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Default Great Article At Vice.com

I'm just posting this, because it's a good read, with some interesting thoughts on why all the truth has come to the surface now.

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Originally Posted by justin1972 View Post
I'm just posting this, because it's a good read, with some interesting thoughts on why all the truth has come to the surface now.

Yes, thank you very much. This is an insightful piece from a commentator who's done his homework and rounded up a broad spectrum clutch of reports and opinions which amount to 'Rampant, Unstopped Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, Corruption and Cover-ups 101'.

Where's our guilt and shame?
I'm wondering though, when, as a nation, we're going to get to the guilt and shame part. The part where we're all going to feel some degree of abject shame for allowing ALL our public institutions to be so horrendously corrupt and profoundly injurious to the innocent and vulnerable - whilst leaving the lion's share of the guilt and shame to our corrupted, patently untrustworthy politicians and their handmaidens.

Britain's culture of corruption
The author of this piece, Tom Lamont, writes that, "...we've come to realise [that Britain], has a fucking terrifying history of glossing over the sexual abuse of children; of hushing up, of clearing away after, of slyly permitting."

I would say that it's not just CSA. The institutional cover-up and corruption surrounding CSA hasn't just happened in a vacuum. Our institutions, which dominate, manipulate and drive public discourse and culture, are so habituated to this subverted and perverted culture. The very same institutional hush-up-at-all-costs tools and 'solutions' are applied to just about every incident, circumstance or happening in which members of the public - whether vulnerable or not - cannot agree to the official line. (I don't know, is this a foreshadowing of totalitarianism...? )

Like many other victims of institutional abuse and negligence, I would aver that Britain has a fucking terrifying history of glossing over the abuse of all vulnerable people.

Connecting the dots
It's only now that we can begin to see it for what it is: the enormity of our leaders' chronic betrayals which are all part of a piece. As Bea Campbell says, "You've got a matrix here where all sorts of things that are apparently disconnected come together." and as OU Prof. Brigid Featherstone hopefully concludes, "The big picture is finally staring to be revealed."

How much this culture has cost the UK is only now tentatively being explored. It's actually obvious, as the NSPCC this week suggested, that it costs the UK "£BILLIONS", not to mention the human cost of lives and potentials destroyed, families wrecked, communities rendered powerless and dysfunctional.

Victim Power!
For me, I guess that the most positive message from this article is summed up by Bea Campbell:


That is, victims and their supporters are not as powerless as their abusers would like to keep telling us and as our institutions would apparently prefer us to be.

Perhaps one vital project we should pursue, alongside the investigation and prosecution of abusers, is to change the institutionally promoted meme that says 'victims are powerlessness' into 'Victim Power!'

We actually have a growing number of strong role models - Bill Maloney, Dr Sarah Payne, Doreen Lawrence are amongst them. And a far more open, genuinely respectful, compassionate culture can only be far better for all citizens, as well as the UK's GNP.

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