from Kipling's poem 'White Man's Burden'.[11] James A. Russell in Journal of Cold War Studies criticized the book, saying that "Boot did none of the critical research, and thus the inferences he draws from his uncritical rendition of history are essentially meaningless."….The World Affairs Councils of America named Boot one of “the 500 most influential people in the United States in the field of foreign policy" in 2004.… During Rose's interview, Boot praised President Obama's decision to appoint General David Petraeus as the ground commander of the Afghanistan campaign, and he said that the conflict is winnable…. He particularly argued that President Obama's health care plans made maintaining the U.S.' superpower status harder, that withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq occurred prematurely while making another war there more likely, and that the initial U.S. victory in Afghanistan had been undone by government complacency though forces could still pull off a victory…..Boot co-wrote with Brookings Institution senior fellow Michael Doran a New York Times op-ed titled "5 Reasons to Intervene in Syria Now", advocating U.S military force to create a countrywide no-fly zone reminiscent of NATO's role in the Kosovo War. He stated first and second that "American intervention would diminish Iran’s influence in the Arab world" and that "a more muscular American policy could keep the conflict from spreading" with "sectarian strife in Lebanon and Iraq". Third, Boot argued that "training and equipping reliable partners within Syria’s internal opposition" could help "create a bulwark against extremist groups like Al Qaeda". He concluded that "American leadership on Syria could improve relations with key allies like Turkey and Qatar" as well as "end a terrible human-rights disaster"….Boot vigorously supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2007 surge. He wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed in April 2011 arguing that it is "in America's Interest to Stay in Iraq" because "[h]aving active bases would allow us to project power and influence in the region."….During the Gaza war, Boot stated that Israel was morally justified to invade the Gaza Strip. …Boot supports what he calls American imperialism based on nation building and the pursuit of spreading democracy across the non-Western world. He sees this as the only way to prevent another event like the 9/11 attacks…. Woods also commented, "Since in my judgment Max Boot embodies everything that is wrong with modern conservatism, his opposition is about the best endorsement I could have asked for….John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's controversial 2007 book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy named Boot as a neo-conservative 'pundit' that represented the Israeli lobby's positions, notably within the Council of Foreign Relations. The authors argued that Boot and other figures dishonestly warp American foreign policy away from its national interest…..In response to the 2011 Libyan civil war, Boot wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the United States should send an aircraft carrier with "34 F/A-18F Super Hornets and 10 F/A-18C Hornets along with a full complement of electronic-warfare aircraft" to Libya in order to establish a no-fly zone over that country. In addition, he argued that "It may also be necessary to send arms and Special Forces trainers to support the rebels," and that inaction would "reduce American power and prestige in ways that will do us incalculable long-term harm." Replying to Boot's arguments, Will Wilkinson of The Economist wrote that "there is no question that serious people do not deliberate like this" and that "crediting this sort of keyboard brinkmanship has already done Americans (and Iraqis and Afghans) incalculable harm." Wikipedia

So what does Mr Boot have to say about Syrian policy today?

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/22625362-9...#ixzz2t31OXLZv

February 10, 2014 6:40 pm
Obama’s Syria policy is a deadly mistake
By Max Boot
The president’s strategy towards the country has failed but options remain, writes Max Boot

Al-Qaeda’s expulsion of Islamist group in Syria prompts U.S. debateBy Karen DeYoung and Greg Miller, Tuesday, February 11, 1:33 AM E-mail the writers
The Obama administration is engaged in a debate about the extent of the president’s powers to use lethal force against terrorist organizations, and the deliberations have been accelerated by al-Qaeda’s recent decision to sever ties with a violent Islamist group in Syria.
The focus of internal discussions is whether a law giving the president authority to attack al-Qaeda affiliates still applies to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group that was disavowed last week….


Both articles well worth reading for those who want to keep abreast of the fast changing attitudes and the increasing desperation to remove Assad. This kind of rush is exactly what we saw with Saddam and Gaddafi, as though they were the only despots in the Middle East. But they were only removed because the Us became involved which causes armies to shrink in terror or defect and this is exactly why they want the Us to get involved in this deadly civil war which can of course be stopped with one phone call to Saudi Arabia.

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Default The Kahanist threat?

Whoever the few real Kahanist terrorists are it is clear that like all violent extremists they use any weapons available to achieve their goals and must be hidden as they are branded a terrorist organisation. It is really only now that we are becoming aware of them not least because of the bravery of some Israelis who see the real threat. It is necessary to look again at their tenets contained in those few lines above.

The main enemy to them at this stage is the moderate Jew. They therefore have to ensure they do not get in the way and this was why Rabin was assassinated. Haaretz also included Sharon. But looking further one can see that they consider the US a very dangerous enemy too. The US wields far too much power over their aspirations and this is probably why in Israel Kerry has recently been branded anti-Semitic. Obama they have also included in that category. The world laughs at this but the settlers do not and it is laughable as only 9 years ago Kerry discovered his Jewish ancestry. He is a true friend to the real Israel and an American through and through - exactly what makes him enemy number one to the Kahanist this week.

They were long aware of the destruction that war with Iran would bring on the US. And that has been made almost certain. Iran is not their real enemy at all - but will embroil the US in a battle they cannot win against not only a very large country but also China and Russia. Invasion now would also anger the rest of the world. However it is essential for them to occupy Syria and Lebanon and this is only achievable by destroying Iran. Iraq and Jordan are also on the list but like Egypt can easily fall. The essential part to that is getting Saudi Arabia to help them unwittingly.

Remember that there are very few Kahanists and that they use many people and organisations. So do not for a moment think that anyone who is making the points that build up to the Kahanist vision have any idea what it is. For them they see the danger of Syria left uninvaded as a humanitarian catastrophe that will infect the whole area around Israel. They see Iran as eventually delivering nuclear bombs into the heart of Israel, perhaps using Hezbollah. It is quite easy to persuade gullible and patriotic people as long as they do not know what the real intention is.

The US must therefore be delivered a massive blow to stop them making it impossible to achieve their dream. And Israel must be weakened in the face of the few Kahanists controlling the real agenda. The word Kahanism must never be mentioned. Anyone standing in the way must be branded anti-Semitic or delegitimizing Israel. Sadly many people are for one reason or another dependent on being seen as true supporters of Israel and they are very averse to being seen as antagonistic to it, let alone supporting any nation hostile to it.

It did not make sense that peace talks were being so undermined but in reality it is likely they will be successful up to the point where they are put to a referendum. Then the Kahanist agenda will ensure there is no possibility of the terms for peace being accepted he majority. War with Iran, triggered by the attack which Saudi Arabia are expecting and indeed hoping for as part of the bargain, will make the whole area around Israel very dangerous and requiring occupation. Al Qaida seem to have been encouraged at just the right time as thet are the red flag for the US people. A chemical attack did not work but imagining Al Qaida building up to launch another major attack on the US is unthinkable. However the suggestion made by the Jordanian article was that this time the occupation of Syria would be with Israeli forces, an absolutely essential part of the plan. Syria and Iraq would both need to be occupied eventually to engage them effectively as ISIL or ISIS is in fact based in these two countries, indeed considers them to be one ‘Levant’.

It is unlikely that now the cat is out of the bag analysts will not be able to see where this is going. No one in Congress or Senate for example would tolerate any threat to the US whther it was from Al qaida or Kahanism. Especially if the threat is because of its ideals and inevitable refusal to counter a Kahanist empire as large as the one they desire. No moderate or thinking Israeli would either. That is the problem with terrorists - they do not think things through. Al Qaida will grow exponentially in the face of this and there will indeed be an army of 200 million Jihadists hell bent on destroying Israel. Already there are divisions in Al Qaida suggesting that the control that has been there so long and which undoubtedly played into Kahanists hands, now sees it has different priorities which must be very upsetting to those who fund it. They want all the oil revenues in the Gulf, they want foreign Jihadists to join them, to reach the anger in Muslims from Morocco to Pakistan. The old Al Qaida did not. It was merely a tool to get the US and UK to invade and destroy the nations standing in the way. But so little does the Kahanist care for Arab lives they did not see how this bunch of mercenaries could ever become an unmanageable force.

The plot is far more subtle than I am portraying but so many elements that did not make sense before now do. The US needs to be extremely careful as does the UK. We have never recognised the mistakes we made in invading Iraq, nor really accepted that we could not win in Afghanistan against a small insurgency. No one wins in Afghanistan. We have always been great supporters, indeed the creators of Israel and Saudi Arabia and would never let anything get in the way of that friendship. But our politicians are susceptible to lobbies in this day and age and the Kahanist plot has used lobbies so effectively that no one ever suspected what really motivated them. They were the ones which warned us or coerced us, and the wealth that underpins them is also a tantalising incentive. But we are not our politicians and none of our politicians will be happy to have been so used, nor indeed the lobbyists.

Consider this. When did you discover that there was a Kahanist organisation that was intending to take not just the entire West Bank, but Iraq, Syria, Jordan , Lebanon and Egypt as well ? By putting them all under martial law as we have seen the Palestinians endure so long without any real chance of overthrowing that yoke. The only chance being the US involvement in trying to make a settlement agreeable to both sides. If you did not know then nor did any of those I have mentioned above, least of all the Jewish organisations in our continents.

It will not succeed but so nearly has and that is the key to this. What was apparent and did not add up was the increasing desperation to invade Syria using every trick in the book - a bloodthirsty despot killing peaceable protestors, the media, the UN, humanitarian organisations, the Hezbollah threat, chemicals, biologicals, and Al Qaida. But this desperation has brought them down and meant that many who were quietly hidden have now had to break cover. It has also meant that the strange alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia has now been put under the spotlight, and indeed 9/11.

Undoubtedly there have been some who saw this coming and tried in vain to warn our governments and military, but that was the problem. To do so implied either anti-Semitism or delegitimizing Israel and the media has been ready and waiting for any such moves to pounce upon. Furthermore there was never any real evidence as those who have been used by the Kahanists are almost certainly not members or ever would support them knowingly. As far as the public is concerned that madness was long ago put to bed after some crazed right wing settler shot his Prime Minister for being too soft on the Arabs.

So we must watch how this unfolds in these end days. This is perhaps our greatest threat - a world war as the superpowers see their chance to eradicate the US hold on the world, all that keeps it together in fact. And a descent into anarchy as major nations like Britain are either bankrupted or broken up by revolution starting as a popular uprising of course dealt with a bit too harshly. Uprisings where people are used, even financed, to set in motion a destruction that cannot be reversed. Ukraine certainly looks like this and what is happening there is causing a massive rift between the EU and Russia. All these things easily get out of hand and become excuses for exactly the wrong policies because nations are used and do not realise it. But certainly part of the Kahanist plot would be to ensure that the next step of occupation - what could really be called Greater Israel = is water off a duck’s back in the face of war with Iran and uprisings all across the EU and Russia, indeed China too.

Then we would see the real new order they had in mind. Is this fantasy? Is it even possible that just a few ultra devoted men and women could do this to our world in the belief that they would bring the Messiah home to a safe place. Because underneath all of that, this is all they want and what they genuinely see as necessary to save our world and usher in the Messianic Age. But they are misguided, fallen to a temptation that proved irresistible. Ands they would be ushering in the Anti-Christ age that destroys the planet so unnecessarily.

Anyway let us hope our politicians think twice about what they are doing, that they genuinely act in the interests of both their own people and world peace and accept advice from the intelligence agencies who investigate what is really going on. They also need to make sure they are not being controlled by this distorted vision. The best way is of course for us all to be aware of what a few extremists really have in mind for us. And to ensure that those who speak out against this are protected, not hunted down.

