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The Key to the Wiggly Worm:
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Originally Posted by lateral_v View Post
The answer to Isis ($= Isis collapsed)19.84 plus tax is ($= Isis collapsed)20.12...

Who was Isis again???

Nevermind got it!
Originally Posted by ellis_deatrip View Post
Good , cause I'm certainly confused as to what point you're making.
Guessing it's that Isis was a French Yenta that works in Hollywood and lives in Manhattan?
Isis was the goddess of he Lunar cult.

Isis (Lunar cult) Ra (Sun Cult) EL (cult of Saturn)

The place where the three ancient cults come together.

Also the word money from the word "moon"
Nothing that is Real can be threatened, nothing Unreal Exists
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Default Small addon to the excellent thread

Originally Posted by dollanaqua
1935 Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels gives an anti-Communist speech, titled “Communism With The Mask Off,” that is eerily accurate, and that repeats what Winston Churchill said earlier about Jews being heavily involved in Communism in Europe. Sadly, only Nazis listen. This accurate Goebbels speech is considered by Jews to be the epitome of “hate” today. Point: if the Jews are screaming about something being “hate,” chances are it’s true.

Reminds me of this speech, which has not lost any actuality. It seems to be timeless somehow.

Goebbels on bolshevism1943

Originally Posted by Goebbels
We tried to open their eyes to the danger from Eastern Bolshevism, which had subjected a nation of nearly 200 million people to the terror of Jewry and was preparing an aggressive war against Europe.
The goal of Bolshevism is Jewish world revolution.
It wants to bring chaos to the Reich and Europe, using the resulting hopelessness and desperation to establish an international, Bolshevist-concealed capitalist tyranny.
Behind the oncoming Soviet divisions we see the Jewish liquidation commandos, and behind them terror, the specter of mass starvation, and a complete anarchy in Europe.
International Jewry is the devilish ferment of decomposition that finds cynical satisfaction in plunging the world into the deepest chaos and destroying ancient cultures that it played no role in building.
When my audience spontaneously cheered on January 30, the English-American -- in other words, the Jewish press reported the next day that it was all a propaganda theater that did not represent the true opinion of the German people, which the Jews know better than we do.
Things have gone so far in Europe that one cannot call a danger a danger when it is caused by Jewry. That does not stop us National Socialists from drawing the necessary conclusions.
We have never been afraid of the Jews, and are even less afraid today.
Jewry has so deeply infected the Anglo-Saxon states both spiritually and politically that they are no longer have the ability to see or accept the danger. It conceals itself as Bolshevism in the Soviet Union, and plutocratic-capitalism in the Anglo-Saxon states.
The hand of the pseudo-civilized Jewry of Western Europe shakes the hand of the Jewry of the Eastern ghettos over Germany. Europe is in deadly danger, even if the English do not want to admit it.
We National Socialist have the duty to sound the alarm against International Jewry's attempt to plunge the European continent into chaos, and to warn that Jewry has in Bolshevism a terroristic military power whose danger cannot be overestimated.
The soviet Union over the last 25 years built up Bolshevism's military potential to an unimaginable degree, and one we falsy evaluated.
Terrorist Jewry had 200 million people to serve it in Russia. It cynically used its methods on to create out of the solid toughness of the Russian people a grave danger for the civilized nations of Europe. A whole nation in the East was driven to battle. Men, women, and even children are employed not only in armament factories, but in the war itself.
We see Jewry as a direct threat to every nation. We do not care what other peoples do about the danger. What we do to defend ourselves in our own business, however, and we will not tolerate objections from others.
Also interesting, the declaration of war on the US:

And here is the German documentation film on the Katyn massacre and the investigating international red cross and media being captured on film.
Unbelievable, how effectively the occupiers have brainwashed the world.
Unfortunately, I have not managed yet to throw in subtitles.

Full 2h speech

Louis Nizer (February 6, 1902 in London - November 10, 1994 in New York City) was a noted Jewish-American trial lawyer and senior partner of the law firm Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon. He represented many celebrities in a variety of cases, among them Quentin Reynolds in his successful libel suit against columnist Westbrook Pegler, and the broadcaster John Henry Faulk against AWARE, a right-wing organization that had falsely labeled him a communist.

"What to Do With Germany" (1944, US Army)

What to Do With Germany


How Are We Going to Treat Germany?

