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dexter morgan
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Default 'New' astrology

I've got a book called New Astrology by Suzanne White, which actually is quite old now, that combines Chinese Yearly astrolgy with Western Monthly astrology..
12 year cycles with 12 monthly cycles = 144 categories (eg; Taurus/Horse)
I realise there are an infinite ways of sub-categorising with stars rising or decending in certain houses that needs expert or experienced knowledge, but find this book easily understandable and spookily accurate enough.
I was a little skeptical about astrology until l discovered Chinese astrology and then this book strengthend my belief in a pattern or structure to it all. Though l would argue that its the time of conception that is all important and not birth and that astrology is about 9 months out, as such. Not out, but is focused on events in the heavens 9 months too late. It still has the pattern correct but assigns the outward shape of the stars 9 months too late. I get that it is almost impossible to know exact conception times and that its easier to make a note and investigate time of birh.
I don't believe predictions based on astrolgy, myself, but do see some truths about peoples characters and their possible interactions with others.
This book by S. White has silenced the loudest of critics amongst my family, friends and acquaintances.....when they read 'their' section out of the 144, they all go quiet and thoughtful
Anyone else come across this book ?
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Did not encounter. But be sure to read.
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