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Default Is the Timeline Hacked and Controlled by the Satanic Illuminati?


I am a 48-year-old unmarried Indian male from New Delhi, India, with a basic medical degree, a do-good-to-all attitude, and a seemingly normal mentation, who had been highly skeptical in nature with his science background but who has had some strange happenings occur to him lately.

In the month of June 2015, some papers were read out to me by my then-85-year-old father soon after my mother’s death in December 2014. He explained that the papers were to be read out only to me and only once. He sat far away from me on a chair and read them out aloud in Hindi, as I lay down on the sofa listening to him. At the outset, it was mentioned not to record or write the stuff down, else it wouldn’t go well with them, so I didn’t. It consisted of roughly about 3000-5000 entries, each entry being in the form of mostly a single word or two or a phrase, but there were a few long explanatory sentences too thrown in here and there. They were grouped under numbers that I realized were dates, although no years were mentioned, and so I took them pertaining to past happenings. Roughly approximately 10-25 entries were there for each day, which later became sparser, being now each for a 3-day period or for a week.

It took my father almost 2-1/2 to 3 hours to complete it all by lunchtime, having started at about 11 am. The papers were returned to the neighbor to be returned to wherever they had come from. On inquiring as to the nature and purpose of such a strange exercise, my father just said, ‘This had to be read out only to me, and the entries were just not all right.’ It was conceded within the papers that they were sent by a high-ranking Illuminati member who is an Indian and also a sorcerer, although I had no idea then as to what Illuminati was or meant.

The whole incident made no sense to me at that moment. The entries were weird, both single-worded ones and also the larger phrases or sentences, although I could relate to most of them from my past and so understood them in that way. A few examples: There was an entry under a number (date) as ‘Manchester.’ I could relate to it at the time and said, ‘Yes, that’s a city in the UK, Manchester United is a football team, and there was a psychic I knew (Daz Sampson on Oranum) who belonged to Manchester. Another example: ‘Prince,’ a single-worded entry under a specific date, which I could relate to then as the child who had fallen in an Indian well some years ago (it was also mentioned: ‘Who died in a lift? That’s not quite all right’). Another: ‘When did the US bomb Afghanistan?’ I could relate to the 2001 US bombing of Afghanistan, but it was for the upcoming future MOAB one I did not know. While I did forget a lot of the unrelated entries of the 3000-5000 ones, the ones I could relate to with a past event at that time I did remember clearly.

Further, the entire conversation was in past tense, e.g., ‘When did you see Abhishek as a child in your dream?’ I had seen this dream around 10 years ago and remembered it, so could relate to it (but I did see it again a few months after this event). Because of the past tense too, at no point I could infer that the entries were for ‘future’ events, although there were some that made me worried, like under a date in June 2016: ‘When did Mr. Tiwari die?’ I inquired to find out he was alive later to my relief, but he is dead now since about a year. There were at least about 50 or more deaths predicted mostly in the form of single-worded entries, which were just the names under a date, so I could not know the purpose of the entry {e.g., George Michael, Bowie (I related it to a surgical instrument then), Reynolds (related to then as a pen company), Zsa Zsa Gabor (knew about her earlier when I Google searched for Zsa Zsa Tudos, an Oranum psychic), Muhammad Ali (thought he was already dead then), Om Puri, Scalia, and so on and so forth including many Indian celebrities too that you wouldn’t be aware of**. This was by no means a friendly letter and also had sentences like: ‘When did you kill DCP Amit Singh?’ Months later, I heard in the news that police officer Amit Singh shot himself. Most of the future terrorist attacks were mentioned, both specified and as non-specified single-word entries, e.g., Paris (Nov. ’15, specified as terror attack), Berlin, St. Petersburg, London, Manchester, etc. Not sure if London tower fire was mentioned, think it was. Robert Mugabe and Sherry Shriner were mentioned.

