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Default 9/11 - CAN the truth come out?

Okay, so there was the usual focus on the 911 attacks last week, with much of the Qanon speculation and other red pill truthers highlighting the anomalies of the WTC collapse and the many, many other factors that point to an inside job. It feels like more and more people are questioning the official narrative and questioning how much Bush and his cronies knew/were complicit in beforehand.

So, say Q IS part of Trump’s agenda and they eventually expose the attack as an inside job, would it not be TOO detrimental to the USA? Surely, there would have to be wholescale reviews of all the massive liberty-crushing policies that came as a result, compensation for the Wars, countless compo to families, not to mention the damage it would do to the morale of the citizens and standing of the country in the eyes of the world. The cost financially, psychologically and in terms of status would be unimaginable.

So, my genuine questions are:
Would any president risk that, or will we forever be fed the current implausible narrative? What WOULD happen both in the USA and the rest of the world if the truth came out?
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I dunno if it will come out...... Too many are controlled and cannot break free........
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With the record of transparency the government has I doubt it. At least the lie has been exposed to the masses.
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Here is a strange coincidence about Venus, the Ancient Maya, and the terrorist attacks on 911:

There is a Maya inscription at the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque Mexico that states, “On Chac Xib Chac rose up out of the black water.” Of course the Maya were referring to an event that occurred in the Classic Period time of the Ancient Maya (250-900 A.D.), for constitutes the beginning of a Long Count calendar date, but the numerology and significance can be seen in the tragedy of our own present day 911.

Every inscribed calendar date of the Ancient Maya included one of the 9 Lords of the Night. And there are also 9 levels into the Maya Underworld, Xibalba, which translate to “Place of Fear.” Each level of the Maya Underworld was ruled over by one of the Lords of the Night. So the number 9 is a powerful number in Maya cosmology. The number 11 was a sign of conflict and duality to the Ancient Maya.

Chac Xib Chac is a reference to Venus as the Morning Star. To the Maya, Venus was not about love as in Western mythology, it was about war and peril. Venus was directly over New York City as the Morning Star when the second plane crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

The “Black Water” referred to in the inscription refers to the Maya Underworld. But in relationship to our present day 911 it can be seen as “Oil” since that is the main reason the USA has an interest in the Arab world. If the USA was not involved in Middle Eastern matters, 911 probably would not have occurred.

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There is forum for 911 discussion. That is actually one of the things that changed my life... all of our lives.
I had two reactions. First, Something did not look right (specifically how the towers came down (fast, totally straight down, and so fast) second, I instantly knew that the world (people) would never be the same (a sick feeling that something "evil" had happened) I don't have time to get into it all (check out the 911 forum) but after the initial shock, I could see what was happening. Shock, terror, and the eventual erosion of our rights (the patriot act) Many changes... everyone collapsed and gave in... then, eventually, they woke up and started understanding... "what is wrong with this picture". Too much to get into now.
The photo I used for my avatar was taken with a 35mm camera using a "pinhole" instead of a lens... pointed directly at the sun.
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