After all these experiences we have had excellent oppor-
tunity to learn how to treat the Germans this time . In one
way it is fortunate that World War II has come so soon after
World War I because there are hundreds of millions still active
who have been able to observe the results of German qualities
in both wars . We have our records and our memories. We
have millions of dead and maimed . We, in the United States,
have a war debt ten times what it was a few years ago. We
have our multiplied taxes . We have our ration books and our
coupons . We have had our peaceful lives interrupted.
Will we put up with this thing, again and again and again?
Just because the Germans want to take over civilization, and
run it their way? If we don't intend to put up with it, then
we have to decide how to handle this German problem ; and
when we decide, stick to it, without getting soft or "sporting"
about it. "Ways and means" brains have been working out
the various factors of the solution . Without discussing the
rights or wrongs, the ease or the difficulties, whether we will
do it, whether we should, let's see what has been suggested:
1 . We intend to occupy Germany . This is more than a
suggestion . It is a statement of fact . The United States,
Great Britain and the Soviet Union have announced this
officially. The respective areas of occupation have not been
officially announced, but an informed opinion, resulting from
the Teheran Conference, will be found on studying the map
on this page.

Disarmament, Control, Punishment
2. We intend to disarm Germany . This means economic
disarmament as well as military . It also means breaking the
Junkers' control, and that of the German General Staff.
3. We intend to control Germany . It follows that this will
be done, for a period, when we reach Point 1 . The period of
control is widely debated . Some say ten years . Others say forty
years .
4. We intend to punish guilty Germans . This is official,
as a result of the statement issued by Roosevelt, Churchill and
Stalin, November 1, 1943, after the Moscow Conference.
5. On the subject of reparations . Ideas on this point have
not yet crystallized into methods and figures . Stalin and
leaders of occupied areas have urged that the German reservoir
of labor be used in rehabilitation of the destruction their armies
have wreaked. Bitten by statistics last time, we shy off this
time .
6. Territorial adjustments . It is taken for granted that all
looted land will be returned to owners . Exactly which owners,
as of what date, has not been determined . Some favor dividing
Germany into small parts . Sumner Welles urges partition into
three parts : Southern Germany ; comprising Bavaria, Wurttem-
berg, Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt, Rhineland, Saar ; Central Ger-
many, including Upper Hesse, Thuringia, Westphalia, Hanover,
Oldenburg and Hamburg ; North-East Germany, with Prussia
(exclusive of East Prussia which may go to Poland), Mecklen-
burg and Saxony.
7. Re-education of Germans.
Lord Vansittart, for forty years in the British Foreign Office, says in Lessons of My Life:
"This German generation is admittedly incurable . . . A new and retaught generation will have to replace the incurables . We must perforce leave open the date of safety . Our successors alone can decide ."
The great argument on this subject revolves around the
question of "Who shall undertake the re-education?"—shall it
be done from outside, or left to Germans under our direction?
8. The problem of the German people . They will be fed.
But their responsibility as a people, the shallowness of their
democratic experience, and their proneness toward obeying
aggressive and ruthless leaders is increasingly recognized.
Our continuing responsibility . It is being stressed,
although by no means yet accepted in the United States, that
the "same intense planning and torrents of energy" which win
wars must be devoted to "winning the peace ." As a distinguished American international lawyer, Louis Nizer, puts it, in his book What to Do With Germany?:
"Those who write the peace must be gifted
with the righteousness which comes from a . justified
anger against the immediate past, and a calm
determination about the long future ."
And an anti-Nazi journalist, Leopold Schwarzschild, in nis
brilliant book World in Trance, concludes with this warning:
"Never again must we believe that the un-
pleasantness, sacrifices and responsibilities that all
this implies are too heavy and too great to be borne.
They are heavy and they are serious . It is a burden
to police the world—at least in its most dangerous
quarters . It is neither easy nor inexpensive ."

Germany Must Perish!

by Theodore N. Kaufman
Newark, N.J., Argyle press
Copyright 1941
Library of Congress Call No.: DD222.K3

Introductory Note
by Mark Weber

Theodore N. Kaufman, the author of Germany Must Perish, was a Manhattan-born Jewish businessman who was also chairman of a group that called itself the "American Federation for Peace." The first edition of this slim volume was published in 1940 or early 1941. A second, 96-page edition, which sold for 25 cents, was published in 1941 by Argyle Press of Newark, New Jersey. Both editions were issued when the United States was still officially neutral, that is, before the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1941, that brought the U.S. openly into World War II.

Kaufman's fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman's plan a "sensational idea."