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'The Wire' was an American drama from 2002 that did a good job of portraying the unseen side of the drug war in America, most of the stories are based in either true stories of the Baltimore streets and some more likely to be embellished urban legends. However this what I'm posting from it I don't think has any basis in truth (not the 'Hamsterdam' partt anyway) but shows how the drug war works by chain of command:

Howard "Bunny" Colvin is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by actor Robert Wisdom. Colvin is a wise and able Major in the Western District, alienated from the Baltimore Police Department and political system's concern with criminal statistics and career-climbing, to the consistent detriment of substantive case-work and the over-occupation with crude 'rip and run' tactics; that is, petty drug charges on low-level players. He often expresses nostalgia for policing in earlier decades, particularly for the way in which officers amiably integrated into and supported communities; something he holds in sharp distinction with the contemporary 'drug war', in which neighborhoods are treated like 'occupied territory'. Close to retirement, he secretly breaks chain-of-command and re-assigns his resources to create 'Hamsterdam', three zones within his district where drug dealing is pressured to non-violently conglomerate in exchange for informal legal sanction. Colvin also concentrates policing in these areas and attracts important ground-level social services, such as needle and condom distribution. Despite unprecedented statistical gains, Colvin meets reprimand, demotion (and thus lowered pension) and retirement, later to become a field researcher alongside academic Dr. David Parenti in Baltimore city schools. In this role, Colvin falls into the guardianship of Namond Brice.

Colvin joined the Baltimore Police Department around 1973 (according to Season 3, he had 30 years on) patrolling his home neighborhood in the department's Western District; one of his early posts was at Pensey and Fremont. Over his tenure, he advanced to the rank of District Commander (Major) in the Western District. Colvin's philosophy of policing involved protecting the community he served by making quality arrests through the use of trusted informants on his foot post. As a commander he insisted that his men learn their sense of direction, their foot post, and urged them to focus on doing real police work. Toward the end of his career, he began seeing the war on drugs as an ineffective waste of time and resources in his district that brought about too many unnecessary deaths.
Season two

Colvin was first seen as a Major and commander of the Western district in season two.[1] He attended the scene of the accidental shooting of a child during a drug turf war and was appalled at the senselessness of the killing. When ordered to crack down on the area, his second in command Dennis Mello stated that they waited too long to make the arrests they had while Colvin begins to question what it is they are really doing on their job.
Season three

In season three, Colvin was nearing retirement and decided to make a last effort to have a real impact on the community he had been policing for thirty years. He recognized that much of his time and resources were spent on policing addicts and low level dealers, which never seemed to improve the situation in his district and left little time for "real" police work. All of Baltimore's district Majors were under extreme pressure from the mayor's office to reduce the city's violent crime rate in preparation for the mayoral primary campaign. After Commissioner Ervin Burrell relieved Major Taylor of his post as the Eastern district commander for his poor performance, every other major began "juking" their stats to make crime rates appear to drop. Colvin refused to do this, and his stats honestly reflected a 2% rise in felonies. He was quickly berated for this by Deputy Rawls and his command post was threatened by Commissioner Burrell who claimed "I don't care how many years you have on this job, if the felony rates don't fall, you most certainly will."

Colvin wondered if there was a way for drugs to be made safe for low-level users to take them without facing punishment; comparing the city's drug problems to the illegal public consumption of alcohol, which was circumvented when people began keeping their beer in a paper bag. After the attempted murder of Officer Dozerman, Colvin finally decided that he would independently set up three "free zones" in his district where addicts and dealers were allowed to conduct their business under supervision but without interference. This would move the drug trade into a controlled, uninhabited area to protect the rest of his district. Colvin did not seek the permission or approval of any of his superiors before implementing his plan, and ignored the concerns of his subordinates Lieutenant Dennis Mello and DEU Sergeant Ellis Carver, who were charged by Colvin with ensuring no violence took place within the "free zones." One of these areas became known as "Hamsterdam", after Amsterdam's liberal drug laws. Because his retirement was imminent and he was guaranteed a major's pension, Colvin believed he would be free from any consequences should his plan be discovered. Although his project initially drew suspicion from the district's dealers, he convinced them to move their trade by brutally cracking down on any drug dealing outside of the free zones. Legalizing drugs in Hamsterdam allowed him to reassign police resources to solving quality felony cases elsewhere. After implementing the Hamsterdam plan for five weeks, Colvin delivered a cumulative 14% reduction in the felony rate, unheard of in the Western district's history.

Colvin was forced to take his vacation time immediately after revealing his experiment to the department's upper command. The mayor Clarence Royce considered trying to spin Hamsterdam as an enforcement strategy because of its success in lowering the crime rate. However, in the meantime, the existence of the free zones was leaked to the press. After realizing that public opinion was sharply against the free zones, and that there would be broader political ramifications, the Royce administration recanted and decided to end the Hamsterdam experiment. Commissioner Burrell offered Colvin to the mayor as a sacrificial offering and scapegoat. He and Deputy Rawls convinced Colvin to accept the responsibility silently by threatening to persecute his officers after he retired. They demoted him to lieutenant and thus lowered his pension. Burrell made things even worse for Colvin, having contacted Johns Hopkins University which had agreed to hire him as their deputy commander of campus security upon his retirement. Burrell personally informed them of his actions involved with Hamsterdam and they withdrew Colvin's job offer.

As a commanding officer, Colvin was well liked by his men. Colvin had a significant impact on Ellis Carver, convincing him to reassess his role as DEU sergeant and to take a more community-minded approach to policing. Colvin also reconnected with Jimmy McNulty, who had started out as a beat officer under his command. Colvin's last piece of detective work involved McNulty's major case unit — Stringer Bell contacted Colvin to inform against his partner Avon Barksdale and Colvin passed the information on to McNulty. In Colvin, Bell had seen a fellow reformer who felt his superiors were preventing useful work from being done. As Bell puts it, they are "both trying to make sense of this game," though from opposite sides of the law. [2]
Season four

As season four began, Colvin was supplementing his (diminished) pension by working as head of security for a downtown hotel. Colvin became disillusioned with the post when the hotel manager refused to let him arrest a wealthy client who had assaulted a prostitute in his hotel room. He left the job soon afterwards.

Colvin was approached with another job by his friend, The Deacon. The deacon had learned of a large grant to the University of Maryland School of Social Work to look at repeat violent offenders. The study was led by Dr. David Parenti. Colvin's reputation among academics as the man who attempted to legalize drugs in Western Baltimore secured him a job offer as a field researcher. Parenti initially planned to focus on 18-to-21-year-olds, but Colvin sensed that they would have to look at a younger group to effect any change. He convinced Parenti to look at Edward Tilghman Middle School for his target group.

Colvin identified for Parenti the two types of West Baltimore students: "stoop" kids, the kids who obey their parents' instructions to stay on the stoop or front steps of their house, go to school, and are respectful of authority; and "corner" kids, the kids who sell drugs on the corner, disrupt class, and are aspiring gangsters disrespectful of authority. Together, they isolated ten corner kids into a classroom where Parenti and UM doctoral student Miss Duquette studied them while Colvin acted as the mediator. In this classroom, the students were not allowed to be suspended, a punishment the students often utilized to get out of class intentionally.

Colvin began to take an interest in Namond Brice, one of the most disruptive students. He allowed Namond to stay at his home when Carver arrests Namond for selling drugs, and his mother was out of town. Colvin took him home the next day and sees first hand that his mother is pushing him into drug dealing. After seeing how Namond has progressed in school, Colvin sees Namond's potential. He realizes that Namond was never fit for the corners and will only end up being killed or in jail if he remains in his current household. Colvin then talks with Wee-Bey Brice, Namond's incarcerated father, explaining Namond could have a life outside of West Baltimore given the proper support from Colvin and his wife. After thinking it over, Wee-Bey tells Namond's mother to send him to live with Colvin as he wants him to have a future. Namond is seen to be living with Colvin and his wife at the conclusion of season four.[3]
Season five

Colvin appears briefly, late in the season ("Late Editions") with a gray and white goatee, attending Namond's high school competitive debate. He looks displeased when Mayor Carcetti visits the event, using it to burnish his political image. Outside the debate, Carcetti approaches Colvin and apologizes for being unable to support the Hamsterdam experiment from the third season, saying no politician could run with the idea politically, even though Carcetti hinted in season three that he supported Colvin's initiative. Colvin refuses to shake Carcetti's extended hand, and says nothing about his education plans which were similarly ignored by Carcetti's city hall in season four.
The man without a face, I stay anonymous
The way we live day to day stays monotonous -like your bland sound
But with the weight of the world on top of us we still stand ground
and break down your fascination with the fabrication of the truth
Make use of your imagination in the pursuit of expression
Not as a disguise to hide behind when adressing your brethrens
I reckon the question is this: 'To be or not to be?' - a simple lesson in risk
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Default the extraordinary Meir

Interesting tale fg. Nick Clegg (UK Deputy Prime Minister) returned from his visit to Columbia hoping to change the UK drug laws having seen at first hand what they are doing to South America where the cartels are richer and better armed than the governments and murders are on an industrial scale. But he has little chance of achieving any change and our country is still awash with cocaine and crack as though we had never been at war with the drug and spending billions trying to stop it coming in (supposedly). The people who insist on a drug war are much more influential than Mr Clegg, know very well what it is doing and are sitting on billions of dollars and multi national corporate shares as a result of it. They seem to elect our government and its policies. We just vote for the people they tell us to.

Kahanists believe in revenge, not a hasty one though, a cold measured one. They certainly do not like me writing about them here. They are only supposed to take revenge on Gentiles, non Jews, but the distinction sometimes eludes them.

’ ….However, a 2013 study of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA, from the University of Huddersfield in England, suggests that at least 80 percent of the Ashkenazi maternal lineages derive from the assimilation of mtDNAs indigenous to Europe, probably as a consequence of conversion’ Wikipedia.

Ashkenazi Jews represent the larger proportion of world Jewry and are in essence the European Jews, not always regarded as Jewish by some. In fact through my mother I may well have a better claim to the Judaic line that many Kahanists, if we are talking about those who are actually descended from the Israelites of 1000BC. It needs to be determined genetically but so many thousand years later is really only determined by whether you and your parents claim to be Jewish, by birth or conversion.

