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Exclamation Norway Hidden History/Aryan Children LSD Mass Rape

Norway’s Hiddens History - "Aryan" Children Subjected to LSD Experiments, Sexual Abuse & Mass Rape
2011 07 24

Norway’s powerful Justice Committee has ordered the government to compensate thousands of people, many of whom were locked up in lunatic asylums because they were the children of Norwegian mothers and German soldiers.

A statement from the committee said the government should quickly draw up a compensation scheme for an estimated 10,000 claimants.

"The Justice Committee statement has shown us an exit sign from the tunnel of darkness in which we have moved for over 50 years," said Thor Brandacher, chairman and spokesman for the Lebensborn Committee, and the son of a Norwegian mother and Austrian father.

The committee’s decision comes as the Norwegian Supreme Court prepares to issue a verdict in December in an appeal case brought by 17 so-called Lebensborn children against the Norwegian government for gross abuse at the hands of the state.

The case has been thrown out in two earlier courts, which ruled that such cases all fell under the statute of limitations.

"I am sure that the Supreme Court will also say that the case falls under the statute of limitations as well, but we then have six months to negotiate with the government and reach agreement," said Mr Brandacher.

"If they will not negotiate we will go to Strasbourg, and Norway will never be the same again. No civilised country can withstand the testimony that would be made public there."

After German troops withdrew from Norway at the end of the Second World War, an official programme of weeding out occupation liaisons began that resulted in the arrest of some 14,000 young women and the detention in military camps of 5,000 girls who were known to have had children with German soldiers.

"There are still hundreds of 80-year-old women in Norway wondering where their kids went in 1945 - they never saw them again," said Mr Brandacher. "Their children were put in 200 institutions as well as being sent round for adoption in so-called good Christian homes.

"But the Christianity in these homes did not exist - at least not what we call Christianity. The stories are brutal and grotesque. Every possible crime the human race can do was done to innocent kids after 1945 in Norway," he added. Many of the Lebensborn children claim that they were sexually abused, beaten, mass raped, urinated on and washed in chemicals.
Reports this month suggested the children had been subjected to experiments with LSD in which at least five died.

MKULTRA, Mind Control Program and the Ties to LSD Experiments

Paul Hansen said he was locked up at the age of three for seven years in a mental hospital, along with mentally ill grown-ups.

"I was shoved in with people who ate and relieved themselves in the same room," said Mr Hansen, the son of a Luftwaffe pilot and a Norwegian woman. He is now a cleaner at a Norwegian university.

At the time, official advisers said the mothers of these children must have been mentally retarded to have relations with a German soldier, and thus their children must also be afflicted.

Anne-Marie Grube, Lebensborn child no 5021, now 58, said this week she has lived her life in shame after her experience at one of the institutions. "I was locked up on the first floor of the house, was never allowed to have anyone visit," she said. "I was given food and clothing but nothing else."

The Norwegian War Child Association Lebensborn takes its name from one of the most secret Nazi eugenics projects of the war.

Heinrich Himmler created the Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein to offer young, so-called racially pure girls the chance to give birth to a child in secret. The child was then given to the SS which took charge of its education.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Ed comment: Is it possible that these LSD, Mind Control/Mk-Ultra style programs have continued in Norway?

Is it possible that Anders Behring Breivik is a victim of a similar program that has continued to this day?

Children of Shame – Norway’s Dark Secret

From: dw-world.de

Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad ,one of the singers of the former pop cult band ABBA is probably one of the most famous Lebensborn-children. Born to a German nazi officer and a Norwegian mother during the German occupation of Norway, Anni-Frid belonged to the "children of shame" – unwanted after the Germans lost the war.

Being an illegitimate child of a Nazi, her grandmother took her to Sweden to escape mistreatment - children of enemies were ostracized in post-war Norway.

Blue eyes and blond hair preferred

"Lebensborn" was a special Aryan breeding Programm established in 1935, the brainchild of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. He wanted to breed what he considered racially "superior children".

Himmler regarded the Norwegians with their blue eyes and blond hair as especially aryan and pure.

The aim of the programme was to entrust leadership of Norway to these "Aryans" after the war, or to have them and their mothers move to Germany to bring more Nordic blood into the German Reich.

