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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
the laws of physics don't disappear just because there isn't an observer.
No, in fact they function far better when no one's around
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Its powerful stuff from the man again but what i want to know about is the point at which all the senses govern the reality.That is where the magic is unknown by religion or science but the one where i get all my reality checks going on (and i had to have a massive one after this latest video lol ).

You can't single out one sense amongst so many others like he does with visible light.The one true reality is the one that all the senses working together works out .

Now the computers (brains ) for working this out is many...but that's a whole different thing to talk about .

intuitively i think is the word for all the senses working together...

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It's a trick question, imo. There wont be a sound if nobody hears it.
It doesn't mention, all of the animals or what-not who would certainly hear it.
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Simple experiment.

You have a man 100 yards away from falling tree then another 200 yards
etc etc

Some will hear the tree fall. Eventually at a certain distance the sound will not
be heard . But the sound was still made as those nearer the tree will verify.

So the answer is the sound will be heard up until certain distances and taking into
account variables such as wind strength\direction etc.
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