To understand more about Kahanism and why it has become so incredibly powerful one needs to know more about Meir Kahane and what happened to him. You will see the beginning of Al Qaida here, a convenient scapegoat perhaps for an assassination that many others would have wanted, but for which would not have wanted the Kahanists to know their responsibility:

‘ Martin David Kahane (/kəˈhɑːnə/; August 1, 1932 – November 5, 1990), also known as Meir Kahane (Hebrew: הרב מאיר דוד כהנא‎), was an American-Israeli rabbi and ultra-nationalist writer and political figure, whose work became either the direct or indirect foundation of most modern Jewish militant and extreme right-wing political groups. He was an ordained Orthodox rabbi and later served as a member of the Israeli Knesset. Kahane gained recognition as an activist for Jewish causes, such as organizing Jewish self-defense groups in deteriorating neighborhoods and the struggle for the right of Soviet Jews to immigrate. He later became known in the United States and Israel for political and religious views that included proposing emergency Jewish mass-immigration to Israel due to the imminent threat of a "second Holocaust" in the United States, advocating that Israel's democracy be replaced by a state modeled on Jewish law, and promoting the idea of a Greater Israel in which Israel would annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In order to keep Arabs, who he stated would never accept Israel as a Jewish state, from becoming a numerical majority in Israel, he proposed a plan allowing Arabs to leave Israel and receive compensation for their property, and forcibly removing Arabs who refused.
Kahane founded both the militant group Jewish Defense League (JDL) in the USA and an Israeli political party Kach ("This is the Way"). In 1984 he became a member of the Knesset when Kach gained one seat in parliamentary elections. In 1988, the Israeli government banned Kach as "racist" and "anti-democratic" under the terms of an ad hoc law.
Kahane was killed in a Manhattan hotel by an Arab gunman in November 1990 after Kahane concluded a speech warning American Jews to emigrate to Israel before it was "too late". Some researchers, such as Peter Lance, consider him one of the first, if not the very first, victim of the then-nascent Al Qaeda as his killer is believed to have links to Osama bin Laden's network. The cell that Kahane's assassin belonged to had been training in the New York metro since the summer of 1989.
In 2007 the FBI released over a thousand documents relating to their daily surveillance of Kahane since the early 1960s.
Mr Kahane's name has come up as precedent in many court cases. Two examples are the 1993 World Trade Center bombing case, where the defense tried unsuccessfully to argue that informants 'Emad Saleem' and 'Ali Mohamed' had entrapped the conspirators, as had been done by the FBI to Kahane. In another case brought up at the Israeli Supreme Court, the banning of Kahane's political party first and then upheld in appeal, within the framework of the Israeli Democracy, can be used to ban other parties deemed 'racist' or which espouse racist views. The prosecution argued, that Arab MP Haneen Zoabi should be banned for denying the Jewish People's existence and was banned by the Central Elections Committee, using the Kahane precedent. A week later this was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court, attempts at banning of Strong Israel, and Balad were overturned using the Kahane precedent unsuccessfully as well.
Some notable 1960s-era folk singers have made positive comments about Kahane. Woodie Guthrie's son Arlo described Kahane as "a really nice, patient teacher" who tutored him for his Bar Mitzvah. However, he felt that Kahane subsequently "started going haywire". Woody and his wife Marjorie had both met Kahane, and separately decades later Bob Dylan referred to him as 'a really sincere guy'.
Kahane was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York in 1932 to an Orthodox Jewish family. His father, Rabbi Yechezkel (Charles) Kahane, studied at Polish and Czech yeshiva religious schools, was involved in the Revisionist Zionism movement, and was a close friend of Zev (born Vladimir) Jabotinsky.
As a teenager, he became an ardent admirer of Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Peter Bergson, who were frequent guests in his parents' home, and joined the Betar (Brit Trumpeldor) youth wing of Revisionist Zionism. He was active in protests against Ernest Bevin, the British Foreign Secretary who maintained restrictions on immigration of Jews (including Nazi death camp survivors) to Palestine after the end of the Second World War. In 1947 Kahane was arrested for throwing eggs and tomatoes at Bevin, as the latter disembarked at Pier 84 on a visit to New York. A photo of the arrest appeared in the New York Daily News. In 1954, he became the mazkir (director) of Greater New York City’s sixteen Bnei Akiva chapters.
Kahane’s formal education included elementary school at the Yeshiva of Flatbush and high school at both Abraham Lincoln H.S. and at the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. Kahane received his rabbinical ordination from the Mir Yeshiva in Brooklyn, and earned a B.A. in political science from Brooklyn College. He was fully conversant with the Talmud and Tanakh (Jewish Bible), and worked as a pulpit rabbi and teacher in the 1960s. Subsequently, he earned a Bachelor of Law – L.L.B. from New York Law School and M.A. in International Relations from New York University.
Serving as pulpit rabbi]
In 1956, Kahane married Libby, with whom he had four children. In 1958, he became the rabbi of the Howard Beach Jewish Center in Queens, New York City. The synagogue was traditional rather than strictly Orthodox but they installed a mechitzah, a partition that is used to separate men and women, before he took the position. At the Jewish Center, Kahane influenced many of the synagogue’s youngsters to adopt a more observant lifestyle and this angered their parents. He trained Arlo Guthrie for his bar mitzvah. His contract was not renewed and he soon published an article entitled “End of the Miracle of Howard Beach.” This was Kahane’s first article in the Jewish Press, American-Jewish weekly, for which he continued to write until his assassination in 1990. Kahane also used the pen name David Sinai and the pseudonyms Michael King, David Borac and Martin Keene.
Becoming Michael King and Infiltrating John Birch Society
At some time in the late 1950s, Mr. Kahane took on the persona of a non-religious individual, living a double life, shaving his beard and renamed himself Michael King. Kahane became a demagogue at this point according to most accounts, and re-imagined himself as virulently and violently anti-Communist and anti-hippie. He created the 'July Fourth Movement' which targeted left wing groups on US college campuses across the US, financed by the US Government. During this period Mr. Kahane attempted to rekindle his Brooklyn College friendship with Joseph Churba which resulted in them co-authoring the text, 'The Jewish Stake in Vietnam' together, which was an attempt to convince American Jews of the 'evil of Communism'. Kahane and Churba wrote "All Americans have a stake in this grim war against Communism.... it is vital that Jews realize the threat to their very survival [should Communism succeed]" from the introduction. Churba had a major falling out with Kahane over the use of para-militarism, and they permanently parted ways, he went on to pursue his own career, joining the US Air Force, writing many books on the Middle East, later becoming one of Ronald Reagan's consultants. Kahane chose a violent path, even attempting to acquire and grow biological weapons to use on a Soviet military installation but failed. Following the failure to get FBI training in the use of biological weapons, and the suicide of his 'Michael King' persona's non-Jewish mistress, he began using the phrase 'Never Again' (wrote a book with that title, a few years after his first article using that phrase appeared), also conceiving the Jewish Star and fist insignia, a similar symbol to the Black Panther party, though Kahane himself was against the Black Panther party due to anti-Jewish riots they has supported in Massachusetts as he saw it, and leftist leanings as he saw it.
In the late 1950s to early 1960s, Kahane's life of secrecy and strong anti-communist views landed him a position as a consultant with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to his wife Libby, his assignment was to infiltrate the anti-communist John Birch Society and report his findings back to the FBI. As reported by Michael T. Kaufman in The New York Times (and subsequently followed up by The Village Voice in the early 1980s), Kahane (under his pseudonym Michael King) allegedly had an affair with a non-Jewish woman, Gloria Jean D'Argenio. In 1966, Kahane/King allegedly sent a letter to D'Argenio in which he unilaterally ended their relationship. In response, D'Argenio jumped off the Queensboro ("59th Street", "Ed Koch") Bridge; she died of her injuries the next day. According to Kaufman, Kahane admitted to him that "he loved Ms D'Argenio and had sent roses to her grave for months after her death." He also established a foundation which carried the name she used in her modeling career, Estelle Donna Evans. Ads for the foundation appeared weekly in the Jewish Press, although the group never filed legally required financial documents detailing what it did with the money it collected.
Jewish Defense League
Main article: Jewish Defense League
Founded by Kahane in New York City in 1968, JDL's self-described purpose was to protect Jews from local manifestations of antisemitism. According to the Anti-Defamation League, Kahane "preached a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism" and those attitudes were replicated by Irv Rubin, the JDL successor to Kahane. In a 1971 interview, Bob Dylan made positive comments about Kahane. In Time Magazine, Dylan stated, "He's a really sincere guy. He's really put it all together." According to Kahane, Dylan did attend several meetings of the Jewish Defense League in order to find out "what we're all about" and started to have talks with the rabbi. Subsequently, Dylan downplayed the extent of his contact with Kahane.
A number of the JDL members and leaders, including Kahane, were convicted in relation to acts of domestic terrorism in the United States. In 1975, Kahane was arrested for leading the attack on the police outside the Soviet United Nations mission and injuring two officers, but was released after being given summonses for disorderly conduct. Later that same year, Kahane was accused of conspiring to kidnap a Soviet diplomat, bomb the Iraqi embassy in Washington, and ship arms abroad from Israel. His probation for a 1971 firebomb-making incident was revoked and Kahane was found guilty of violating probation and served a one year federal prison sentence. He also announced that the JDL planned to recruit a 150,000 member volunteer "army" of Americans to fight for Israel, even as such an "army" had no approval from the Israeli government. In a 1984 interview with Washington Post correspondent Carla Hall, Kahane admitted that the JDL "bombed the Russian [Soviet] mission in New York, the Russian cultural mission here [Washington] in 1971, the Soviet trade offices."
Immigration to Israel, Knesset service
Main article: Kach and Kahane Chai
In 1971, Kahane emigrated to Israel. When he moved to Israel, Kahane declared that he would focus on Jewish education. However, he soon began initiating protests advocating the expulsion of Arabs from Israel and the occupied territories. In 1972, Jewish Defense League leaflets were distributed in Hebron, calling for the mayor to stand trial for the 1929 Hebron massacre. Kahane was arrested dozens of times. In 1971, he founded the Kach party. In 1973, the party ran for the Knesset (Israeli parliament) during the general elections under the name "The League List". The party won 12,811 votes (0.82%), just 2,857 (0.18%) short of the electoral threshold at the time (1%) for winning a Knesset seat. The party was even less successful in the 1977 elections, winning 4,836 votes.
In 1980, Kahane was arrested for the 62nd time since his emigration and jailed for six months following a detention order based on allegations of planning armed attacks against Palestinians in response to the killings of Jewish settlers. Kahane was held in prison in Ramla, where he wrote the book They Must Go. Kahane claimed in the book's preface that a prisoner in the same wing was a Bedouin from the Negev about to be released after serving an eighteen-year prison sentence for the rape and murder of a Jewish girl.
In 1981, Kahane's Kach party again ran for the Knesset during the 1981 elections, but did not win a seat, receiving only 5,128 votes. In 1984, the Central Elections Committee banned him from being a candidate on the grounds that Kach was a racist party, but the Israeli Supreme Court overturned the ban on grounds that the committee was not authorized to ban Kahane's candidacy. The Supreme Court suggested that the Knesset pass a law that would authorize the exclusion of racist parties from future elections, and the Anti-Racist Law of 1988 was later passed. In the 1984 legislative elections, Kahane's Kach party received 25,907 votes, enough to give the party one seat in the Knesset, which was taken by Kahane. Kahane refused to take the standard oath of office and insisted on adding a Biblical verse from Psalms, to indicate that when the national laws and Torah conflict, Torah (Biblical) law should have supremacy over the laws of the Knesset. Kahane's legislative proposals focused on transferring the Arab population out from the Land of Israel, revoking Israeli citizenship from non-Jews, and banning Jewish-Gentile marriages and sexual relations, based on the Code of Jewish Law compiled by Maimonides in the Mishneh Torah.
As his political career progressed, Kahane became increasingly isolated in the Knesset. His speeches, boycotted by Knesset members, were made to an empty parliament, except for the duty chairman and the transcriptionist. Kahane's legislative proposals and motions of no-confidence against the government were ignored or rejected by fellow Knesset members. Kahane often pejoratively called other Knesset members "Hellenists" in Hebrew (a reference to Jews who assimilated into Greek culture after Judea's occupation by Alexander the Great). In 1987, Kahane opened a yeshiva (HaRaayon HaYehudi) with funding from US supporters, for the teaching of "the Authentic Jewish Idea". Despite the boycott, Kahane's popularity grew among the Israeli public, especially among working-class Sephardi Jews. Polls showed that Kach would have likely received three to four seats in the coming November 1988 elections.
In 1985, the Knesset passed an amendment to Israel's Basic Law, barring "racist" candidates from election. The Central Elections Committee banned Kahane a second time, and he appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court. This time, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the committee, disqualifying Kach from running in the 1988 elections. Kahane was thus the first candidate in Israel to be barred from election for racism.
Main article: Assassination of Meir Kahane
In November 1990, following a speech to an audience of mostly Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn, as a crowd of well-wishers gathered around Kahane in the second-floor lecture hall in midtown Manhattan's Marriott East Side Hotel, Kahane was assassinated. He was shot to death by El Sayyid Nosair, an Egyptian-born American citizen who was initially charged and acquitted of the murder. Nosair was later convicted of the murder in United States district court incident to the trial for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Prosecutors were able to retry Nosair for the murder because the federal indictment includes the killing as part of the alleged terrorist conspiracy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and later made a confession to federal agents. Kahane was buried on Har HaMenuchot in Jerusalem. Kahane's funeral was one of the largest in Israel's history, where approximately 150,000 participated.
Main article: Kahanism
Kahane argued that there was a glory in Jewish destiny, which came through the observance of the Torah, stating that "democracy and Judaism are not the same thing." Kahane also believed that a Jewish democracy with non-Jewish citizens was self-contradictory because the non-Jewish citizens might someday become a numerical majority and vote to make the state non-Jewish: "The question is as follows: if the Arabs settle among us and make enough children to become a majority, will Israel continue to be a Jewish state? Do we have to accept that the Arab majority will decide?" "Western democracy has to be ruled out. For me that's cut and dried: there's no question of setting up democracy in Israel, because democracy means equal rights for all, irrespective of racial or religious origins."
Kahane proposed the forcible deportation of nearly all Arabs from all lands controlled by the Israeli government. He framed this deportation as an "exchange of populations" that would continue the Jewish exodus from Arab lands: "A total of some 750,000 Jews fled Arab lands since 1948. Surely it is time for Jews, worried over the huge growth of Arabs in Israel, to consider finishing the exchange of populations that began 35 (50) years ago." Kahane proposed a $40,000 compensation plan for Arabs who would leave voluntarily, forcible expulsion "for those who don’t want to leave," and encouraged retaliatory violence against Arabs who attacked Jews: "I approve of anybody who commits such acts of violence. Really, I don’t think that we can sit back and watch Arabs throwing rocks at buses whenever they feel like it. They must understand that a bomb thrown at a Jewish bus is going to mean a bomb thrown at an Arab bus."
Kahane proposed that Israel expand its boundaries "according to the description given in the Bible". He said, "the southern boundary goes up to El Arish, which takes in all of northern Sinai, including Yamit. To the east, the frontier runs along the western part of the East Bank of the Jordan River, hence part of what is now Jordan. Eretz Yisrael also includes part of Lebanon and certain parts of Syria, and part of Iraq, all the way to the Tigris River. When critics suggested this would mean perpetual war between Jews and Arabs, Kahane answered, "There will be a perpetual war. With or without Kahane."
Following Kahane's death, no charismatic leader emerged to replace him in the movement, although the idea of transferring populations, mainly attributed to Kahane, was subsequently incorporated into the political platform of various political parties in Israel, such as Moledet (applying to Arab non-citizen residents of the West Bank) and Yisrael Beiteinu (in the form of population exchange). Two small Kahanist factions later emerged; one under the name of Kach and the other Kahane chai (Hebrew: כהנא חי, literally "Kahane lives [on]"), the second one led by his younger son, Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane. Neither one was permitted to participate in the Knesset elections by the Central Elections Committee, however.
In 1994, following the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre of Palestinian Muslim worshippers in Hebron by Kach supporter Dr. Baruch Goldstein, in which 29 Palestinian Muslim worshippers were killed, the Israeli government declared both parties to be terrorist organizations. The U.S. State Department also added Kach and Kahane Chai to its list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.
On December 31, 2000, Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane and his wife Talya were shot to death by Palestinian gunmen while on their way to the Israeli settlement of Kfar Tapuach, where they lived. Five of their six children were wounded in the attack. Palestinian gunmen fired more than 60 machine gun rounds into their van.
In the 2003 Knesset elections Herut, which split off from the National Union list, ran with Michael Kleiner and former Kach activist Baruch Marzel taking the top two spots on the list. The joint effort narrowly missed the 1.5% barrier. In the following 2006 elections Jewish National Front led by Baruch Marzel, fared better but also failed to pass the minimum threshold. A self-declared follower of Kahane who was involved with Kach for many years, Michael Ben-Ari, was elected to the Knesset in the 2009 elections on renewed National Union list. He stood again in the 2013 elections as the second candidate on the list of Otzma LeYisrael, but the party failed to pass the minimum threshold.

