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Default The Two Evolutions of Humanity

By Stuart Wilde

The Two Evolutions of Humanity

I am sorry this article is a bit long, but I’m sure you will find it inspirational and informative, if you have time.

You might remember I wrote in “Whispering Winds of Change,” in 1996, that the world would split into two evolutions. On the one hand, one group is regressing metaphysically, turning back to olden times when the feudal system and total disempowerment and submission were the orders of the day.

The other evolutionary parabola marks the open road, which takes seekers out of the evolution of tick-tock to a more independent, self-realized, balanced, spiritual way of living. That second alternative might be very threatening to supporters of the imploding reactionary negative parabola.

The Open Road

You can see the kind of control trip that is sometimes imposed in Muslim countries, which seems to hanker back to ancient or medieval ways as taught in the Koran. That might have been fine in 600 AD, but it looks a bit odd nowadays.

The point is, fear will fold your etheric in on itself (the protective response). That makes you less powerful, as you are now projecting more weakly in your etheric field. Fear is the emotional mechanism used to destabilize you, opening you to intrusion by lower forces, which seek to regress your spiritual journey. Love is open and vulnerable. Fear is closed and protective. You can see how mass fear is an intrigue, used by the forces of darkness; the Grays and the UFOs also use it. Jacques Vallee, the French UFO researcher (his books are on amazon.com) came to the conclusion that UFOs are messengers of deception, a part of an overall control mechanism from the inner worlds. I talk a lot about the influence of ghouls and UFOs in my book, “God’s Gladiators”.

Remember, the first mechanism of control over a society is to induce uncertainty and fear. If you refuse to be scared or phased by fear and you don’t allow your negative imagination to tow you off balance, you can stay inside your own protection. That makes you less open to being influenced or nabbed on an energy level. It’s part of the warrior’s way to accept his or her fears, understanding them as a part and parcel of this human dimension. It’s okay to be scared at times. But we must not let fear swamp us. The warrior refuses to allow negative emotion to intrude on the effectiveness of his action and the pleasure of this worldly experience.

The love vibe has to win in the end. How you open yourself up to trouble is by being scared. Notice the way the government-influenced TV stations sell fear, hour after hour. Often you can click five or six channels and see fear, mayhem and uncertainty simultaneously on every channel. Everything is presented as a threat. Why is that? Why is the media selling perpetual uncertainty, violence, and fear? Certainly people enjoy the odd horror film, but to have mayhem and horror so prevalently displayed on TV is not a coincidence.

Fear disempowers people, scrambling their brains, causing individuals to panic and lose their power of reasoning. They willingly give away their power to some higher authority that will fix what is often a phony, manufactured problem. I wonder how many times al Qaeda is mentioned in the American media everyday. There is no al Qaeda, it’s phony, the BBC did a brilliant documentary exposing the myth. Certainly there are Moslems fighting the Americans because the Americans fight for Israel, but the idea of an al Qaeda threat is silly. And it has been proven the Americans have trained the Moslems in the past, so are they allies or enemies? All news is tainted, it’s designed for you to give away your power, stability and mental health.

So, the first response of the warrior is a fearless one. The second response comes from the way the warrior watches and notices, and as said, doesn’t react, no matter how much bother is on the hill. The warrior being secure in himself or herself, is a fluid minimalist, and unattached to circumstances. The warrior knows he or she can trust their instincts for they have successfully done so many times in the past. They can move and flow in any circumstance.

The second evolutionary alternative, the open, seeking, self-realized, love parabola will gradually become more and more invisible as time goes on. This is because the two parabolas of evolution are separating and becoming more and more distant. The regressive one is curving in on itself becoming more reactionary and violent, while the other is opening out, becoming more diffused as it heads for spirituality and the light. The idea that you have to sit on your designated spot and wait for the storm troopers of the New World Order to march up your street doesn’t allow for the workings of metaphysics and the alternative evolutionary parabola.

