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Default Future of good USA - NWO the establishment 2010-20

I hope I am correct in assuming that contribution to this forum is to function as: "the individual opinion", to expose totalitarianism /tools/ methods of NWO of whoever seeks to annul democracy, freedom etc. world wide....

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Just what is silent schizoid behaviour in the modern days society?
When subject is all the time pretending, behaving doing what is told, but keeping its subjugated crazy - less then one half in secret. All this will comes to the total surprise to of others such family members or his/her co-workers. And, in shocking coolness or just relax state, such subject with smile on his or her face will do or give out order equal to criminally or mentally insane subject.
Normal event to this madmen or some government official or associated group having its regular meeting. Prior this mad event will occur subject or subjects will then out of fear or due to following society Mutual behaviour will just function in total pretending and keep all as if quiet. These calls: "schizoid sleepers".
Similar thing has occurred within structure of Russian families in 1917 when one member of family will be at the side of rebels, against Czar which has called: "the Reds",
at the same time the other member of same family, untouched by memory of own misfortune, will be on the side of Czar’s " Cossacks, White guards". So prior conflict they will be sitting at family diner table and just talking and both will be pretending?
Same has occurred in 1933 Nazi Germany where son will announce to his half Jewish mother he joined Nazi party and 1992 formal Yugoslavia prior out of control the ethnic cleansing and other atrocities perhaps cousin to the conflict racially motivated I mean 1992 Los Angeles riot - and always as same:"order is given".

I believe that within USA society are individuals taken over by "whatever" or simple programmed, totally brainwashed or just sleeper Government ready to give out orders of madness and this way to genocide others, to the total shock of voters, their families or co -workers.
That day can be called "day of betrayer, was betrayed" - Night of thousands of stars or whatever.
My analysis of this upcoming event came about from study of causes of genocides throughout history mainly due to the embodiment of the stone age native cultures as same occurring within present USA - further reflecting in guilt from from secretly at least subconsciously liking it and as well due to the incorporating same in present modern times.
As well something to do with Socialism, Nazism therefore side kick of the Democracy, never experienced in USA and with some touch of Grey alien culture from Alice in wonderland.
Yes -> millions of plastic lid type coffins are being prepared and nicely / carefully distributed across USA.
Wind blow in both directions for those who planed death and coffins may end in them themselves. Victor writes the laws - in modern technology times altered: "when you dig one grave, please get ready two, one for your enemy and the other for his friend as well".
This as well may be planed by same people of: "Agenda 21", or " NWO", as plan B, no problem if conflicts come, as we can re- populate USA with
new emigrants and thus achieve same objective which may be NWO plans in which USA or any country will exist no more.

Question: will USA military go against its own people or stay on side of the Constitution and save the USA?
What is democracy? It is: " an individual moral commitment, to the normal democratic main stream contribution (of the society evolution).

My opinion: underground installations cultures want to take over of all of the surface and are use as dirty cloth in NWO process as Global conspiracy.
In which subjects as Monarchy schizoids, who want to sustain rule of the future world do not care about the system at all or its culture or race which will remain as long they stay in power.
Process of enslavement is sort of like this: "we live like monsters in the underground military instalations, cannot come to the surface, so we will kill all those above and turn all to nice visiting parks (at least at night time). Rest, who will remain as slave in settlements by the railroads in camps really to pick and choose or do with them as we please.
Yes, pick up anyone to their liking. What has been practiced troughout years 1985-89 on few thousands can now be done on mass scale. People in these future camps will then be brainwashed, dehumanized, apathetic, but still loyal to the nation flag, totally brainwashed - nationalistic, to their last breath they take in the extermination gas chambers. Therefore, in order this to occur society must be sabotaged as this is occurring present time year 2010. Not just some usual supply /demand inflation up down bankers want to make money trough real estate re-posesion emoutional Northernr mentality rolocoaster.
What I think this is just full time NWO invasion from who knows where, can be remotely controlled in which inhibited members of NWO totally telepathically manipulated society at their's control and thousands more like this.
Controlled humans - future's mutual behaviours - killing machines.
Let us look at the logistics of NWO:
World wide manufacturing facilities are being destroyed.

Farming destroyed.

People are being set brother against brother at subconscious levels.
Every TV, Radio, Newspaper since 1995 totally controlled, working subject at these places 90% (which are not at the public eye) are being carefully chosen to function as: "taken over non thinking resoning slave or fools".
Internet is being blocked at will.

Individual reality is being manipulated basically as what to do.

Are you sure, that what do you see, is really there?

Did someone projected this in to your brain via low frequency transmissions? This technology does exist.
And, when to any cultural group of people will be projected one event, something they will accepted as fact, you will then have evolved electronic remote sensing brainwashings. Something much better then magnetic reality speech of Adolf Hitler. When you hypnotise someone and tell him eat potatoes it is only a apple, such subject will then eat and think has consumed tasty fruit.
This has stages of continuation as well and goes in to extreme's of: "reality altered to the new domain or dimension, city or nation wide believed in anything."

Situation present time USA: Well emigrants relation is good, black with white relationship is good, so what is it going to be>?