Germany's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, seized with delight on the book. "This Jew [Kaufman] has done a disservice to the enemy," Goebbels privately commented. "If he had composed the book at my behest he couldn't have done a better job."

Germany has lost its war. She sues for peace. The imperative demands of the victor people that Germany must perish forever makes it obligatory for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Germans as the best means of wiping them out permanently. They proceed to:

1. Immediately and completely disarm the German army and have all armaments removed from German territory.
2. Place all German utility and heavy industrial plants under heavy guard, and replace German workers by those of Allied nationality.
3. Segregate the German army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them.
4. Organize the civilian population, both male and female, within territorial sectors, and effect their sterilization.
5. Divide the German army (after its sterilization has been completed) into labor battalions, and allocate their services toward the rebuilding of those cities which they ruined.
6. Partition Germany and apportion its lands. The accompanying map gives some idea of possible land adjustments which might be made in connection with Germany's extinction.
7. Restrict all German civilian travel beyond established borders until all sterilization has been completed.
8. Compel the German population of the apportioned territories to learn the language of its area, and within one year to cease the publication of all books, newspapers and notices in the German language, as well as to restrict German-language broadcasts and discontinue the maintenance of German-language schools.
9. Make one exception to an otherwise severely strict enforcement of total sterilization, by exempting from such treatment only those Germans whose relatives, being citizens of various victor nations, assume financial responsibility for their actions.

Thus, into an oblivion which she would have visited upon the world, exists Germany.

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Default The Irish Potato Famine 1845


David Kynaston: "The City of London, 1815-1890",1994: William Huskisson was the "key figure" in calling for a return to Cash payments ie gold in 1818, i.e. paper currency notes are “I owe you” and not cash. Ricardo supported him with an attack on the "greed" of the Bank of England which was primarily owned by the Rothschilds.

Nathan Rothschild said to the Commons Secret Committee on the question early in 1819: "In what line of business are you? - Mostly in the foreign banking line. "Have the goodness to state to the Committee in detail, what you conceive would be the consequence of an obligation imposed upon the Bank [of England, which he owned] to resume cash payments at the expiration of a year from the present time? - I do not think it can be done without very great distress to this country; it would do a great deal of mischief; we may not actually know ourselves what mischief it might cause. "Have the goodness to explain the nature of the mischief, and in what way it would be produced? - Money will be so very scarce, every article in this country will fall to such an enormous extent, that many persons will be ruined."

Of course, the Bank of England was running on the fractional reserve system which creates money without any assets, i.e. from nothing, the biggest fraud on Earth from which the Rothschild’s were profiting immensely. Robert Owen supported him. However, on 25th May, urged on by Lord Liverpool and Robert Peel, the House of Commons voted unanimously to return to gold. In June it was law that by 1823 the country would be back on the gold standard. Also, since Ireland had no gold, it was condemned to the Potato Famine and "North and South" described its consequences to the North-West. When people speak of "The Irish potato famine", or "an Gorta Mor", (pronounced, 'on gore-ta more') they nearly always mean the one of the 1840s, even though a similar Great Famine in fact hit in the early eighteenth century. Another source of information is Sir John Clapham's "Bank of England", 1944. The Official History.

Captain Wynne, Inspecting Officer, West Clare, 1846: "I ventured through that parish this day, to ascertain the condition of the inhabitants, and although a man not easily moved, I confess myself unmanned by the extent and intensity of suffering I witnessed, more especially among the women and little children, crowds of whom were to be seen scattered over the turnip fields, like a flock of famished crows, devouring the raw turnips, and mostly half naked, shivering in the snow and sleet, uttering exclamations of despair, whilst their children were screaming with hunger. I am a match for anything else I may meet with here, but this I cannot stand."