Forty to fifty million people died in the Second World War, which means over three billion citizens of earth alive at that time did not perish. The odds of being killed in that war were about sixty-to-one against. Fifty-nine survived, while one perished. That doesn’t make that sorry part of our world’s history acceptable, but it highlights a point. Trouble is not necessarily compulsory for everyone; mayhem is usually the karma of a minority.

Who were in that karmic minority? Volunteers and people already in the armed forces, those whose karmic potential is war by choice, and young men and women stuck in the tick-tock evolution of war-like nations. And of course, ethnic minorities like the Gypsies and the Jews that lived in less-than-fluid tribal groupings, unable to react and move away from trouble. The others in the minority group who suffered were innocent, probably non-violent citizens, that lived in the major conurbations of Europe and Asia that suffered heavy bombing of the ordinary folk of Nagasaki, Dresden, Berlin, London, Sheffield, wherever.

Those victims were locked into a horrid karma because they had no means of getting out of those cities and moving elsewhere. They suffered from a lack of forward vision. Perhaps that remark is a bit unfair, for most could never have realized what was about to happen, nor did they have the resources to depart the restriction that held them, so they suffered the karma of not having an escape route. They suffered because they didn’t believe what they saw as it developed. Also in those days, people were more ready to believe their leaders were honest.

So when Chamberlain waved his pathetic little piece of paper on the aircraft’s steps, claiming he had a peace agreement with Hitler, I’m sure millions of Britons believed him and they relaxed, thinking war had been averted. I’m sure many Germans believed Hitler was a good guy helping Germany rebuild itself, and they trusted in the process as they could see things getting better. They didn’t see the undercurrent of what was actually happening.

Gradually, the imploding, regressive parabola tightens around an individual and the society of which he is a part, and the authorities can then order citizens to war and force them into all kinds of hateful acts, which may not be a part of their normal spirituality and beliefs. The open, outward parabola is the exact opposite; it forces you to face yourself and your insecurities, and to embrace the vulnerability of love and openness. By its very nature it is much harder to manipulate those on the open parabola, for it carries you away from a tick-tock tight karma to liberty and personal freedom. See it like this, the more openness and tolerance you offer to others, the more you can embrace tolerance within yourself and the more solid your exit parabola becomes.

In most of my books I have stressed the importance of always looking for the exit in every situation in life. I say why enter into a restricted space like a discotheque in a basement without checking on how you’d get out if you had to? Why enter into a marriage without the pain-free exit clearly marked? Why bother with a business deal if the upside is ill defined and the downside involves a large loss? How would you jump ship if things changed or go wrong?

I hold a religious fervor about never trusting the authorities or the media. Obviously they aren’t all evil, nor are they lying all the time, but I can’t bother to mess with the few times they aren’t bending the truth. I find it simpler and less cluttering to dismiss their world as agenda-oriented, a part of the other parabola, one that is bent and manipulated to spout the party line for political and financial reasons. I almost never bother with the TV news or the papers. They are mind-control mechanisms that manufacture consent for the status quo.

Next, it behooves the warrior to seek anonymity. In my case, because of the nature of my career that looks like an impossible task. But I’ve managed it to a certain degree. Your situation might be a lot safer than mine for you might not have come to any sort of public attention. So have a little think and evaluate how fluid is your situation. Can you move in an instant if you have to?

Do you have an alternative identity? I don’t necessarily mean fake passports. Rather, how defined are your links with where you are now? Are you locked in via connections, debt and commitments? Where are your assets and where is your identity based? What address is on your insurance policies, driver’s licenses, credit cards, bank accounts etc.? How much money do you have in your possession? Enough to go out the back door with? Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t access your bank account, credit cards, or ATM machines? How would you make it over the border if you had to?

