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father ted
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Default Remote viewing insight from Arizona Wilder

I remember a radio interview with Arizona Wilder on alchemy radio where she says that the remote viewing that she learned is not the same as the remote viewing that they're teaching now days.

She said that they made her learn this from indigenous siberians (indians I suppose, yes, there are indians in siberia), which is one source where the illuminati learn their techniques. What they're are teaching elsewhere, is different she says. She didn't go into it any further and it left me wanting to know more. Swerdlow certainly has given some insight to this, especially now, where someone asked him about remote viewing, here:


If this is so, then they're using remote viewing to programme as they do with channeling.

So who's doing what and what are they really doing?

How many psychic abilities do they interfere with?
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I was actually looking for a thread about remote viewing, Lucky me!

I ran across a program to youtube about it.

Dare I say now...it answers alot of questions about myself. Now I just need to know where to go about it from here.

I would rather not discuss it openly. If anyone wants to talk with me about it, please send me a pm. I am looking for some advice on what I should do.


Saori @**--{-----

Shit's Gonna hit the fan anyway!!
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