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Originally Posted by tothestars View Post
David has opened my eyes. I am ever grateful for that


I thought i never would say this but recently Icke has lost it a bit imo.

I am actually a bit worried about him now.

In his latest book there are "bad" signs (a tone of aggression) and in his latest articles he acts aggressive and almost bit judgmental imo. He has always had a special tone i know that but it is about to tip over now. "The balance is rocking!"

The creativity is gone and he fails to see the good signs that are around (especially about Obama (which I believe is beating the Illuminati in their own game, cant people see it?))
My intuition is backing me up on this one.

Are there anyone else that has this feeling?

Perhaps David should consider having a vacction and get rid of some stress? (When did he last have one?) He is after all a human being (or at least embodied in a shape that requires some comfort).

If you are reading this David then plis consider (and forgive me) .

With Love and Joy

PS! Guys! please dont kill me for this,
I love David as you do (well as most in here do!
so here we are after all this time....hows that hope and change obama thing going, eh? where was david wrong? as for me i make no judgement about reptilians or any other theories. but as far as how to deal with the situation goes, i cant see a better way than not complying. he was right about that and still is. and that is the most important thing he ever talked about. it is the solution no matter what your beliefs are. lol.i think that should put this thread to rest. after all, in the end, its the only thing the guys on top fear. as long as you comply, pay tax, consume, produce for them they couldn't care less what you believe or say.
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Reptilians exist. I saw one. My dog saw it too.

97.00 % certain.

.3 % chance the reptilian could have been a hollywierd theatrical costume issued by the military for use in psyops.

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