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Smile Water and Salt

There is a book called 'Water and Salt the Essence of Life' which is full of very valuable information. Youtube has some information. Dr Barbara Hendel was the co writer. You can supply your body with all the minerals that it needs plus so much more for a very small outlay compared with other mineral supplements available. It is well worth taking the time to investigate.
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Well I heard about using sea water for blood transfusions during WW 1.

Can you give me your opinion on this?
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I don't know about sea water specifically, but saline (salt water) can be used.

Of course, the point of the salt water is just to keep the persons blood vessels from collapsing so that whatever blood cells they still have can get where they need to, the salt water on its own can't carry oxygen.

You also need to get the right ratio of salt to water otherwise you'll screw up the persons electrolytes and kill them. This is supposedly 0.9% salt.

Curiously, I was told that blood contained the same amount of salt as sea water, i.e., when we evolved, we brought the sea with us. But sea water contains almost 4 times as much salt as the 0.9% above, so it seems somebody somewhere is lying to me. In either case, it appears that sea water contains too much salt to be safely transfused into someone, at least not without diluting it first.
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Salt is the second most abundant element in healthy human blood, that makes salt pretty important.
We are 70% (as adults, babies are 79-80%) water, salt water.

A couple interesting things,
Pour water on our heads and all our hair lays flat, we are streamline under water, no other prime ate.
We have a subcutaneous layer of fat (if im not mistaken, is found in aquatic animals) that no other prime ate has.

We are very connected to the sea/salt water/salt.

Coral calcium is from the sea, it is perfect for us.
Our bodies so readily accept coral calcium that its used in bone surgeries.
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Thank you. Be sure to get acquainted with this book.
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Originally Posted by boots View Post
Well I heard about using sea water for blood transfusions during WW 1.

Can you give me your opinion on this?
Sea water is natural Magnesium Chloride (magnesium oil). Using as a transfusion would give a massive magnesium boost to the body immediately via the circulation.
In theory this would also help prevent shock due to the salt content, and in theory also help prevent heart failure due to the magnesium boost. In turn both these factors contribute to some degree with normal pulse and breathing, and thus oxygenation of the blood.

(Quote from Dr. Sircus)
"Magnesium chloride actually is a concentrate of seawater, which itself makes a great emergency room medicine. During World War II, Navy doctors would use seawater for blood transfusions when blood supplies ran out and many lives were saved. We create medicines when we concentrate things in nature. Pharmaceutical companies concentrate synthetic substances, which does not work out very well for patients in the end. Natural Allopathic Medicine concentrates elements from nature that are proven by scientists to offer powerful healing without toxic side effects. One cannot say that about any pharmaceutical for even aspirin kills 15,000 a year in the United States alone."


There are other threads available via the search facility concerned mainly with Magnesium

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Didnt watch the vid. The title is already nonsense. Family grew up in desert area and sure as hell that babies drink water. 56.degrees celsius makes you want it
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Interesting fact: the most broad mass spectrum bactericide mankind has ever discovered is Sodium Hypochlorite...or household bleach, which consists chiefly of salt and water. More powerful than any other known branded disinfectant, and surprisingly, is more eco friendly than you might think, when flushed into the sewer system reverts to its original components - salt and water.

It is also a useful additive for extending longevity of cut flowers.
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health, minerals

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