This is what he thought about ’revenge’ and various other matters affecting the world:

Meir Kahane Quotes
No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.
Meir Kahane

Time, Revenge, Place
Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge.
Meir Kahane

Love, Peace, War
Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity.
Meir Kahane

Support, Used, Simply
Let us not suffer from a national amnesia that causes us to forget who and what we are.
Meir Kahane

Forget, National, Suffer
For so long as the Jew has even one ally, he will be convinced - in his smallness of mind - that his salvation came from that ally. It is only when he is alone - against all of his own efforts and frantic attempts - that he will, through no choice, be compelled to turn to G-d.
Meir Kahane

Alone, Mind, Choice
Above all, it is not decency or goodness of gentleness that impresses the Middle East, but strength.
Meir Kahane

Strength, Goodness, Above
Life is essentially a question of values.
Meir Kahane

Life, Question, Values
One of the great problems with Americans is that - being a decent people - they assume that everyone else is equally decent.
Meir Kahane

Great, Problems, Else
The Jew does not wish to be isolated. He fears being alone, without allies.
Meir Kahane

Alone, Wish, Fears
If we ever hope to rid the world of the political AIDS of our time, terrorism, the rule must be clear: One does not deal with terrorists; one does not bargain with terrorists; one kills terrorists.
Meir Kahane

Time, Hope, Political
Every man judges his own happiness and satisfaction with life in terms of his possession or lack of possession of those things that he considers worthwhile and valuable.
Meir Kahane

Life, Happiness, Valuable
Surely it is time for Jews, worried over the huge growth of Arabs in Israel, to consider finishing the exchange of populations that began 35 years ago.
Meir Kahane

Time, Growth, Israel
The observant Jew has his own sense of values. Torah Judaism is his blueprint for this life, his target for existence.
Meir Kahane

Life, Sense, Values
There is the illusion of the world and the reality of the Torah.
Meir Kahane

Reality, Illusion, Torah
I know that elections must be limited only to those who understand that the Arabs are the deadly enemy of the Jewish state, who would bring on us a slow Auschwitz - not with gas, but with knives and hatchets.
Meir Kahane

Enemy, Understand, State
It is incumbent upon us to understand our greatness and believe in it so that we do not cheapen and profane ourselves.
Meir Kahane

Understand, Greatness, Ourselves
Jews have been in Egypt since Biblical times, and Alexandria had once been, at least partially, a Jewish city.
Meir Kahane

Bible, Once, Times
Today, Jewish defense is an accepted thing.
Meir Kahane

Today, Defense, Jewish
We have our own values; we build our own special, our JEWISH life - and we are proud, so very proud.
Meir Kahane

Life, Special, Proud
The fact is, that with the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab countries, almost all of whom left behind all their property for which compensation was never paid.
Meir Kahane

Fact, State, Almost
I see all this and know that if we are to save the Jewish state and its three-and-a-half million Jews from terrible horrors, we must rise up and demand a fundamental change in the very system of government.
Meir Kahane

Change, Government, Rise
The banding together by the nations of the world against Israel is the guarantee that their time of destruction is near and the final redemption of the Jew at hand.
Meir Kahane

Time, Together, Against
The difference is that if we turn from the Gentile first, we will have the Almighty as the immediate staff and our comfort. If not, we will have neither the Gentile nor, for a terrible stage, the Almighty.
Meir Kahane

Difference, Turn, Comfort
The Jew is upset because the nations of the world - the United Nations - lash him, brand him as racist and evil, hate him and openly demonstrate their desire to destroy him.
Meir Kahane

Hate, Evil, Desire
The Jewish nation is indeed, the heart of the world and there is no reason for the existence of empires, kings, rulers, masses or systems aside from their reaction to the Jewish people.
Meir Kahane
Copyright © 2001 - 2014 BrainyQuote® BookRags Media Network 
I would say this to the ultra religious. You do not know who your God really is but he hides in your paryers. The Egyptians called him Amen and his name means hidden, he is one of the 8 primordial Gods of ‘Thoth’ or Djhwty. Amen went to Israel with the Habiru:

" Habiru or Apiru or ˁpr.w (Egyptian) was the name given by various Sumerian, Egyptian, Akkadian, Hittite, Mitanni, and Ugaritic sources (dated, roughly, between 1800 BC and 1100 BC) to a group of people living as nomadic invaders in areas of the Fertile Crescent from Northeastern Mesopotamia and Iran to the borders of Egypt in Canaan. Depending on the source and epoch, these Habiru are variously described as nomadic or semi-nomadic, rebels, outlaws, raiders, mercenaries, and bowmen, servants, slaves, migrant laborers, etc.
The names Habiru and Apiru are used in Akkadian cuneiform texts. The corresponding name in the Egyptian script appears to be ʕpr.w, conventionally pronounced Apiru (W,or u-vowel "quail-chick" being used as the Egyptian plural suffix). In Mesopotamian records they are also identified by the Sumerian logogram SA.GAZ. The name Habiru was also found in the Amarna letters, which again include many names of Canaanite peoples written in Akkadian. The Amarna letters written to Egyptian pharaohs in the 14th century BC document a time of unrest in Canaan that goes back before the battle of Kadesh to the time of Thutmose ‘ Wikipedia

This is why Amen is mentioned in all Jewish and Christian prayers, even the Muslims say ‘Ameen’. Most notable about this God worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians since antiquity and long before any Abraham, whether he existed or not, is that Amen is the God of poor people. The Habiru were the mercenary soldiers that the Pharaohs Thutmose 1, 2 and 3 (Moses) installed in Canaan to protect their supply routes from bandits. At that time ice from Mount Hermon in Lebanon was delivered to Pharaoh by
Caravans. An extraordinary luxury for the Egyptian that had never seen it. So was cedar wood, incense and various foods and drinks the pharaohs loved. But at various times Canaan was under the rule of the Babylonians and the Assyrians. Thothmose cleared them out quite cruelly and installed his own garrisons with the religion now followed by the 3 main religions in our world. No one has any greater claim to this, nor can anyone speak for ‘God’. And woe betide those who oppress the poor.

Finally the storms afflicting the US and UK. I have written elsewhere on this forum at the time of Hurricane Sandy (21 October 2012 - 2 days after some expected the end of the world and a time when many things were going down in the Middle East) that storms can be raised by the wicked men and women who practise ‘elemental magic’. The ‘tempestarii’ of the Middle Ages did this storm making, shamen in many cultures still do. Some try to avert storms and damage to crops by hail for example, but some form circles to raise the ‘elementals’ that can wreak havoc on a nation. Global warming has made this easier. It sounds daft but we often try to calm and make a break in rainstorms when taking our dogs for a walk. I have never raised a storm nor tried to make rain but have read those that did, including one man who was particularly proud of a storm he raised which caused fatalities. These elementals should never be unleashed, they are uncontrollable. But the terrorists use all weapons at their disposal and if you have read this thread will know that magic has been used, even by the rabbis credited with causing Sharon’s stroke just before he intended to return the West Bank to the Palestinians. There is much about the current storm cycle to suggest human malevolance. And another potent weapon in their armoury is the ability to bankrupt a nation. The US constantly comes close to such disaster as does the UK although both are ‘wealthy nations’. But for a long time our economies have been seriously and consistently undermined both by man made events (the sub prime crisis) and curious decisions forced by lobbies on our politicians (this high speed railway for example estimated to cost £82 Billion at a time of austerity) This could be all part of a plan to destroy the ones who gave birth to a nation, protected it and now threaten it by making sure it stays within the borders we intended for it. But it could be that any competing nation states or superpowers are trying to destroy us without an actual war of assured mutual devastation.