Incentives for bearing Aryan children

Every pregnant Norwegian woman who could prove her child’s Aryan ancestry was entitled to financial support or a privileged treatment in maternity homes. They could also leave their children in special homes called "Lebensborn", where the children received special nutrition and an education which reflected the Nazi way of thinking.

The program was also set up in other German occupied countries such as Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Altogether, Himmler established more than 20 Lebensborn institutions.

The majority of these homes were in Norway. Around 350,000 German soldiers occupied Norway during World War II and coupled, favored by Heinrich Himmler, with Norwegian women. A relationship with consequences: about 10,000 to 12,000 children between 1940 and 1945 were fathered by Germans. About 6,000 of them were born in Lebensborn institutions. From 1941 onwards, these "superior" children were automatically considered as being German.

Ostracized and mistreated- a marred childhood

But the fate of the children resulting from the special breeding program was at times cruel. Their mothers could not stand the shame of having been engaged to German soldiers. A Norwegian commission after the war decided that the children should remain in Norway.

By now the children were looked upon as outcasts. They were put in orphanages, some of them were send to lunatic asylums. There, the children were mistreated and abused. Some of the former "Lebensborn" children say, they were tied to their beds for hours.

Breaking silence and baring secrets

Most of the "Lebensborn" children are today in their 50s or 60s and are slowly coming out with their stories of mistreatment and abuse.

One of them was Paul Hansen, now 58 . Today he’s a broken man. "I was transferred from the Lebensborn home Goodhaab into an asylum, together with some others. We were locked up together with mentally ill people. And we had to eat and to go to the toilet in the same room", he says with bitterness.

Paul Hansen broke his silence and changed his anonymous Lebensborn identity. Many of the Lebensborn children still feel ashamed to talk about their abuse and mistreatment. A register number is all that remains of their Lebensborn childhood.

Tor Brandacher of the Norwegian war children Association brought together about 170 "Lebensborn" children four years ago and is determined that they are compensated by the Norwegian government.

The son of a Norwegian mother and an Austrian ranger was lucky, Brandacher says he had a normal relationship to his family, but says that hundreds of others like him did not. Many have reported raping and mistreatment in the institutions, like Paul Hansen.

"These children were looked upon as rubbish in Norwegian post-war society. It is the biggest shame for Norway", he says.

Brandacher and others now demand financial and ethical compensation from the Norwegian state.

Justice at last?

October 29, 2001 was a date most of the Lebensborn children might never forget. It was the first day of a trial in which the Lebensborn children are suing the Norwegian government. The verdict: A violation against human rights. The case attracted much attention by the media, a signal for Tor Brandacher and his companions. He hoped that the court trial would reveal the dark history of Norwegian state ruling. The prosecutors demanded up to two million Kronen (253.000 Euro) for each case – the prize for a lost childhood.

But after the case was rejected in November on grounds of invalidity, The former Lebensborn children will put forth their case to the European Commission of Human Rights in Strassbourg.

Source: dw-world.de

From BBC:

Verdict: No compensation

During my visit to Norway, the plaintiffs were hugely disappointed to learn that this first case has been thrown out; but they have not given up.

Although the judge ruled that they could not find compensation through the courts, he did suggest that it could be a matter for Parliament; and MPs have already shown interest in taking up the matter. A settlement that would help all the war children may at last be on the horizon.

Read the full story from BBC

Living hell of Norway’s ’Nazi’ children
From: news.bbc.co.uk

Paul Hansen

Paul Hansen
In his tiny flat on the edge of Oslo, Paul Hansen shows me his family album. It doesn’t take long. He only has three photos.

One picture shows Paul as a toddler, the other two - the mother who abandoned him - and the father he never knew.

Paul was the product of a brief encounter between a Norwegian woman and a German soldier: a family history which was to make his life a living hell.

"At the end of World War II, I was locked away in a mental home," Paul tells me.

"Later I found out it was because I was the son of a German soldier. They called me a ’Nazi brat’. But it wasn’t my fault I was born this way. Hitler, the war, none of it is my fault. I was just a child."

It was Adolf Hitler’s henchman, Heinrich Himmler, who had encouraged liaisons between German troops and Norwegian women: part of his plan to breed an Aryan master race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies for the 1,000-year Reich.

They were known as the Lebensborn (Fountain of Life) children and - after the war - they became targets for revenge.