Note that at this time, Irish were forbidden to speak their language, to practice their faith, to attend school, to hold a public office, to hold certain jobs, to own land, or to. In 1846, the British government repealed the "Corn Laws" to open “free trade” in agriculture. This further increased Ireland's potato famine (Timeline of important dates in the history of Anglo-American oil politics, from A Century of War by F. William Engdahl 1992, Böttiger Verlags-GmbH, pp. 255-264). Also, a fungus that destroyed much of the potato crop hit Ireland making things worse. The 1840s Irish Potato Famine was the culmination of a social, biological, political and economic catastrophe, caused by both Irish and British factors, which would have had sharp and lasting influence on the World. The Famine was at least fifty years in the making, due the disastrous balance between British economic policy, destructive farming methods, and the unfortunate appearance of "the Blight" —the potato fungus that almost instantly destroyed the major food source for the majority population. The net result was that the Irish population on the island was reduced by almost a third. One Million died in Ireland alone....On September 9, 1845, the Irish newspapers first reported the potato blight. When a fungus Phytophthora infestans destroyed, the potato crop, a million starved and tow million survivors left the island, many destined for America, Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia (see the Irish Diaspora). By 1850, the Irish made up a quarter of the population in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. "Famine fever"--cholera, dysentery, scurvy, typhus, and infestations of lice--soon spread through the Irish countryside. Racial and Religious persecution resulted in a legal system that took away the rights of Irish Catholics to own property creating a de facto slave class. Excessively large tracts of prime land had been granted by Britain to British lords, effectively forcing the indigenous Irish farming community to rent back and work the land their forefathers had worked for generations before them. This act of oppression led to cheap labour and increased revenue for 'absentee' British landlords, some of whom managed their affairs very badly, and cared little for the plight of their 'tenants'. The increased pressure on the native Irish meant long hard toil, and bare subsistence living. Traditional methods of supplementing the diet, such as game hunting and fishing often resulted in imprisonment and deportation to other parts of the British colonies (notably Australia and Tasmania), because the land and the wildlife thereon now belonged to the British landlords. Excessive rents often led to massive evictions and compounded the problems, with many Irish families left homeless.

British residents of the island had no trouble obtaining sufficient food. Thousands of bushels of grain and thousands of head of livestock were forcibly exported by Ireland to England during the famine with the help of British troops. The British "charity" workhouses were predatory attempts to obtain slave labor from people too desperate to seek better employment. The Irish underclass' dependence on potatoes was a result of not permitting Irish Catholics to obtain gainful employment or invest in any significant storehouse of wealth such as real property or joint stock corporations. Without savings, the Irish were forced to grow the majority of their own food for families that average a size of 6 on a single acre while still producing enough of a cash crop to pay the rent owed to their British landlords. Potatoes were the only crop that could produce sufficient calories on such small plots in the Irish climate. The British were far more concerned with the potential loss of rents to their British subjects on the island than the loss of life among Catholics. Depopulating Ireland improved the financial stature of England by increasing the island's ability to export high value crops and foodstuffs to London. There was no shortage of food on the island during the years of the Famine except that which was created by shipping foodstuffs for the benefit of rich British landowners. A disastrous Gregory Clause of the Poor Law Extension Act was introduced, limiting aid to those who owned less than one quarter of an acre (1,000 m?) of land. This forced poverty- stricken starving tenants either to give up their homes and land, and so become destitute after the famine, or hold on to them and risk starvation. Thousands of Irish were buried without coffins because there was not enough money to pay for the lumber. The landowners who demanded rents from starving people who had no legal rights to own or sell anything except food did not even have the grace to pay for boxes to bury the children of those who starved after being evicted. Irish emigrants to America were now sending money back home by drafts and cash.

If Irish nationalism was dormant for the first half of the nineteenth-century, the Famine convinced Irish citizens and Irish- Americans of the urgent need for political change. Each time the rebellion was put down savagely, and each time further measures were taken to keep the Irish in submission, which merely strengthened Irishmen in their hatred for England, contempt for the law, and willingness to go to any lengths to get revenge or independence. The Irish parliament had been hamstrung since the end of the fifteenth century by Poynings' Law, which gave the English Parliament power to legislate for Ireland, no matter what the Irish parliament had done. Irish linen manufacturing met with the same fate when the Irish were forbidden to export their product to all other countries except England. The time of the Potato Famine coincided with the era of Pax Britannica between the Congress of Vienna (after the defeat of Napoleon) and the Franco-Prussian War. Britain then reaped the benefits of being the World's sole modern, industrial nation. Following the defeat of Napoleon, Britain was the "workshop of the World", meaning that its finished goods were produced so efficiently and cheaply that they could usually undersell comparable, locally manufactured goods in other markets. The notable difference between the Famine and other humanitarian crises was that it occurred so apparently close to the imperial homeland, at a time well into the modern prosperity of the Victorian and Industrial age. Even today, such crises tend to be far away from centers of power such that the subjects of empire, almost by definition, are of distant cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Within the imperial culture, the reportage of a crisis among its subjects more often uses dismissive and dehumanizing terms, and treats otherwise urgent matters with little relevancy or interest. The Great Famine however represents a rare example of "imperial treatment" towards a people so apparently similar, according to the apparent common criteria. Although human suffering during the Great Famine itself was never photographed, it immediately and profoundly altered the course of generations of Irish and Irish Diaspora - for whom history has a rich record.
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Exclamation Be Aware of the...Megaphone desktop tool !