In order to progress madness Martial law is needed in one alternative option (there are few on the list,) to become effective. This will have to occur as well there has to be right timing. People must be ready for such event, desiring it and liking it a lot, feeling secure and protected at its duration.

What is likely to conspire?
1> Possible 2012 movie - natural disaster? (not likely)*
2> Horrible intentional virus release 2010 -2015? *****
3> Nuclear detonation in few USA cities (by whom??) 2010-2015? As if terrorists? *****
4> Drugs in something we use daily ( or real drugs) with schizoid type actuator type drugs to turn USA in to zombiland?*
5> Day - when those who are satanically ill (schizophrenics) will stop being so nice?**
6> Genocide maniacs (pre - programmed subjects by the military) loosen in our streets?**
7> Usage of machine which can create earthquake 10 on Richter scale or Hurricane winds 300 miles per hour (it does exists and was already in usage)?***
8> Meteorite comet impacting USA (Russian pup, put space meteorite visit expedition real set up?)?*
9> Strike by all truckers, (why bother to go to work and just make no money whatsoever)!***
10> During hyper-inflation USA military sparking rebellion, nation divides in to 6 parts, each then declaring independence / existence?****
11> People somehow made to enter de evolution state - shift in to suppressed half, thus society shifting to self realization as to sic to continue?*
12> Tran-substantiation - state of "we are Gods".**
13> New world Order headquarters - now in Beijing - logistics' out of action?*****
14> Killer winds?**
15> What a [email protected]@k is that?( panic from effects of ELF frequency)?*****
16> Word [email protected]@ck use in all descriptions - evolving in to the next stage "action".*
17> People will learn to prenounciate word; " NO". (applied in action)**
================================================== ==========

Oh ya -RE; 13>> one advice from me: no mater what you do and you do not have to like it, but you still have to go to work every morning in any system with whatever fancy named, just make sure you can at the end of month save some money because if you do not and just live from day to day then you are slave working for free.
Quest of NWO what is occurring in the China present time regarding human rights out of control - well, can you speak Chinese?. There are 54 cultures within China, majority do not understand each other.

Any of 1-17 points as these will set in action emergency Martial law and with complete control of TV, Radio, I have one message for: Coffin/ filer/ wishers: as they should not forget things may not occur as they have planned.
When people are hungry, have no place to stay or they loose hope they cannot be controlled by fear alone and will then loose common sense. What is in control of carefuly planed events, will turn to be out of control. Definitively used /abused by catalyst or direct opponent - or true enemy.
In that case, they screwed up, because they played in to the hand of beast (my theory of alien invasion of our society world wide in the process will then be correct) and everyone will then loose.
Did you know there is evidence of previous 4 civilizations on Earth of high technological nature. Why do you think USA went in to: Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan. If you do not understand something at least you dig in and watch or turn all to the weapons testing grounds.
To my knowledge they have not found yet Anunaki Stargate in Iraq or any ancient technology they are loking for present time.

Apparently this Stargate can be activated when Nibiru will swing trough this solar system 2011 2013.

Imagine this as saying to anyone in Germany in the year 1939: "look, not only you loose, but Soviet Russians will destroy and storm all of the Germany.
Our Berlin such a pride will be in ruins and in the consequence of the conflict, at the end, upon total defeat - they will rape all your wife’s and daughters for three days.
And when the old Daddy or younger brother complain? Then - he be shot death, on spot. Read the hidden history, all of this has happened in Berlin 1945.

And if in USA NWO is perhaps seeking to subjugate and are well known world wide, then these can end up lying in coffins they prepared for the others as this has hapened to all Jews bankers troughout all Europe 1942-45. Their property could become confiscated and their wife’s and daughter end as Dachau draw in other entity - some kind real ET alien experiement.
As long there is unknown higher intelligence up there and there is plenty of examples in the Bible or the Koran or the human history I would be extremely careful, before digging any deeper, doing any sinister things - paradisiacal world take over. I am recommending sticking to the Jesus mentality.
This and that is so hard explaining this to the pretending weekend Satanist.
Or - you can just forget all of now or in future United Nation 1-5 million soldiers when these will act as wall for take over and few specially trained divisions will genocide undesirable population in the Concentration relocating camps. So easy is for totalitarian mind to prenonce sentence and give out that final solution order. In time of the conflict hard desitions have to be made -sacrifices. Reduction methods of the over flow as desparation acts you must understand these inmates are no longer people, but increased problem world over populated solution? So, let the gassing begin.
As for the United Nation Soldiers? I seriously doubt present leadership is at human side understandings of present human race or culture of USA and its needs.
It does not take that long for them to end at those plastic coffins. Normal to any African tribal non christian culture. I mean system of tribal warfare via genocide.
I will tell you secret of remote sensing.
If you have only good intentions, see higher special nature in your designated target, alive or non alive then in order to inhibit human being just focus at the low back area.
Soon if you good at this you will be within the target brain/soul/spirit.
Old saying, does dog looks after in likeness of its master or the owner takes looks after the dog?

Here is example what happens when schizoid taking over, just of own self:

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