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Default UFOs Officially Watched in the Canary Islands!

A couple of weeks ago I was in La Palma, one of the smallest of the Canaries.
There are 20 astronomical telescopes at the top of a volcano & I'm 100% sure that they've been watching UFOs for a long time, & that the UFOs possibly land there.
Read about it in B-C-ing-U! www.b-c-ing-u.com
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".... & I'm 100% sure that they've been watching UFOs for a long time, & that the UFOs possibly land there."

So rather than "UFOs Officially Watched", the title should read "I think UFOs Might Be Officially Watched in the Canary Islands, But I Have No Proof"?

If you read the article, no-one actually says anything of any importance. The astronomers might well not be allowed to talk about UFOs, but that's most likely the institution not wanting to get embroiled in controversy and ending up being mocked by their peers, what with UFOlogy still not accepted as a genuine science, sadly. And the tour guide didn't seem to know anything, so just answered with rhetorical, open-ended questions.

Sorry to put a dampener on your day, but that just seems to me to be the only logical outcome from reading the article.
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