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Default Boycot Big Pharma, Oil Corporations, Supermarkets

As we know governments are funded by the big corporations to keep them sweet and keep the status quo. If we continue to give these companies our money we are contributing to what is happening in some way. The idea is to boycot them by shopping locally etc and keeping the money away from these companies that rape and pillage the earth.
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Default Boycott Tesco

I agree, the big company around here that uses and abuses humans as cattle are Tesco. They have a policy not to serve druggies and prostitutes so to get around this, the get rid of decent staff and hire them instead. They do nothing for the community except create division and shut down the smaller shops who have home made produce...but find it hard getting supplies as the greedy twats control the farm prices and help ruin the farmers.
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agreed, even for somebody making a conscious effort its not that easy to avoid the biggies, but we must do it its vital
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Default Reading labels for manufacturing

For years now I have been reading labels trying to find things that are made in my country, so I can support my local economy. Alas, everything is now made in some 3rd world country, also China. The few things mostly crafts & foods that are local are very expensive. So we have no options but to support these sweat shops abroad. The noose is tightening around our necks more and more.
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we have to just keep doing what we can. don't stress about it. try to simplify the diet and eat within 100km but if you occasionally buy imported stuff, don't worry about it. every little bit counts... keep up the momentum.
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Default Local Butchers Grocers Keep Shopping Local

I use a local butcher here in Bournemouth and the quality of produce is so much better.
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