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Default Alienation in the Big Smoke - Cultural Clash Chipping Away Nationalism

The Systematic Cultural Clash is why this is happening.

The breaking down of society and national identity for a multicultural society, which is the final goal and outcome of a NWO paraded over and imposed upon by the same very few International manipulators, all over the world.
Particularly trade, business and the lobbying of political powers, nation to nation is how it’s accomplished from the monetary system.
Big business interests deceived by games laid out from - Through - international societies, particularly of hierarchical design, dividing and separating society and ones being for an inflated sense of self based upon a superior ego complex.
An illusion that everyone is being deceived by.
Bubble worlds are taking over and is a limitation upon ones perspective.


Only to get their they must destroy nationalism altogether.
They will pit nationalism against Islam specifically to do this and such will help the reshaping of the Middle East for an International Zionist Ideology.
While making it look like a rebellious action towards the international empire and not actions that work towards their interests. Such is why we have Donald Trump, the selling and public image of Donald Trump.

Out of this, other world powers of East and West will systematically be engaged into war and attempt to fool many into accepting such a war!
Specifically this will be attempted by the political hijacking and deception out of ancient religious texts and prophecy.

The selling out of nationalism, identity and language to be replaced with political correct “snowflake”terminology, deliberately designed to piss people off, against those they will blame because of this chipping away of their nationalism, cultural identity and the war of free speech.


They will be pitted against one another and not see the true common enemy, due to a game that is being played in such a deceptive manner. We are deceived and groomed into playing this game on ourselves. We are the ones being fooled into either construction or the destruction of this international conspiracy.
It has been perpetuated many times throughout history, so why so many still can’t see the same things happening again and deny such a systematic process exists, is beyond me.
It’s simply because we are fooling ourselves, ideologies of for and against and so we’re by such extremes.

We are being led deliberately to make the same mistakes to allow the reshaping of society in accordance of how a few international hyenas feel fit.

Why are so many people accepting their games?
Why can’t more people not begin to see that such games do exist?

How finance capital ruined London

“Alienation in the Big Smoke

‘London has physically become kind of alien and confusing. Even now I quite often have this experience where I go to a part of London I haven’t been to for a while, and arriving in that area suddenly you don’t recognize it at all and the landmarks that you used to orientate yourself by have disappeared.’ Read Husna Rizvi’s interview with photographer Lewis Bush about how private developers are changing the fabric of the UK capital.

It’s uncontroversial to say that the city of London is a patchwork of cranes, high-rises and strangely sterile luxury flat blocks that seem unoccupied even when they’re not. Londoners live on precarious wages and insecure employment. They’re also bombarded with advertisements that rebrand the corporate clamour for land as a mark of civilizational progress.

We spoke to Lewis Bush, author and architectural photographer, whose photo series Metropole seeks to disrupt such narratives and expose the alienation that a highly corporatized city can breed.

Where did the idea for this project come about?

I moved back to London after being away for a while and was shocked at the way the city had changed. Over the next couple of years I just started photographing it and became more and more staggered by what was going on and what was being approved.

There’s been a huge community backlash to the redevelopment schemes which are basically seen as – to use that rather tricky term – social cleansing
The city is in a way being reshaped before my eyes by a relatively small and unaccountable group of people.“


If they do they may change the way we play them.


The Four Percent Office

Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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