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Default Questioning BS Authority

It was said Air Conditioners (modern) now hold water because it makes it more energy efficient. If that was true it would be holding it at the back end where the condenser is and not inside your home where the evaporator is. Water being held in an air conditioner is what caused the death of many in a restaurant in Southern Pennsylvania. It is a cool dark breeding pit for bacteria, molds, and fungus. It's high time we get together and make them correct the problem. I shut mine off several times today and sprayed it with Lysol. I have also squirted peroxide into the bottom of it. It runs till it stinks and is in shut down for half an hour while the spray works. It is ridiculous, it is tilted at a steeper angle to help it drain, it sucks using wasteful time.
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As long as they're cleaned regular they're fine.
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