Hence there could be an element here of ‘revenge’ by the few dedicated Kahanist terrorists who remain hidden behind the well meaning people they use as a front for their activities and who do not realise what is intended. If only they were right and it would all end well, but the intention is entirely racist and does not.

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Default Shhh or shout

When wondering whether it is possible that there ever was a Kahanist conspiracy, let alone as enormous as suggested above there is one thing that might explain it. In theory it could not happen - we have far too many intelligent people for such a thing to go undetected, or even to occur at all. But if it did, or if part of it has, it is down to a particular habit we have developed.

If you look back at the article urging an immediate attack on Syria and telling us this should have happened long ago, it blames two world leaders for thinking they had to consult their parliaments. It was because Cameron asked the House of Commons in a free vote, and because the members knew the population was 80% against an attack, that it was narrowly prevented.

But the population is not to be told of some things and it is this that protects conspiracies and conspirators. It is like creating a moist, warm space where bacteria can grow. In the glare of public scrutiny such things cannot survive. But this is difficult for those who work in what are called secret services and even more difficult for politicians who do not wish to be embarrassed over decisions they have made that look not only ridiculous but completely against the national interest.

This coming war cannot be stopped unless the public stop it. If there is a conspiracy it will survive unless the public stop it. The politicians are not strong enough to stand up against the lobbies. Most of which work almost secretly and strike deals which would repulse anyone who is not a politician. The intelligence services have to do what they are told by the politicians running the government at any time. It is a closed shop and the conspirators not only know that, but have created that. This is why when history unravels the plots we are left incredulous at the duplicity and weakness of those who could have stopped them.

Easier to silence the boy saying the emperor is naked than explain why the courtiers never did. As soon as the whole general public is aware it is too late. But politicians do not trust the voters, or that is the excuse for the constant cover ups. We can only surmise that from films and TV sitcoms like ‘Yes Minister’. The memoirs they write do not tell us much.

It was not always so. In WW2 there was remarkable openness about our situation as we were all required to work together against almost insurmountable odds. And that is what the public is so good at. That is why the News on our Floods is showing how it has been the public that have been coping and supportive. The politicians have been taking the credit, dismissing any responsibility, failing to accept their mistakes and making promises we know they cannot fulfil. On TV in the Commons I noted Cameron, when asked why we are going ahead with HS2 the fast railway that will cost £82 billion + when the railway lines are all down in the West country, announced that three times as much as HS2 costs will be spent on the rail and road links to the west country. That shut everyone up. Not one of them is admitting that their sweeping budget cuts caused the rivers to be unable to cope now they are silted up. It all says two things. A bargain has been struck with the lobbies that want HS2 although hardly anyone in the country does and a referendum on the issue would show that very clearly. And politicians will never admit they have made mistakes especially on the recent budget cuts.
I do not blame Cameron but the system. All sides in the House are the same.

So you can imagine what they would say if told there had been a conspiracy that has been methodically destroying the west for 25 years. That is bankrupting the EU, UK and US and when it achieves that will enable China to mop up the Pacific, Russia to mop up Europe and the rest will be run by gangs of bloodthirsty hooligans calling themselves a Caliphate. It is not believable and is certainly not something that any politician or analyst will take responsibility for. These days they seem to lack the courage to stand up and be counted which is possibly precisely how and why they are picked for the jobs they do. I wish I was wrong and hope I am. I hope Obama and Cameron do talk to us and let us decide what to do and how to support them. It worked with Syria and will work with the bigger picture. Honesty pays and democracy (real democracy) works.

Otherwise we need some charismatic truth sayer to lead us away from the abyss which in fact endangers the whole planet and every nation. None will be spared although some may see short term bribes dangling enticingly before them. eg ‘you can have Europe’. This was what enabled the Yalta talks near the end of WW2 to carve up the world but things have changed. Ideally the UN should discuss what is really going on, decide whether there is some conspiracy that is driving us all over the cliff and do something about it collectively. But that will not happen either. The media need to be open with us and publish what is now known. Most unlikely. Let us hope Cameron and Obama have what it takes to save us all as I do not think anyone else will. But if they opt to hide all of the stuff that went down in the terms of their predecessors, I think any real change is unlikely and impossible. If they trust the world and its people in the end days it will be possible. We do not mind austerity and struggle if we know why and do not see billionaires gloating as they take the money we sacrifice. As it is people are asking ‘Where is the money? Why has it all gone? How can we get it back off the thieves who took it?’

But suggesting in a newspaper article that our leaders should not ask us, or our elected representatives, whether we wish to go to a war that has nothing to do with us and ignore Russia and China telling us not to - that says it all. About 'conspiracy', about the leadership we had till now in this world and the media, and indeed the shady goings on of people who want us embroiled in unjust wars one after another.

Please do not shoot the messenger or that little boy.

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Default the art of the mistake

The Government’s highly controversial badger cull has suffered a
further setback after it released figures which showed it had
exaggerated the case for the cull.
The Department for Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Defra) has admitted that an IT glitch meant it had overstated the number of cattle herds infected by tuberculosis in Britain to such an extent that there had actually been a decline in the year preceding the badger cull in September 2013, rather than the rise it had previously announced.
Revised numbers, calculated after an error was found in the system last month, show that the number of herds infected by bovine TB fell by 3.4 per cent in the year to September 2013, rather than rising by 18 per cent, as it previously said.
Defra also disclosed that the rate of new infections had been slightly exaggerated in both 2012 and 2013 – again undermining the case for the cull of badgers, which most scientists believe help to spread the disease between cattle.
Further undermining Mr Paterson’s case for the cull, new figures showed that there was a 13 per cent reduction in the number of cattle – as opposed to herds – compulsorily slaughtered in England because of bovine TB between January to November in 2013, compared to the same period the year earlier.
Together, these figures demonstrate that Environment Secretary Owen Paterson unwittingly misled Parliament about the case for the cull when he said in September “the disease is getting worse and is spreading across the country”.
Mark Jones, a vet and executive director of Human Society International-UK, said: “This is highly significant because it suggests that the measures being put in place such as tighter biosecurity, restrictions on cattle movements and a tougher testing regime are working better than we thought.”
“Owen Paterson used these figures to justify the cull but these figures contradict what he was saying,” Mr Jones added.
Dominic Dyer, policy advisor for animal charity Care for the Wild, said: “Once again we’re seeing reductions in all the key indicators around bovine TB and all before any impact from the badger cull will be seen.”
A Defra spokesman said the key headline incidence rate - the percentage of cattle with bovine TB - was unaffected by the revisions.
“Long term there are still unacceptably high levels of TB. We still have the highest levels in Europe. It’s a positive we’re seeing less cattle being slaughtered but it’s difficult to attribute it to anything in particular. The vaccination is only used in small areas so I don’t think this has any impact on the national picture,” the spokesman added.

Well I am blowed. A mistake found which completely misled everyone! The fact is that the farmers and government wanted to cull the badgers whatever the figures as the badgers are the scapegoat for appalling farm practices and breeding that hacve brought this TB about. Scotland however is TB free so what does that say. We also have badgers but care for our cattle, which are hardier and not bred just to weigh more on the supermarket shelves.

Tony Blair has never apologised for invading Iraq and I have never heard him admit that over 600,000 were killed when he did. Politicians do not admit mistakes. It is tragic that they have drafted a man to advise on the National Health Service whose qualification was running Marks & Spencers, and not so successfully that he still has the job as far as I can see. It is suggested today that he will make millions if the Health Service is put in the hands of private companies which is what it is all about. Hardly anyone in the country wants that to happen but both labour and Conservative Governments have decided to do it anyway. We can hardly afford the free service so how will adding massive profits and high salaries make it more affordable? But that is not the point is it and for sure there will be no referendum asking us about this insult to our intelligence.

History comes out and tells us about all these mistakes. Here is another one we are making. No one wills ay out loud that the chemical attack was by the rebels and that we were deliberately misled - actually it will turn out one day that it was just a mistake I expect that we thought Assad had done it, long after he has gone. There is no ‘moderate opposition‘ which has become another buzz word for the media. There were no peaceful protests leading up to the invasion by foreign Jihadists either. But why let the truth get in the way. Russia is saying it was always about regime change. Why don’t we just admit this and stop looking ridiculous? We want to keep one side happy at the expense of another. No one really cares about the Syrians any more than they did about the Iraqis or the Afghan women we are leaving to the Taliban. But I would add that this is why the west has become so discredited and so immoral. And that is why the end comes as there is no other side that is better. The human is degenerate because it has made this strange situation where elected politicians do not tell the truth and commit mass murder in our name, allow the planet to be scourged of its wildlife and nature destroyed. All for a pile of paper money which is what will actually finish off the job.

Our politicians are thinking men, very intelligent, they know this so what is exactly their problem?

Obama considers tougher action against Syria
US president announces more help for King Abdullah and officials hint at more aggressive policy against Assad

….With peace talks in Geneva stalled, the US president and Abdullah met on Friday in California but Obama said he did not expect the conflict to be resolved any time soon and that “there are going to be some immediate steps that we have to take to help the humanitarian assistance there.”
“There will be some intermediate steps that we can take applying more pressure to the Assad regime and we are going to be continuing to work with all the parties concerned to try to move forward on a diplomatic solution,” Obama said
“There will be some intermediate steps that we can take applying more pressure to the Assad regime and we are going to be continuing to work with all the parties concerned to try to move forward on a diplomatic solution,” Obama said.
Obama did not disclose what steps he has under consideration, but US secretary of state John Kerry said earlier while traveling in Asia that a set of new options are under discussion.
“We have been ramping up our support to the moderate opposition and Jordan has its own strong role to play in relationship to the moderate opposition,” said a senior Obama administration official after Obama and Abdullah held two hours of talks at the Sunnylands retreat.
The official said the two leaders also discussed the rising extremist threat emanating from Syria and what might be done to counter it. …..


I would urge you to take a look, but not so much at the whole article as the comments below it.

This one is very apt:

15 February 2014 9:10am
Recommend 8
The Guardian threads are one of the places where Right and Left extremes can all gather together to vent their anger at one man - oftentimes for opposite reasons….