The Megaphone desktop tool is a Windows "action alert" tool developed by Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS) and distributed by World Union of Jewish Students, World Jewish Congress, The Jewish Agency for Israel, World Zionist Organization, StandWithUs, Hasbara fellowships, HonestReporting, and other pro-Israel public relations organizations. The tool was released in July during the 2006 Lebanon War.

The software

The Megaphone Desktop Tool gives the user the option of going to a particular site with a poll, and if the user chooses to go to the site, the software then casts a vote automatically, when this is technically feasible. The vote is chosen by the distributors of Megaphone.

Giyus tries to save you the time and effort of locating the voting form inside the website, a seemingly simple task that may prove quite confusing at certain sites. Whenever we technically can we direct you straight to the voting action. If you have arrived at the poll results, it means that you were directed straight to the voting action and have already successfully voted. If for some reason you don't care to vote, you can always use the "No Thanks" link in the article alert popup.

In the original version, the user was offered the option to vote or not to vote (see screenshot above), but was not offered the option to choose their own vote.
The software license provides for remote updates: "You understand and agree that Giyus.Org may provide updates, patches and/or new versions of the Software from time to time, including automatic updates that will be installed on your computer, with notice to You, as needed to continue to use the Services, and You hereby authorize such installations."

Press coverage

According the Jerusalem Post, Amir Gissin, head of the Public Affairs Department of the Foreign Ministry of Israel, has expressed support for the tool's use. "The Foreign Ministry itself is now pushing the idea, urging supporters of Israel everywhere to become cyberspace soldiers in the new battleground for Israel's image." it reports. Computing website The Register has described use of the software as "highly organised mass manipulation of technologies which are supposed to be democratising" and claimed Megaphone is "effectively a high-tech exercise in ballot-stuffing"

The Register also reported that the BBC History magazine website "noticed an upsurge in voting on whether holocaust denial should be a criminal offence in Britain. But the closing date had already passed and the result had already been published, so the votes were invalid anyway." Stewart Purvis, former editor-in-chief of ITN, has noted that an independent panel reviewing the BBC's Israeli-Palestinian coverage received a large number of letters from North America which accused the BBC of being anti-Israeli. He states there was evidence of "pressure group involvement".
Computing website The Register has described use of the software as "highly organised mass manipulation of technologies which are supposed to be democratising" and claimed Megaphone is "effectively a high-tech exercise in ballot-stuffing"

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Sorry to bump this old thread but thought this was worth to mention.

As dollanaqua wrote about Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk who in 1986 was deported to Israel to stand trial for war crimes, after being mistakenly identified by Israeli Holocaust survivors as "Ivan the Terrible".
The verdict was overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1993, based on new evidence that "Ivan the Terrible" was likely another man, Ivan Marchenko.

Well the jews can't be wrong now can they...

"In 2001 Demjanjuk was charged again, this time on the grounds that he had, instead, served as a guard named Ivan Demjanjuk at the Sobibór and Majdanek camps in Nazi occupied Poland and at the Flossenbürg camp in Germany.
Demjanjuk became again a stateless person in 2002 (until his death in 2012). His deportation was again ordered in 2005, but after exhausting his appeals in 2008 he still remained in the United States, as no country would agree to accept him at that time. On 2 April 2009, it was announced that Demjanjuk would be deported to Germany, where he would stand trial, since in a bid to disassociate from the nation's past Germany began the policy of prosecuting prisoners of war from other nations whom the German Nazi made the accessories to their crimes.
On 11 May, Demjanjuk left his Cleveland home by ambulance, and was taken to the airport, where he was deported by plane, arriving in Germany the next morning. On 13 July, he was formally charged with 27,900 counts of acting as an accessory to murder, one for each person who died at Sobibor during the time he was alleged to have served as a guard. On 30 November, Demjanjuk's trial began in Munich.
On 12 May 2011, Demjanjuk was convicted pending appeal by an ordinary German criminal court as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 at Sobibor and sentenced to five years in prison. The interim conviction was later annulled, because Demjanjuk died before his appeal could be heard. He was later released pending trial and final verdict by the German Appellate Court. He lived at a German nursing home in Bad Feilnbach, where he died on 17 March 2012. Despite decades of legal wrangling and controversy, Demjanjuk died a free man and legally innocent."

From wiki...

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