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Default WEF Founder Plans Emergency Meeting to Discuss Trump

Originally Posted by Breitbart News Network

Klaus Schwab, who in 1971 founded the group that eventually became the World Economic
Forum which hosts the annual retreat for business, political and cultural elites in the Swiss Alps, told Bloomberg that the event in Washington, D.C.—which was previously not planned—is going to be meant to address globalist concerns with the rise of populism as evidenced by the election of Trump to the presidency.

“It’s very natural that with the new
administration we plan a major event in the U.S.
to see what are the implications of the new
president and how the business community
could engage,” Schwab said, adding that in
Davos in 2017 there are populists present who
the globalists plan to hear from to try to assuage
a “silent fear” of the masses.

"People have become very emotionalized, this
silent fear of what the new world will bring,"
Schwab added.

"We have populists here and we want to listen.
We have to respond to these individuals' fears
and to offer solutions. It's not just enough to
listen; we have to provide answers and that's
what we're here for in Davos."

False dichotomy

Thesis + antithesis = synthesis

You may remember this article, an excerpt of which I will post, as it relates directly to this subject:

Originally Posted by Brandon Smith
Globalism vs. “Populism”

The globalists have used the method of false
dichotomies for centuries to divide nations and
peoples against each other
in order to derive
opportunity from chaos. That said, the above
dichotomy is about as close to real as they have
ever promoted.

As I explained in my article,
“Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New
World Order Centralization,” the recent passage of
the Brexit referendum in the U.K. has triggered a
surge of new propaganda from establishment
media outlets. The thrust of this propaganda is
the notion that “populists” are behind the fight
against globalization and these populists are
going to foster the ruin of nations and the global
economy. That is to say — globalism good,
populism bad.

There is a real fight between globalists and those
who desire a free, decentralized and voluntary
society. They have just changed some of the
labels and the language. We have yet to see how
effective this strategy will be for the elites, but it
is very useful for them in certain respects.

The wielding of the term “populist” is about as
sterilized and distant from “freedom and liberty”
as you can get. It denotes not just “nationalism,”
but selfish nationalism. And the association
people are supposed to make in their minds is
that selfish nationalism leads to destructive
fascism (i.e. Nazis). Therefore, when you hear the term “populist,” the globalists hope you will think “Nazi.”

Also, keep in mind that the narrative of the rise of
populism coincides with grave warnings from the
elites that such movements will cause global
economic collapse if they continue to grow. Of
course, the elites have been fermenting an
economic collapse for years. We have been
experiencing many of the effects of it for some
time. In a brilliant maneuver, the elites have
attempted to re-label the liberty movement as
“populist” (Nazis), and use liberty activists as a
scapegoat for the fiscal time bomb THEY created.

It is obvious to me, decide for yourself...
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I guess we shall find out in due course.
Unlike a lot of other people, David walks the talk. Be careful who you trust in this alternative media and research.

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