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Default Mueller seeking more details on Nigel Farage - Russia inquiry

  • Exclusive: Jerome Corsi to Guardian – ‘They asked about Nigel’
  • Key Brexit figure Farage has denied involvement with Russia


Robert Mueller is seeking more information about Nigel Farage for his investigation into Russian interference in US politics, according to a target of the inquiry who expects to be criminally charged.

Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, said prosecutors working for Mueller questioned him about Farage, the key campaigner behind Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, two weeks ago in Washington.


Of course this story and these recent shenanigans are all interconnected by this international empire, these actions work towards a “Common Purpose” and agenda.
Attacks on freedoms of speech and now even walking down the street.
All the “antisemitism” hysteria and the “new definition” is of course exactly to stifle public opinion, frame the news and to stop the discussion of the imposition of the international Zionists behind these campaigns against humanity.

Police Force has urged people report insults Non-crime hate incidents

Activism charges under terrorism laws How long will you stay silent?

Uk labour party ignoring complaints of antisemitism?

Mass movements and perception deceptions are taking place to get society where these people want us now. All what “Conspiracy Theorists” have been demonised and undermined for discussing in the past is coming go ahead in the MSM as though those “Conspiracy Nuts” haven’t been discussing them in the past as though they’re spontaneous actions and developments, not systematic nor premeditated.

UK Government Goes Full Orwellian, Building Biometric Database On Every Single Citizen


Do We Really Consent to Be Governed?


While I agree with this, I believe the essential ideology behind this is wrong.

We don’t need to stand up to “Power” we need to remind those whom have used mass control and symbolism of Power, where that Power actual exists and remind them they have none.

They only have the Power we give away to them and fighting or resisting that “Power” is essentially stating that they do have that Power and are initialled to it. We still give away that Power to that symbolism if fight institutions with the belief that Power really does rest with them. It doesn’t.
That’s what people need to be reminded of.


Enter the Police State

It’s bad enough as it is now.
If you think this is about knife crime you don’t have a clue what’s going on here.
In the US of course it’s the same scenario but it’s gun crime...

“Police chiefs want to trigger an expansion of stop and search by lowering the level of suspicion an officer needs against a suspect to use the power, the Guardian has learned.

They want to scrap the requirement that “reasonable grounds” are needed before a person can be subjected to a search, amid mounting concern over knife attacks.”

The way it exists now they can stop whoever they want and simply claim they smelt cannabis or alcohol so they already have grounds to search people without any just cause. They of course could make it up to search anyone they chose.

Now they simply don’t want to have to justify a bullshit excuse that doesn’t exist. They want to be able to say I can search you and don’t have to give you any excuse whatsoever.

That’s a police state short and simply any way you look at it. We already live in it anyway, they shouldn’t be able to justify taking away the rights of anyone with any bullshit excuse.
Such should only be the case when an actual crime has taken place and someone has been injured and lost out as a result.

Yet we are being groomed into accepting a police state and security that is to prevent future crime from taking place before it has. Ergo we all give our freedoms away if it be for protection of terrorists or criminals.

Anyone who doesn’t see that or accept we have such problems is brain dead asleep in my opinion and it will only be because they want to justify such a state of affairs and nothing else. Anyone who justifies this is justifying the surrender of their freedoms to an external authority.
This is all planned and carefully arranged to attack our freedoms as was laws just recently created around the definition of “anti-semitism”.

These things are an attack on our freedoms by tyrants, whom are imposing an international control system. It can only work if we accept it. The problem is too many people are accepting it and are fooled by it as the way things are and the way things have to be. That’s the real bullshit.

Police in talks to scrap 'reasonable grounds' condition for stop and search
Exclusive: police chiefs in England and Wales want to expand use of the search power

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips
Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage

Start of the Hunger Games Society
Mass homelessness problems - Cultures pitted against other cultures - Political policies or austeritiy deliberately attacking the most vulnerable in society

MPs call for review of 'pointlessly cruel' benefit sanctions
Work and pensions committee concludes that current scheme carries too high a human cost

Woman 'forced out of house' after missing benefits meeting in Stroud

Universal credit in Oldham: Mother was forced to go through bin for leftovers

Homelessness In London Is Rising Because Of How The Tories View The Poor
Austerity has been about the poor paying for the mistakes of the wealthy for years and those who are homeless have paid the most

Shocking similarity between UK poverty in 2018 and around 1900

Stop making people travel unfair distances for disability assessments

Private companies like Atos, who carry out benefits assessments, are making it hard for disabled people to get the benefits they are entitled to.
[1] They’re forcing people to make long journeys for disability assessments, that can take hours. If someone can’t travel, they’re being forced to pay for a letter from their GP to prove it - even though the government says they shouldn’t need to.

The government has been told about these problems before, and it looks like they’re turning a blind eye.
[3] That’s why Claudette, a 38 Degrees member, has started a petition. She wants disabled people to get the support they are owed.

If thousands of us sign Claudette’s petition now, it could shine a spotlight on the problem, making it impossible for the government to ignore. It could make the Benefits Minister, Esther McVey, clamp down on these dodgy companies.

So, will you sign the petition to make sure people with disabilities aren't forced to travel long distances to get the support they need?


The UN Is Starting To Investigate The Impact Of Austerity In Britain
Leading expert is embarking on an 11-day tour of the UK.

Do you really trust them?

How the UN turned a profit from Israeli settlements


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Freemasonry and King Solomon’s Temple International Zionist Objective
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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Robert Mueller isn't seeking for any more "details" but is part of the cover-up...

Arron Banks owns a stake in a South African diamond mine, and donated some £8.5 million to the Leave.EU Brexit campaign of Nigel Farage.
Russian ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, met Banks 4 times in about 12 months, in which they discussed Trump’s US presidential campaign. Banks and Yakovenko also frequently sent each other text messages. At least 2 of the meetings between Banks met Yakovenko were shortly before or after meetings between Trump’s team and Banks and Farage. They met for example on 19 August 2016; and less than a week later, Banks and Farage were talking privately with Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi, where Farage also addressed the cheering crowd.

Banks replied that “not one shred of evidence has been produced” that he was working for Russia.

In 2015, Arron Banks’ insurance business Southern Rock was bailed out, just months before Banks began bankrolling the Leave.EU referendum campaign to which he donated millions.
If Southern Rock Insurance had gone bankrupt this could have made Banks’ UK insurance broker Eldon collapse.
ICS Risk Solutions, a holding company on the Isle of Man, pumped £77.7 million into Southern Rock to save it from collapse. Banks owned both ICS and Southern Rock; it is not clear where the money came from.

One of the 2 campaign vehicles that received Banks’ £8.5 million, Better for the Country Ltd, was set up by STM. A core business for STM is setting up offshore trusts, to make it difficult to trace who ultimately owns the assets.

After in 2014 PwC concluded that Southern Rock wasn’t a healthy company, Banks had to resign as CEO, with his longstanding associate Alan Kentish (another Southern Rock director).
On 19 October 2017, Alan Kentish was arrested in Gibraltar for failing to notify the authorities on money-laundering by one of STM’s clients. Following his arrest, Kentish resigned his directorships of 2 companies linked to Arron Banks.

STM was managing operations for Henley & Partners, whose business includes helping rich foreign nationals acquire citizenship of tax havens; and whose chairman has ties to Cambridge Analytica: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthre...post1063046208
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthre...post1062977278
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