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cosmic tramp
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Default Canadian Telescope (CHIME) picks up 'alien' signals

The Canadian Hydrogen Mapping Intensity Experiment (CHIME) radio telescope has picked up an intermittent series of seemingly alien radio signals from deep space. Link below:


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love the way he explained it. We throw it all together. Like it as all laying on a shelf. I don't see any duct tap in hand. So put a few penny in to it.


an apparatus for striking a bell so as to produce a musical sound, as one at the front door of a house by which visitors announce their presence.
Often chimes.
a set of bells or of slabs of metal, stone, wood, etc., producing musical tones when struck.
a musical instrument consisting of such a set, especially a glockenspiel.
the musical tones thus produced.
harmonious sound in general; music; melody.

People in Canada have all ready been picked n taken probably world wide.
They lined in 3's an just walked in. As if it was meant to happen.

I suppose in a sense the words used would have been The rapture. In a christian sense.

So I would suggest your assumption to be correct. in at lest there hope's.

This kind of studies may be highly productive. in DRIVE systems as well as a more formal contact.

Altho base on accountability of our leader's. It won't happen for them. EVER.

A prefect example of this is the bombing of the supposed chemical planet in Syria, Yemen. on n on hieratic so called Holy men calling for genocide. on n on World leaders calling for Nuclear war. Obsolete substance used like oil profiteering from war. Chit eating Kings who have no power. No divine right to be in that station. leading these there peoples to there end.

Would you want that in space. An lot have been gaming us from get go.

Or would you kill that cancer be fore it spreads.

Ask your self this

If you were ET Would you make contact with Russia or the US of A. How about the med East or Asia. is there even 1 NATION not involved with the burning of the Earth throw fossil fuels. Those NATIONs should be held ACCOUNTABLE In Dollars an Cents. The corporation's producing these techs should be held accountable

If I were ET I bring my kids here to laff at the CLOWNS in our leadership. every day. so they ET kids know how good they have it
much love
cosmic tramp. Great find.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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