Here is another example:

‘15 February 2014 9:18am
Recommend 64
The most effective way of helping the Syrian people would be to tell Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop funding, training and arming foreign mercenaries and local Sunni rebels.
And while they're at it, they should also tell the gulf states to introduce real democracy and stop the persecution of women and minorities.
An international arrest warrant should be issued against Prince Bandar for inciting global terrrorism while the CIA and NSA should be openly investigated, along with various US so-called private security firms, for their support of various international terrorist organisations and engaging in the destabilisation of sovereign nations.
When this is done, and only when this is done, can President Obama invite President Assad to discuss bringing peace to Syria through the implemenation of true representative democracy. And perhaps Assad could offer his own opinions on how to bring true representative democracy to the US at the same time’

And its extreme opposite view:

‘15 February 2014 9:01am
Recommend 4
I think Jordan is very strong ally of USA in the region, but it has not played any role in the destruction of Syria.Syrians want the change through peaceful protesting at the beginning , but the regime faced these protesting with arms and killings; consequently people enraged more and they took the arms because they are being killed by the regime.
the regime could control the people, so he asked help from its allies in Iran, Iraq, and Russia ...etc so the flow of arms ,petrol and men came to Syria.
then the regime allowed the flow of extremists from the borders to give proofs that he is fighting not the Syrians but terrorists.
he used all kinds of weaponry from chemical gas , barrel bombs,slaughtering and all kinds of torture.
this is summary of what is going on in our lovely Syria and this what happened to Syrian children .
in the end Russia is finding a new ally in the middle east which is Egypt and I think it will support Alassad in the security council later.
in the end he will will will go to the hell in the end.’

What one sees is extraordinary - the many views of ordinary people and how for the most part they refuse to be bludgeoned into accepting some of the nonsense spun at them. But it also shows how successful we are at brainwashing. Humour plays a part here too and some extraordinary facts are related that few know at all.
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Default Unkind or unfair comment

I made above about the man who has been asked to advise the NHS. I should just stick to quotes:

' He was appointed to the position of Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer in May 2004 at the age of 56 and subsequently fought off several takeover bids by Philip Green for the Group. Rose appeared to be rejuvenating the Marks & Spencer Group as he did at Arcadia. In January 2007, he was named the "2006 Business Leader of the Year" by the World Leadership Forum for his efforts in restoring the fortunes of Marks and Spencer. He was knighted in the 2008 New Year Honours and was appointed Chairman of Business in the Community on 1 January 2008.

On 10 March 2008, it was reported that Rose was to become Executive Chairman of Marks & Spencer from 1 June 2008. However, in the light of a recent profits warning, which sparked an unprecedented thirty per cent-plus plunge in the company's shares, this appointment caused some concern to many shareholders. Nevertheless, they voted to re-appoint him at their annual meeting on 9 July 2008.

He stepped down as Chief Executive in May 2010, as Executive Chairman in July 2010, and as Chairman in January 2011 following the appointment of Robert Swannell.' Wikipedia

Personally I would rather see a medical person running and advising on medical things not a politician nor a retailer. But in this world such thoughts are outdated. Business now is everything and people count for very little in my view.

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Default Born leader?

Sadly it is not only our livestock and crops that have been badly bred. What has happened with them is bad enough. Livestock bred entirely for meat meaning that their short lives are dependent on being medicated from birth:

“In 1910 in the United States, a meat shortage resulted in protests and boycotts. After this and other shortages, the public demanded government research into stabilization of food supplies. Since the 1900s, livestock production on United States farms has had to rear larger quantities of animals over a short period of time to meet new consumer demands. Along with the new large animal densities came the threat of disease, therefore requiring a greater disease control of these animals. In 1950, a group of United States scientists found that adding antibiotics to animal feed increases the growth rate of livestock. American Cyanamid published research establishing the practice
In 2011 the National Pork Producers Council, an American trade association, has said "Not only is there no scientific study linking antibiotic use in food animals to antibiotic resistance in humans, as the U.S. pork industry has continually pointed out, but there isn't even adequate data to conduct a study." Similarly the National Pork Board, a Government-owned corporation of the United States, has said that "the vast majority of producers use (antibiotics) appropriately." Wikipedia

What we did to animals we did to crops. We used pesticides like DDT that killed us too, then we bred crops that produced bigger grains and unblemished fruits at the expense of good immune systems. Then we genetically modified them but the madmen who thought of that and most recently crops that exude fish oils for our health, did not think it through and have endangered us all too.

11 Jun 2013: Growing Number of Pests
Developing Resistance to GM Crops
An increasing number of pest species are developing resistance to crops genetically engineered to be toxic to insects, according to new research. In an analysis of 77 studies conducted in eight countries, a team of U.S. and French scientists found that five of 13 major pest species had become resistant to so-called Bt cotton or corn plants, which are genetically modified to exude a bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, that is toxic to insects. Three of the cases occurred in the U.S., where half of all Bt plantings occur, while the others were in India and South Africa. In one instance, early signs of pest resistance to the plants appeared within two years. While researchers say all insects inevitably adapt to threats such as pesticides

n"(Reuters) - U.S. farmers are using more hazardous pesticides to fight weeds and insects due largely to heavy adoption of genetically modified crop technologies that are sparking a rise of "superweeds" and hard-to-kill insects, according to a newly released study.
Genetically engineered crops have led to an increase in overall pesticide use, by 404 million pounds from the time they were introduced in 1996 through 2011, according to the report by Charles Benbrook, a research professor at the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources at Washington State University.
Of that total, herbicide use increased over the 16-year period by 527 million pounds while insecticide use decreased by 123 million pounds.

But it is the human genetics that are destroying us. I do not mean obesity although that is a good indication of what is going wrong:

“The number of overweight and obese adults in the developing world has almost quadrupled to around one billion since 1980, says a report from a UK think tank.
The Overseas Development Institute said one in three people worldwide was now overweight and urged governments to do more to influence diets.
In the UK, 64% of adults are classed as being overweight or obese.
The report predicts a "huge increase" in heart attacks, strokes and diabetes“.

“As much as 64% of the United States adult population is considered either overweight or obese, and this percentage has increased over the last four decades.” Wikipedia

What is going wrong I can best describe from what I saw as a child. The wrong people who are bred to be ‘successful’. the wrong people made prefects, heads of school, head teachers, bishops. The wrong people going into politics. And genetically compounding this is a big, bad way. Our politicians might easily be clones. They lie glibly. They are bred without consciences. It is something found in killers. After the first few killings they know they are beyond redemption and might as well kill a thousand as a dozen. They will be made military ‘advisors’ when we invade countries, pay killers and rapists to fight knowing full well what they are doing as our politicians tell us they are there for humanitarian reasons. Politicians who have done nothing to alleviate poverty and have no need or intention of doing so. Bred for the job to a man or woman, but in a sense mutants. Like the dogs we breed to show at Crufts by rejecting any that do not conform to kennel Club standards. Leading to them having genetic problems sometimes unable to breathe properly. Marry your sister and your children will be genetically deformed, as will often happen with cousins but we have countries that do that exclusively leaving health services to pick up the pieces.

I still see hope in Obama who brings new blood and genes to our emperors. Our aristocracies are now inbred. Our rich have the genetics of cruel and ruthless people as if bred to become bigger and richer day by day without any thought of the consequences. It is easy to look at how great empires fall and is invariably following a period of decadence and dependence on foreign troops. That is what happened to Rome, once a puritan and stoic society that fought its own wars but descending chaotically into a split empire run by the sons of sons of sons of once great men. Emperors who denied any calls for real democracy and in many cases were clinically insane.

It is a tragic fact that invading hordes rape as well as pillage and so many of us have the genes of crazed rapists somewhere within. Indeed so awful has our genetic mix become that we have doomed ourselves to be misgoverned so that mad scientists, billionaires and generals can have their way with us and our home. This is why the planet is on its last legs as a habitat for us and so many species are gone. This article explains part of this too:

“Scientists have mapped the genetic legacy of events of the past 4,000 years that have shaped populations, such as Genghis Khan’s expansion of the Mongol Empire, creating an atlas that extends our understanding of human health and history.
The atlas uses genetic data on 95 different populations to confirm known historical interactions between peoples and shows the impact of European colonialism, the Arab slave trade, the Mongol Empire, and trade near the Silk Road. The study, led by scientists at University College London and Oxford University, is published today in the journal Science.
When comparing a sample of DNA from one of the groups against other populations’ DNA, matching sequences indicate shared ancestry. The longer the uninterrupted matched DNA sequence, the more recent the occurrence of intermingling, said Garrett Hellenthal, lead author and research fellow at the UCL Genetics Institute. Shorter matches indicate that the mixing occurred in earlier periods, allowing the team to estimate when the interaction occurred, he said.
“It’s surprising that some of these signals are so clear, and that they happen in so many groups,” Hellenthal said in a phone interview. “Some 80 percent or more of our sample can be looked at as products of mixtures between two or more genetically distinguishable groups.”
For example, historical records suggesting that the Hazara people of Pakistan are partially descended from Mongol warriors were corroborated by evidence from the study showing that DNA entered the population during the period of the Mongol empire.
Bypassed Invasion
Conversely, analysis of the DNA of the Kalash people, also in Pakistan, show no evidence of mixing with the Mongols, lending support to the understanding that the region was bypassed by the invaders because of its isolated, mountainous geography, Hellenthal said.
Some members of the Kalash community believe they’re instead descended from Alexander the Great’s army, and the analysis didn’t contradict this assertion, given DNA matches with groups in northern and eastern Europe, he said.
While providing fresh insight into historical events, the new research may also have implications for understanding how DNA affects health and disease in different populations. Some populations are more at risk of certain diseases than others, and drug efficacy can also vary.
“Understanding well the genetic similarities and differences between human populations is key for public health,” said Simon Myers, a lecturer in bioinformatics at Oxford University and senior author of the study.
Future research may involve more detailed sequencing to spot rare genetic mutations linked with certain populations and diseases, Myers said.
The research was funded by Oxford University, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the Wellcome Trust, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Royal Society.

So hopeless, so unnecessary, so inevitable.

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Default behind the news

A general election is looming and the figures they need are coming out. ‘Average earnings’ are up. Well of course they are as CEO, Director and senior manager pay has been going through the roof as the frontline are put on zero hour contracts and the minimum wage. The figure is meaningless as what has sharply risen is pay disparity between the top and bottom. This is why the bonuses are allowed. In fact poverty is so bad now that this article came out as well, hastily removed from public view:

Around one in six GPs have been asked to refer patients to a food bank in the past year, a snapshot poll suggests.
The survey of 522 family doctors for GP magazine Pulse found 16% had been asked to refer patients.
It comes after Pulse reported concerns among GP leaders that practices are being put in an "impossible position" by charities that require a referral before they will offer help.
Such referrals are aimed at making sure support reaches the most needy and can come from places such as schools, GPs and job centres.
Senior GPs have said the system can put a strain on the doctor-patient relationship, as well as taking up appointments.
Last year, Pulse also reported a 21% increase in requests for GPs to verify work capability due to cuts to the welfare system.
Professor Clare Gerada, former chair of the Royal College of GPs, said GPs were being caught up in the "hoops" the genuinely needy had to jump through to get help.
She said: "Poverty is an enormous workload issue and, again, it's the inverse care rule because it creates more work for GPs in poorer areas who don't get resourced for it so you end up with more work and less time.
"People do naturally turn to their GPs, they don't know where else to go, so they come to you. And because we get so much criticism, I get so fed-up.
"We're there trying to sort out everybody's problems and meanwhile the posh middle classes are complaining because they can't get access to us."
Pulse editor Steve Nowottny said: ''That a significant number of patients are now going to their GP asking to be referred to a food bank is clearly a concern - both because of the extent of need it suggests among patients, but also because of the knock-on impact on general practice, which is already stretched very thin.
"GPs often feel as though they are asked to do everything, and increasingly that includes acting as a support agency for patients who may be struggling as a result of the recession.
"Every GP is committed to doing whatever they can to help their patients - but with finite resources, this kind of work inevitably diverts GPs from the rest of their job and leaves them less time to spend with other patients."
Chris Mould, chairman of the Trussell Trust network of food banks, said: " GPs should have the ability to refer to a food bank when they come across a patient who they believe needs a food bank for health reasons, especially as levels of malnutrition are reported to be increasing.
"Some GPs are contacting food banks to ask them to help people visiting their surgeries who are suffering various sicknesses caused by not eating.
"GPs should not, however, be placed in a position to assess whether someone needs a food bank when the crisis is not health-related and they do not have enough information to make an accurate assessment of a patient's situation.
"Food banks work hard to partner with a whole range of relevant professionals in the community who can refer people to food banks.
"If a doctor is asked to refer a patient to a food bank for a reason that is not health-related, such as debt, it is better for the GP to suggest that the patient speaks to a relevant agency, such as a debt advice charity, who can help address the underlying cause of the crisis and who will also be able to refer to a food bank.
"Over 23,000 professionals nationwide are registered as food bank voucher holders, enabling them to refer to their local Trussell Trust food bank."