You get my drift? Survivors of the last world war were those who in their feelings were karmically uninvolved in the war, or those who lived in remote places, or in neutral nations. Or, they were citizens of war mongering nations who saw the writing on the wall years in advance, and therefore planned their exits well. If you were a perceptive citizen during the Bosnia crisis, with a little money and a fluid vibe you could have sold up and flown out of Belgrade to an alternative evolution a year before the pogrom and the NATO bombing began.

Author Whitley Strieber says our current leaders will become the most reviled and hated in all history. I agree with him. Democracy and freedom and the hopes and dreams of ordinary people have been sold down the river. It’s all part of a pretext that they are defending us from something. In fact, we need protection from them. Our leaders are ghouls, they only pretend to care for us; power and money is their game. They are all very much the same. We have had decades of them: Nixon, Thatcher, Clinton, Bush, Major, Blair, Keating (the Lizard of Oz), Chirac, Kohl, Putin, Obama, the list seems endless.

These men and women have conspired with “The Families” to ensure this world becomes a prisoner-of-war camp. Instead of protecting our interests they have sold out to genetic engineering, war machines, black projects, oil interests, fiscal control, big bankers, and rabid, manic control. All for personal gain and a moment of power, and because they were too weak to stand up to the nefarious tide, and to say, “no” on behalf of the nations entrusted in their care.

You have to look to America to see the problem festering, for that is where the silliness of New World Order is promoted and developed. Other countries like the UK and Australia are run by puppets that underwrite the NWO idea, kow-towing to whatever the American controllers require. Pathetic.

Celestial Shores of Freedom

Do this—some time in the next few weeks, write down all the links you have and check to see if you are fluid or stuck. If you are stuck, what will you do to loosen the binds that tie you? Without any fear or negative input, plan your exit like a warrior would—even if you never need it or won’t need it for twenty years. Imagine being stuck in your hometown; with troops on the main street, an imposed curfew, and not allowed to move. How will you leave if you have to? Will you go out through the woods?

What papers/identity will you use? How will you finance your alternative parabola? How will you get there? These are not mad questions. They are part of how the warrior looks at life. He or she is not inviting trouble, nor are they overly bothered by negative developments. It’s just that by their very nature they are not naive, nor are they stuck. They hold to exitism as if it were a religious ideal.

Think of this: all the work you have done on your self, all the perceptions, meditations, prayers, teachings and insights that have been presented to you over the years, what were they all for? The universe-at-large has been generous to you. It has shown you the way to self-healing. It has given you perception and a heightened instinct. What was all that effort for? If not to keep you safe and moving along the open parabola, so that you and it might survive, so that the spiritual evolution of the world will not be lost in a mayhem of hatred, power and the manic disease of control trippers, who seek to elevate themselves to a god-like status, via legislation and intrigue. Why have you been on the path so long if it was not to acquire the tools you need to end up in the love vibe where you belong? Where your karma says you are supposed to be? It’s obvious in my view, is it not?

You have to believe in what you know. You have to understand what effort has been made by spirit, in giving you the tools you need. You have to value those tools and know they work, and know that they will always be enough. You have to empower your extra sensory perception by using it, acting when the need arises, in a rational, powerful way. You have to disencumber yourself and live life day-to-day, like a warrior, safe in the knowledge that the exit is at hand, ready and waiting for you should you need it. Love is going to win.

The negative parabola of energy will eventually implode, taking its followers with it. The New World Order is a satanic hope of the Brotherhood of the Snake and it will inevitably suck its proponents dry. You’ll see them collapse, trapped in the gravity of a negative black hole of their own nastiness.

You can leave it to an imploding karma to sort things out. It has done so for thousands of years of our history. No evil empire has survived the energy of its own ideas and actions, hurtling back through infinity, back towards itself. The bounce of that negative energy returning; inevitably devastates the keepers of the dark force and the leaders of the evil empires involved.

Let the universe-at-large sort out the details and step to the exploding outward parabola, and you automatically move to an alternative more hidden evolution. Simple really. It’s quite a relief when you ponder on it.

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde.
www.stuartwilde.com — All rights reserved.
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