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Default Spirit Speaks

I have been reading channeled material for about 35 years. My favorite magazine is one called Spirit Speaks. They stopped issues a long time ago, but I have about 15 to 20 issues. In these, you can read several comments by people/energy beings not on earth. One of them is Einstein.
But, now I am reading the one titled "Going Home-The Transition Called Death". Volume VI Issue 5, Sept/Oct. 1991

Seth is a spirit/energy being that was channeled through Jane Roberts and she has written many books with Seth as the main focus. In this Spirit Speaks magazine he gives his thoughts:

"When Incarnations End"

You are all in school, the "Earth" course. You do your learning in a physical body. When you die, it is like changing clothes. You leave behind one physical body and get a new one--new clothing, so to speak.
Now, at some point, your consciousness may become sufficiently expanded to enable it to consciously take charge of everything in its life. You understand "I am in charge of how this body is shaped, how well it is, how long I live. I understand that everything in my experience is unified, including every emotion, every thought, every bit of food that I put into myself, and everything I see and think." So, at that point where you decide that you are in charge, you begin to exercise conscious control of your thoughts, and to seek out ways of promoting your longevity. You become aware of your relationship with your breath, of how every thought you think creates something and every word you say creates something. You become aware of your co-creative ability, which you thought you had lost. At this point you have the opportunity for indefinitely prolonging life in the physical and learning to manifest out of what we call universal substance.
In other words, you learn to refine, out of pure creative energy from your consciousness, everything that you think. So when you get to this state of immediate manifestation, it means you have processed everything carried over from other lifetimes or from parts of the present lifetime.
Then, you see, you really come to know, in every cell of your being, "Wait a minute, everything that I experience is a product of thought. A body is a product of thought." And eventually your learn to materialize it, dematerialize it, change it around, and change its shape. Shamans are able to heal others with the power of their belief. They can create a bone knitting without a setting or a limb growing back onto a body without medical intervention.
Many at the present time are approaching having that facility of manifestation. Many in your Eastern mountains, who do not live in what you consider normal society, are like this. And many in your civilized Western society are now learning more and more of this and moving faster and faster toward that level of manifestation. This always happens at the end of each millennium, where you have many beings who have learned to advance that little step further into what we call the immortal vibration.

Of course, I know that when Seth says the word "physical" I know that he means 100% eternal vibrating holographic wave forms--consciousness itself. He uses terms that people understand. His books are the best so far that I have found that explain quantum physics in a way people can understand without the math.

Another of Seth's comments:
"We encourage you to affirm daily your innocence as children of God, as live beings on the planet, and to affirm the innocence of everything and everyone else as well. As you do, the barriers that you have erected will be dissolved and you will be inspired to construct ways for all upon your planet to live in harmony indefinitely and to have all their needs met. Always remember that life is a wonderful, pleasurable, and innocent experience, to be enjoyed indefinitely on your most beautiful planet that indeed was created as a place of play and pleasure."

I understand this to mean that we are children of God because we are still thinking that we are not. It seems that it is the thinking itself that bunches up those waves into bodies that become so dense/bunched up with waves that we call them solid. In physics they say that this field of waves keeps on flowing until there is a thought, an intent that stops that wave enough to bunch it up. Then this bunched-up-ness is measured as a frequency. You can't measure a wave until it stops or bunches up. It is like we are flowing along and then go "look, I want to go experience that! I have things to do there. I have guilt, something to fix, baggage/love for someone there. I must be there." Then poof!! before you know it we are on a planet with this same vibration of bunched up ness. I have read that we vibrate the same speed as the earth.
So when we KNOW that we are all that God is, there are no thoughts left to bunch up this field of waves called God. Then we don't create bodies. We just keep on flowing.
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Leslie Flint was one of our most famous 'direct voice' mediums.
What folks call channeling these days.
Lots here.
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