The UK and France have laid all blame for the Syrian talks failing at Assad’s door again. They both know that the wages of the militants are being paid by the West and the Gulf States, that we are training, arming and supplying them in our desperation to unseat Assad even if it means Syria being governed by Jihadists, which will then require occupation. But my point here is to do with deceit.

When we die we are immediately faced by our ‘conscience’ for want of a better word, our personal watcher who testifies against us. But those we have harmed who have died will also be demanding justice and justice there is not what it is here. Punishment in the after life is therefore self inflicted and particularly horrible, there are no Human Rights and bent lawyers to help. Those who know this have warned for millennia to no avail. You have or had a conscience and if you parted company expect trouble.

For most who have caused no real harm and had hard lives the justice is not a major problem but is a disappointment. Afterlife is somewhat similar to what it is here. But for men who cause thousands of deaths it is dreadful. Why any politicians would do this to themselves in an effort to appease some ally or achieve some misguided aim is hard to say. I suppose one could say that there are those who turned from that and devoted their lives to saving, but I would disagree. We are all responsible in some way for the 600,000+ deaths with the Iraq invasion and the probable 200,000+ deaths in Syria. It was completely unnecessary but politically expedient at the time. As an empire we have descended to our lowest level, no better than those who were more open about their nastiness.

The war on the poor really seals their doom. It is loathed in the afterlife when well fed, well clothed and happy family men are held to account for the kids who were freezing and starved to achieve the level of comfort the rich require. Time and again the rich have been warned what awaits them. There is no excuse at the time of meeting your responsibilities. Why on earth would any man want to starve 9 million Britons and then lie about it? Why would any nation want that? Only if propaganda enabled it which it does and is why the media barons and editors are also dragged away screaming before they are continuously dismembered. Many of us would like a kinder afterlife but until there is a kinder world where women are not raped by soldiers, men not tortured, children dismembered in front of their families, populations displaced and deprived of food and safety …. We get what is in store.

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Default real tests

When we are young, and when we are at our first school - this is our life and it is hard to imagine that it is but the start of it, the preparation for it. After the age of 11 we change and soon are in a rush to be older. Of course our childhoods are vital but they should not be directed to the goal of wealth and success, playing to win rather than playing to learn.

But life is also only a preparation for the vast afterlife. You would probably need to be a host for spirits to believe that, in spite of so many religions founded on that basis. And again a life should not be directed to the goal of wealth and success as both are achievements that are worthless when you die, indeed worse - both are usually great impediments.

We are judged when we leave school by our exam system to see what we have learned and how useful we will be in later life. We are also judged when we die to see how useful we will be in the afterlife. But this judgement is to see whether we are honest. It is not the right word really as honesty in life is far from what it is at death. The exam is to discover the truth of us, what we really did. ‘Wealth’ says what we really did, as does what is considered to be ‘success’ in life.

The Judge after death is called Yama in Hindu and Buddhist texts. He is seen as a cruel god but not unjust. He has a habit of consigning almost everyone to what we would call hell. If you have time in a busy life, read about him and try to understand what is being said and why. He is a protector of dharma or truth and that is how he does it.

In life, before we die, there is another judge, said to be Yama’s brother and called Shani. He is also seen to be cruel and threatening and is also a protector of dharma or truth and this is how he does it. He warns people about their lives and what is expected of them.

It was long known, from the beginning in fact, that in our present age the human would have degenerated to a race for wealth and that dharma would be considered worthless in our world. This is why the God Shiva is seen as a destroyer. This is an evil world and only destruction can save the dharma. In this aspect Shiva too is seen to be cruel.

We know that our teachers were required to discipline us in some way when we were unruly children, if we were. In life unfortunately some sadistic people are drawn to that profession along with our most enlightened minds. But discipline is what is necessary sometimes and it is hurtful. When our parents do that to us we are mortified. When we are parents we realise why we have to do it for our children. But many parents do it because they have no time for their children.

Some wars in history have been disciplinary in this sense. Some disciplinary forces are necessary to guide us but most are there for the purpose of safeguarding the taking of wealth, exploiting the planet and populations and protecting corruption. However to see that we need to know the real reasons for things on earth, what we really do and not what we say we do. That is made extremely difficult in this particular age.

Destruction is coming, and so is discipline. It is not nice and will be hurtful to us. I do not suppose the dinosaurs liked it either but they were in the habit of making life just as hurtful for the other species around them. They too exploded their populations and ruled with terror.

Dharma is something very different and is found, usually after death, in the spiritual realm so few achieve. If you were not interested in real justice and alleviating suffering in life it will not really be on your shopping list. But as soon as you graduate from life you become aware of the lost opportunity. Being some idolised pop star is not that pleasant in life anyway, nor is being massively rich. Those that are usually suffer extreme insecurities and what is left of their consciences exacerbate that. The more influence you have the greater your responsibility. So much better to be a hermit wishing nature well, than one who has great responsibility for the chaos we have brought to the world.

So whatever you feel about yourself can be quite the reverse of what is required of you in fact. If you feel a failure for example, someone who has been pushed around without any major achievements of note you may be surprised to find that you are one whose conscience will stand up for you. That you did not destroy the world and oppress the poor and that you are in fact genuine. If you are proud of what you achieved you will probably be ashamed when it is revealed what you really did.

If our larger world understood this our politicians would never lie and would never support or tolerate inequality of any kind. Our laws and political manifestos suggest that to be the case but it is not. There would never be a war but that it was a warning to some despot to desist from exploiting nature, the poor and what we call dharma - truth and justice rolled into one. But in this age that is exactly what we do not get.

If rather than just worrying about ourselves we want the human race to survive, it is essential that it starts to meet the afterlife tests otherwise it is useless to the real powers of the universe. But as you can imagine it is impossible for us to turn things around. Not impossible in the dharmic sense as it could happen tomorrow. The rich could sell what they have and feed and clothe the poor. The angry ones could lay down their arms and help to rebuild the towns they have destroyed. The politicians could make alleviating suffering their absolute priority ensuring healthcare, food and shelter for all and also ensuring that it is equally distributed. They could save the planet tomorrow too, give nature back the wild spaces it needs and stop the horrors we inflict upon it. You will probably not like the suggestion that we all give up our dependence on eating flesh but that is part of this. You cannot take some and leave others as you please, any more than you can pass the after life test with your opinions rather than the facts.

I have been told for so long that our destruction is inevitable but have never stopped hoping that we can save ourselves and never stopped trying to find a way. The spirits I meet are more realistic. Perhaps long ago they might have thought we would change. I can imagine how hopeful they would have been at certain times in our history. But they are not hopeful now. When your team is losing massively and you enter the last few minutes of a game you more or less know all is lost. Mathematically there is always some possibility but less and less. But I cannot understand why we have been brought to this point by men and women who profess to be Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. I cannot really think of a leader who does not profess one of those, and all of those beliefs are strictly against dishonesty, killing, stealing, oppressing the poor and indeed creating more poverty in a rush for wealth.

But as I said it was known this is what we would be like in this age and it was also explained that if we were that would be the end for us. Now is that not the real existential threat to the world? So why do they go on about everything else? If only our leaders could see the previous generation of leaders being judged, see how wicked they were, how ashamed and terrified when found out and what has happened to them since. They would be sitting on pavements with begging bowls tomorrow, not lecturing us on economics and reasons to make war.


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Default Coincidentally

-Although the Tibetan Book of the Dead is for the advanced sage hoping to achieve liberation or at least a favourable rebirth, there are lessons in it for all of us. The imagery is very Buddhist and it describes the first few days after death and the many traps for those who consider themselves enlightened, but even the great lamas have faults and pride. There are many beguiling things there and many dangers:-

‘He will see his relatives gathered there just as before and hear their cries. During this time, when the violent confused projections of karma have not yet appeared, and the terrors of the Lords of Death have not yet come , the instructions should be given….Do not take pleasure in the soft white light of the gods, do not be attracted to it or yearn for it…It is an obstacle blocking the path of liberation…Do not take pleasure in the soft smoky light of the hell beings. This is the inviting path of your neurotic veils, accumulated by violent aggression. If you are attracted to it you will fall down into hell, and sink into the muddy swamp of unbearable suffering from which there is never any escape….’ by Guru Rinpoche according to Karma Lingpa ,Shambhala, Boston & London 2000./

One can see how this is as true of life where it is so hard to bear the perceived hardship of living in the true way, and where it is so beguiling to fall away and be distracted from it, indulging one’s passions instead. Where lies are easier to tell than the truth.

The Eurofighter is made by France and the UK and they cost around £125 million each. Two days after France and the UK laid all the blame for the failed Syria talks at the door of Assad, and thus absolved Saudi Arabia of any responsibility although they pay the Jihadist rebels, support them, lead the battle against Assad and his elected government and can stop this insurgency at any time, it is announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed the price for 74 Eurofighters. Coincidentally. Do they not consider timing? Meanwhile Prince Charles appears on TV doing a sword dance with the Saudi princes. Is no one questioning the Saudi leaders on why they hold no elections for a non existent parliament, why women have no vote and cannot stand for the only elections they do have. Why women are not allowed to drive and people are still beheaded in public. Yet our same leaders publicly condemn Syria for a lack of democracy, even though they do hold elections, women stand in them and also vote.

Yesterday the UK Government declared a further fall in unemployment. It looks too good to be true and is. The reality of how the figures are manipulated is in an article here and this is just an extract:

A recent paper by researchers at the University of Stirling revealed that underemployment rose from 6.2% in 2008 to 9.9% in 2012. The rate hit 30% among 16 to 24 year olds.
We have also seen the rise of ‘zero hour’ contracts. Almost unheard of a few years ago, more than a million UK workers are now under these contracts. These contracts have no specified working hours – meaning that an employee is placed on permanent stand by until or unless the employer needs them. While classed as employed, the person has no wage security as they cannot guarantee their pay from one week to the next. They also receive no sick pay, leave or other basic terms and conditions.
The Resolution Foundation recently published a review of ‘Zero Hours’ contracts which found serious issues of the spike in their use:
Those on ‘Zero Hours’ contracts earn less than half the average wage (£236 vs. £482 per week) of those on proper contracts.
Workplaces using ‘Zero Hours’ contracts have a higher proportion of staff on low pay(within £1.25 of minimum wage) than those who do not.
These factors have allowed the UK Labour Market in recent years to combine a relatively high level of employment and an unprecedented squeeze on wages.
Those on ‘Zero Hours’ contracts work 10 hours a week less, on average, than those who are not (21hrs – 31hrs).
18% of those on ‘Zero Hours’ contracts are seeking alternative employment or more hours versus 7% of those in ordinary contracts
These factors have contributed to the rise in underemployment in the UK since 2008. An ONS survey last year revealed more than 1 million people had been added to the rank of the underemployed since the 2008 bailout of the banks.
‘Zero Hours’ contracts are hitting young people the hardest, with 37% of those on such contracts aged between 16-24.
‘Zero Hours’ contracts are more likely to be held by those without a degree, and with a GCSE as their highest level of education.
Non UK Nationals are 15% more likely to be employed on such a contract than UK Nationals.
It is not difficult to see the advantages of ‘Zero Hours’ contracts to employers – they can achieve maximum flexibility of their workforce, effectively retaining them on a pay as you go basis. It is also clear that in the short term, the government of the day also enjoy the advantage of hiding the true effects of their cut throat economic policies. But the ordinary human being seeking to meet the rising cost of living is losing on all counts.
Between 2008 and 2012, inflation rose 17% according to the Consumer Price Index, while incomes increased just 7% – this translates to a real terms pay cut of 10% for working people. But the Consumer Price Index measurement tracks the rising cost of an imaginary list of products and services that the poorest workers are unlikely to ever buy. The UK Essentials Index however tracks inflation of the bare essentials that would the poorest would buy – and these have risen by an eye watering 33% during the same period. This means that not only is the impact of unemployment hitting the country disproportionately, but underemployment and exploitative employment conditions are too – with the poorest being the worst affected.

