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Default false flag to start ww3


so a nasa scientist says a stray nk missile could start ww3. is this a soft disclosure.
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Wouldn't be surprised. The plans for WW3 are well behind schedule and I am in agreement with Susan Sarandon, that if Hillary had been voted in we would now be locked into a war with Russia, which would trigger a world war, as planned by tptb. It makes you realise how important it is to speak out. Orwell didn't call his book 1984 for nothing. He knew that was the date the new world order was meant to be securely in place. It's places like this forum and alternative media which has exploded over the last 20 years, which is preventing these outcomes from becoming a reality. They're panicking now, hence the "stray nuke" story, because nobody's getting behind their warmongering bollocks any more..
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There's a new film coming out shortly about the pretext (Tonkin Bay) for the Vietnam war being a lie!
Probably front running it to sow the seeds for something else?
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