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Originally Posted by observer333 View Post
I had for about a year where I was walking about, like this little ole me was just an avatar in a video game or a movie and my sense of self was out of my head, up in the crown chakra. I was experiencing absolute multi-dimensionality but I also found I become disconnected and lost my roots/grounding here. It was very hard to connect with anyone and the mundane things of this world meant nothing to me.

I might have stayed this way, but I have children. I had to get my feet back on the ground. Then I discovered I needed to anchor myself in the heart area/chakra with my feet firmly on the ground so that I could connect and relate to my brothers and sisters again and speak in a language they'd understand. I am still trying to master this feat.

I think where we centre ourself is very important. I think many centre in the upper or psychic centres and lose compassion for humanity's concerns. Thats when we see people simply denying the pain and suffering that people experience. This can be a great concern especially if that entity is bent on serving the self. Even when they desire to serve others, they can be quite blase' and lacking in empathy and come across as spiritually arogant and non-receptive. People sense this and it can come across as cold and detached.

Once we are centred or grounded below the neck of the vortex, we once again experience the old self/HigherSelf game. And Sometimes we need to ask our HigherSelf to give us a fucking break for the HigherSelf understands things in a retrospect fashion from a wisdom viewpoint disconnected from the experience of this dimension. I feel like I am teaching my HigherSelf lessons in compassion, just as much as my HigherSelf is teaching/reminding me of the Truth beyond all appearances.

Does that make sense? My cue words have always been middle, as in middle way and/or middle path. Hence my favorite saying that its not black or white, meaning its multidimensional. We are after all multidimensional beings.

I think Jeshua/Ye'shua is a good example of one who exemplified this middle way of being in the world but not of it. And I am speaking not of christianity but about the actual fellow who went about speaking his truth. I think he was a lot more like John Lennon or Bob Marley than the christianised version of him, in fact I know so. PTB love to steal, distort and twist everything. I feel as if I knew him personally.
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