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Talking Political Prisoner Richard Fine Freed September 17

Just a note that yesterday I was sent a link to various information by the David Icke site, one of which was a superb YouTube video with David Icke and Jordan Maxwell discussing consciousness and issues related to overcoming the controlling, manipulative, imprisoning evil forces that are with us here on earth. I had been thinking earlier in the day about the horror of Richard I. Fine, the disbarred attorney and prisoner of a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yaffee, still being in solitary confinement.

For those who may be unaware of this Richard Fine story, Judge Yaffee did not recuse himself from conflict of interest over disclosures and admission he and hundreds of other LA judges accepted kick back bribes for protecting the City of Los Angeles from losing any lawsuits. Attorney Richard Fine valiantly stood up for the tax payers who were unknowingly paying the bribes with their tax money since the early 1990's. As a result, the judge placed Fine behind bars without a trial claiming he was in contempt of his order to produce his financial records.

Judge Yafee placed Fine, 71, in solitary confinement at the LA men's jail for over a year. The man could have easily died there. The situation was dire and all legal avenues had been cut off up to the California Supreme Court.

The coincidence for me was 1) I had been thinking of doing another blog article on the hopeless situation of Fine. 2) I had thought about the journalistic efforts of Full Disclosure Network last night around the time Fine was freed. I was just feeling the situation was utterly hopeless and Fine was surely destined to die in jail.

That evening I scanned through David Icke's email he sends out to subscribers. I clicked on the Icke/Jordan conversation YouTube video and it blew me away. I was so stunned, it was incredible to witness. I was mesmerized and clinging to every word. I then went to bed at 1:00 am.

In the morning I learned first thing from a blog I follow, that Fine had been freed the previous night! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? The power of consciousness is real! I've witnessed it many times but it's usually not so black and white as this experience was. It's usually ever so subtle and beyond the ability to disclose this way. The way consciousness has worked for me is always in a "gray" area that I can't quite scream about from the rooftops. This is evidence to me of consciousness at work.

I wrote my own blog article at http://cherylkicksass.blogspot.com/2...e-free-at.html

P.S. I hadn't even heard of Jordan Maxwell prior to last night. I was also checking out his web site.

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