This manipulation of figures started under Thatcher and many devices are used. Throwing people off Jobseekers Allowance is one way, they then do not exist but have no money for food which is why 1 million use food banks and why half the Bishops have written to the government today to complain, but the government is not about to change and insist that attacking the poorest is the only way (of making further tax cuts for the richest). I get no benefits at all and have been out of work for two years since being made redundant. I cannot even get a job stacking supermarket shelves, have brilliant experience and training, good references and am a hard worker. I am not looking for a manager’s job these days, just an honest frontline post. Hundreds apply for every job that I apply for, sometimes I manage an interview but my age is against me. I am not in the figures of course and object to every government pronouncement suggesting that there is an improvement. People living near me cannot put their heating on, others are hungry. Most get clothes from charity shops around here. Why do the government hate the poor and lie? I think it is because it is easier to do that than tell the truth and lose the next election and all their valuable funding.

Meanwhile I hear our western leaders complain about Ukraine. They should be careful. What will they do if their city squares fill with angry protestors throwing petrol bombs at the police. Will they hold elections, make concessions, apologise and step down? Will they heck! Many Ukrainian protestors were in Afghanistan with the Russians. Many are neo-Nazis apparently, certainly the ’opposition’ is mainly from the far right and not at all ’moderate’. Are any of them? The protestors in many cases are ‘football fans’ -

‘ FIFA has rejected Ukraine's appeal against sanctions imposed after fans racially abused their own black player and made Nazi salutes at a World Cup qualifying match.
FIFA previously criticised the "shameful'' incidents at the September 6 qualifier played in Lviv, which is bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.
FIFA said Wednesday that its appeals committee confirmed Arena Lviv is barred from staging qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. The stadium hosted three matches at the 2012 European Championship.
Ukraine must also play its first home qualifier on the 2018 program in an empty stadium….’ November 2013 http://www.aljazeera.com/sport/footb...915205269.html

If our leaders could just be honest, we can save this world. Carry on like this and we cannot and the politicians are doomed in the afterlife. Most of us are, because of them.


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Default Sell

Luke 18.21

When Jesus heard his answer, he said, "There is still one thing you haven't done. Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Christians often imagine they will be saved after death but what Jesus was instructing is far from what they have done. It was what the early Christians did following on from the ascetic traditions further east. It is the only way to avoid hell for most of us who are surrounded by poverty whether the government admits it or not.

Now the Archbishop of Canterbury has turned on his old chum Cameron by supporting the angry bishops. Shades of Thomas a Becket there. He was an oil executive and still lives in a palace but hopefully he reads the bible and knows what to do.

My bank the RBS announces it will sack 30,000 people and its shares go up! What a world as the top bankers take millions in annual bonuses so they can leave the country and live in style when the crash comes that they are creating for us.

Is it true that the US has issued 2 billion hollow point bullets and hundreds of millions of body bags in case of revolution? Have they really spent $5 billion destabilising Ukraine and now criticising the policing of that revolution, as that is what it is, not a 'protest'? Would they use the bullets and tanks they are said to have issued FEMA? Would that amount to ethnic cleansing? What will the UK do? These are questions coming up on the net.

My question is really about why we are challenging Russia in this way at this time, in Syria, Ukraine and Iran. Yesterday a former UK ambassador to Ukraine was asked on TV about this uprising and said that Russia is full of unhappy people too! Are they hoping for a Russian Spring. Revolutions breed revolutions and we should be more careful. We do not like them either.

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Default Correction

It pays to check some of these outlandish claims. According to the Huffington Post it is only 1.6 billion bullets of assorted sizes over 5 years, cheaper to buy in bulk and only about 174,000 are hollow pointed (I think they blow up on impact and make big holes in you) which were not for Homeland Security anyway but for Social Security Administration who check up on benefit frauds etc. And they need the bullets because 15 million a year are used for training purposes. They also say it was Alex Jones who made a big thing about this.


And a truce and deal made in Ukraine.

We can breathe in peace

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Default The danger within

If the above sounds cynical it is not. I think the US need to be able to deal with a revolution, so does the UK. Thugs (often with other country's help) taking over our countries is the worst thing that can happen. It did not work in Russia in the early 20th century, and the regime changes achieved with violence in this century have made matters much worse for the populations. It is exactly what gangsters love. A lot of well meaning young idealists will be there too chanting and singing but after the revolution will be dead.

If you have any kind of democracy you are lucky and what is needed is discussion and change. What many want is the perceived wealth of Europe and the US, but they should see the poverty more often on TV. If a country is ruled by despots then we should refuse to deal with them, and certainly not sell them arms until all adults are allowed to vote and govern their own countries. These despots steal the resources and have private armies.

The French Revolution and English Civil War were also particularly violent and achieved much less for the common people than is made out. But in a sense they led the way for political rule. Well look what we have got now - rule by the ultra wealthy in disguised democracy. It is difficult to resolve amicably but the last thing that will do it is revolution.

The world is also better led by the US than any other nation. But it is absolutely not ideal and the US needs to face up to the responsibility and behave more ethically. This century has seen a drop in standards although it is leaps above the rest - Russia as it is today and China.

So let us all change nicely and start by getting the truth told to us

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Default the road to hell

is paved with good intentions.

Well while everyone rejoices at the end of the violence in Ukraine perhaps we should remind ourselves of what has happened. Last week the head of the EU said that an independent Scotland would not be allowed in the EU. Scotland conforms to all the human rights and political requirements. Meanwhile a ‘quasi-Fascist’ and deeply indebted Ukraine will be welcomed even at the cost of greatly annoying Russia. This is from the Telegraph today:

‘By Tony Brenton, Former ambassador to Moscow
8:30PM GMT 22 Feb 2014
For exponents of the “New Cold War” view of European politics, the Ukrainian crisis has been a godsend.
The country is split between a Russian-oriented eastern end and an EU-oriented western end. The past few months have seen a sharp competition for influence between the European Union, offering a “Partnership Agreement”, and Russia, offering £9 billion of hard cash. When Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovych went for the cash (unsurprisingly in view of the country’s parlous economic state) protests, largely driven from west Ukraine, erupted and have brought Mr Yanukovych down.
It is easy to see things going very badly from here. Mr Yanukovych was a rotten president – corrupt, brutal and incompetent – but he was regrettably representative of the Ukrainian political class. His most likely successor, Yulia Tymoshenko, newly released from political imprisonment, herself contributed to a period of bad and corrupt government which led up to Mr Yanukovych’s election in 2010. Meanwhile, east-west tensions within the country have undoubtedly intensified.
Quasi-fascist gangs from the western region are pressing their own form of violent extremism….

Certainly, Russia has been determined to keep Ukraine out of the Western camp. Of all the ex-Soviet states Ukraine is the one closest to Russia, historically, culturally and economically. The relationship, with its intimacies and tensions, is not unlike that between England and Scotland. Hence the £9 billion.

Russia, apart from the money, still exercises huge social and political sway and probably has particular influence with the shadowy Ukrainian security organs whose acquiescence could well be key to a successful solution.
The West offers a model of clean, democratic, law-bound government which is, rightly, a beacon for a very large number of Ukrainians….’

So the EU can absorb countries riddled with organised crime gangs, corruption and quasi-fascist ideals but not Scotland!

This political game playing all over the globe is a real problem. China may well have repressed Tibet but so have 14 generations of Dalai Lamas. The present Dalai Lama by setting up a ‘government in exile’ after fleeing the country for his own benefit has hurt Tibet badly. He could have stayed and helped it compromise with China amicably, after all he had met Mao and discussed exactly that as a young man. Obama meeting the Dalai Lama therefore rightly annoys China. Was it necessary or just a political jibe at China’s lack of human rights? Why not take a jibe at the lack of human rights in some Gulf states?

I know Obama means well but the leaked telephone call showing US manipulation in Ukraine is not helpful either. The media may portray the events in Independence Square as liberating, but Ukraine was democratic before this and the fascist opposition parties were not successful at the ballot box. If this is liberating it is also tempting other European disaffected and angry, thuggy minorities to start pushing their agendas too - violently.

We need to be speaking honestly in these end days but the media barons have a great aversion to that. The last thing any of them want is to heal the rift between rich and poor which is now the main problem in the world. Ukraine is all about money and the Monopoly Board. If the EU was such a great place to be would we have 9 million Britons living in poverty, needing referrals to food banks because they cannot afford food for their children? Ukraine will make that worse and Russia will cut off the gas it gave or lent them so the EU will have to buy some for them. At whose cost?

All the news is tragic now. The Syrians are suffering terribly while we support that ‘revolution’. The Iraqis are bombed daily thank to us supporting that ‘revolution’. Libya is infecting Africa with its lawless Qaida gangs since we supported that ‘revolution’. Where exactly is our foreign policy leading us as it seems it went off the rails long ago and the media are pretending we need to intervene all over the world to save populations while starving our own?

In terms of the Tibetan book of the Dead this is exactly what hell is. You think you are being attacked but you do it to yourself and end up for ever in a place of molten iron turning you to charcoal as a result. That is so like the nuclear war we seem to want to have, or at least the angry minorities/lobbies that rule us want us to have. Every time we see a hostile force berating us we get annoyed and angry and launch a war. But this is us, the reflection of what we are doing that our own media will not admit but those people suffering at our hands can. Then we pass laws to shut them up, cut off whatever aid they get, send in proxy warriors to rape and kill them. Dismember them. All vividly illustrated in a book the Dalai Lama should know and understand yet he allows his young nuns in Tibet to set themselves on fire in his name rather than admit that Tibet now belongs to China, the whole problem for that troubled land and which has caused it to be treated so badly. Does anyone seriously think the Dalai Lama is democratic?


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The belief that society exists has sabotaged every effort to change mankind. It is the reason why revolutions have failed. It is about a totally different revolution: the revolution in the heart of the individual.

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Default Why must we?

"EU warns west must be ready to rescue Ukraine
Financial Times - ‎23 minutes ago‎
The EU's top economic official has warned that the west must be ready to rescue Ukraine from bankruptcy, filling the gap if the Kremlin drops its financial support for Kiev."

This was brought on our heads, perhaps to teach Russia a lesson for not allowing regime change in Syria. We have 9 million in poverty in the UK and are using food banks. Is the EU helping starving British families?


Interesting articles on Dalai Lama, thanks
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