While initially under each date, the entries were more numerous and more detailed, the later dates had them sparser and they were then given for 3 days collectively or for maybe a week. The initial detailed entries consisted of major day events of both personal and outside-world significance and also were so detailed as to consist of my feelings and thoughts for a particular event and any random word or phrase that was to pop out in my mind spontaneously at a later date, e.g., ‘keep it real, paraphernalia, etc.’ That is to say as if in the fabric of space and time, each chronon that builds it up has been so perfectly placed that it can be read / seen beforehand without error not just for future events but for any particular person’s future thoughts, feelings, and dreams too, although sometimes for events this was qualified and choices were given with subsequent resultant course as A, B, or C, and so forth. Some of the dreams were described in perfect detail, which I only had months afterwards.

Sometimes a 360-degree view of a situation was given; for example, ‘When did you hear on a live radio psychic show the question about a lost cat pair?’ It was then described in great detail that the first cat would be in the garage while the other in a neighbor’s house, and the psychic would tell it all wrong, which did happen on a Blogtalk radio show later in 2016. Demonetization in India was described in great detail, e.g., ‘2000-rupee note, long queues outside bank and ATM, things which I related to from the past when I listened to in June 2015.

Also sometimes, when it happened later, I would identify a particular entry by a subsequent event that may not have been meant for it, and another event later would take place of a much greater magnitude / significance to rightly claim its relevance to the entry. Almost all the major world events were mentioned, and you could well imagine 5000 entries would contain a lot of information, some of which I did forget as was allowed to listen to only once.

The US elections and results were mentioned. I was familiar with the name of Hillary Clinton but not Donald Trump. It was mentioned that Mr. Trump would win but that I would forget, which was true. It was mentioned that this remote viewing took one month starting May 2015 for approximately the two-year period it was done for, and Mr. Trump had not announced his presidential bid by May 2015 when I checked it on the internet. I don’t remember the exact date, but the papers were read out to me in June 2015 before June 6th, as on that date my neighbors went away to Calcutta.

The effects of an asteroid hitting the earth in August 2016 as a possibility, subsequent earthquakes in India, Lakshadweep and Maldives sinking, earthquake in Andaman Islands, and the breaking of Tehri dam and subsequent floods in north India were described in great detail, but it did not happen. An asteroid did miss earth on August 31st, 2016 though.

The physical pole shift of the earth due to Nibiru in September 2016 was mentioned as a possibility and effects described in some detail, but again it did not happen at least then. I do not know if the danger is over yet. Pakistan nuking India as a possibility as well as North Korea doing it to South Korea were mentioned for later dates in 2017.

Although when there were choices given as to the course of action sometimes as A, B, C, etc., that I would be undertaking, mostly I would end up choosing the most likely course, which again was specified sometimes, e.g., ‘If you’d wish your friend on his birthday via sms, it wouldn’t be good. But if you would at night, he would thank you via sms, and it would be 11:11:08 pm (26th Nov., 2015) then (which indeed was the case), and we would give you another day to live.’ I did wish him due to a strong urge to do so in case it was my last day and I had forgotten, which in fact those papers were all about.

This is just a brief outline, and the details are much more complex. There are people who are not real but just holograms visiting my place, and there are actual persons at my place who are rendered invisible and inaudible selectively or generally. Of course, they are being used for nonjudicial executions as well by the three-letter agencies, and I would not have known unless told. There are a lot of my school and medical college batchmates and other relatives who knew what was going on, only I wasn’t told.

Black magic runs and controls this world unbeknownst to the majority sheeple. The breakaway civilization and its technology are real. Teleportation and time travel are real. Invisible operatives are real. Cloning and genetic manipulation is real. We live in a remote-viewed and remote-influenced / modified reality, and the timeline has been altered by the elite and they will keep doing so, foreseeing it, influencing it, in order to exert their control. They have already mastered immortality with the secret time-travel technology, and the creator, the big-G God is if at all a passive spectator to its creation’s antics. The spiritual realms are not exempt, and the Illuminati control them too.

These people who sent the papers are high-ranking Illuminati members cum senior police officers from India and wish to offer me as a human sacrifice to Hindu Goddess Kali in a Uttarakhand temple. A lookalike will replace me. I would request any solutions.

New Delhi
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when the cabal pulled out of countries like india they left behind them freemasonic lodges through which they were then able to continue a below table influence over the country and its business affairs

This is true throughout the commonwealth

To what extent various countries are really 'independent' of the cabal is up for debate!
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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