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Default Undercover police whistleblower joins boycott of inquiry

Undercover police whistleblower joins boycott of inquiry

A former undercover police officer who has become a whistleblower has joined a boycott of a public inquiry into the covert infiltration of political groups, saying it was concealing the state’s misconduct.

Victims of the undercover spying had previously walked out of the inquiry, criticising the judge leading it for allowing too much of it to be cloaked in secrecy.

On Wednesday, Peter Francis, a key figure in the controversy over the police’s use of undercover officers whose revelations had helped to force the government to set up the inquiry, boycotted its latest hearing.

He told the judge, Sir John Mitting, that his decisions giving anonymity to police spies undermined the ability of the inquiry to uncover the truth of how the police had infiltrated more than 1,000 political groups since 1968.

Francis has argued at previous hearings of the inquiry for the fake names of the undercover officers to be published.
Campaigners stage walkout of 'secretive' police spying inquiry
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But he said Mitting had accepted on many occasions applications from undercover officers to have their identities concealed “wholesale, with minimal, obfuscatory or no reasoning provided at all”. He added that he did not want to spend more public money submitting arguments that were unlikely to change Mitting’s approach.

“Without meaningful disclosure, neither I nor, more importantly perhaps, the victims of undercover policing will be able to properly question the evidence put forward by the police officers during the evidential stage of the inquiry.

“This is crucially important, particularly when the inquiry must remember that these former police officers have been trained to lie. It was a fundamental part of their job.

“Without cover names being released, so many victims of undercover policing will never even know they were targeted. Such an outcome is the very opposite of the professed aim of the inquiry, which is primarily to establish the truth.”
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