Bjørn Lengfelder
"In the Norwegian population, there was a hatred directed at us children," explains Bjorn Lengfelder.

Bjorn is one of more than 10,000 Norwegians fathered by German soldiers. He says he knows many cases of abuse.

"A small brother and sister, five years old, were placed in a pig sty for two nights and two days," claims Bjorn.

"Then in the kitchen they were put in a tub and scrubbed down with acid till they had no skin left ’because we have to wash that Nazi smell off you’."

Search for justice

Once too ashamed to go public with their stories, now 150 war children are demanding justice.

They have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights - accusing the Norwegian state of discrimination.

Eight of the group attended the packed hearing on Thursday in Strasbourg.

As their stories of abuse were read out to the court, some of the former Lebensborn children sat in tears.

Historian Lars Borgesrud was commissioned by the Norwegian government to research the war children’s stories. He has convinced they have suffered state discrimination.

"Between 1946-1958 special rules and regulations in social laws were adopted, which actually excluded sections of war children and created poor economic conditions for these children."

Norway has offered limited compensation in the past. But the authorities are still refusing to take the blame.

"The government has acknowledged that several war children have been subject to harassment in society," says government lawyer Thomas Naalsund.

"But it is highly difficult to say now, 50 years later, that the government was responsible for these events."

’German whore’

Gerd Fleischer
Deep underground in Norway’s national archive, I accompany former war child Gerd Fleischer as she hunts for her Nazi-era Lebensborn file.

"I’ve found it," she says triumphantly, "Look, I’m Lebensborn No 2620."

This is how Gerd began her life - as a four digit number in a Nazi experiment, filed away in the list of the chosen.

The file contains bills showing how the Nazis covered the midwife bill when Gerd was born, just because her father was a German soldier.

But after the war, Gerd joined the ranks of the hated. At school, she was branded a "German whore".

At home, she was beaten by her step father for being a Nazi child.

She believes the state must be made to pay for the way she was treated.

"Norway is a stinking rich oil nation," Gerd tells me. "We feel that justice cannot be done without an economic compensation. Words are very cheap."

Only then - Gerd believes - can Norway’s war children finally gain their self-respect, after 60 years living in fear and in shame.


Link with pics ---> http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=16206
<3 ~ Peace & Love ~ <3

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This is a wild story and sad No matter where you go, someone preys on our children. I hope these people will get all the compensation and treatment they need to heal.
<3 ~ Peace & Love ~ <3
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Awesome fucking post, girlfriend. Good work.
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Thumbs up

Excellent post, girl!

See also: http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=171145

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Interesting story, especially given recent events.
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Simply disgusting, those people were as much a victim as any other whom the Nazis and their investors targeted. It's disturbing how they mirrored the Nazi mentality back on children who had no choice in who their biological father was. They became the very people they claimed to despise so much.

I hope they do sue the Norwegian government. I hope it doesn't stop there either. I hope they go after the corporations, banks, and secret societies that funded the Nazi war machine.
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Very sad and disturbing to read this. What a sick world this is becoming but it won't be like this forever thank God my prayers are with these kids.
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Hmmm. It says one of those kids is now 58? But that would mean she was conceived in 1953, 8 years after the war had ended. Sorry, but any articles with stand out mistakes like that need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
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Yes, it was the age difference that I noticed also, thats the story here please?
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The Telegraph article was published in 2002.

Copied and pasted from OP's link:

Norway to pay for lost years of war children

By Julian Isherwood, Scandinavia Correspondent

12:00AM GMT 30 Nov 2002
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Does anybody here know why he specifically wanted blue eyed and blond haired children? Is there something in these types of peoples DNA that makes them different from most others?
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I don't get the whole blonde hair/blue eyed thing either. It seems some racist groups think this is special or elite while others demonize this trait. Although, the ones who demonize blonde hair/blue eyed folks probably do so because of the whole Nazi thing. I don't know for sure but it's interesting.

I don't know if it counts but I have ash blonde hair and blue eyes and I am neither "special" or evil.

Very interesting post, mountain!
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Earth was originally a penal colony of Mars......The Martian "royality" were blondes.....

Then there was a problem {intergalactic war or whatever** and all Martians had to resettle

on Earth....the gravity is heavier here than on Mars...that's why headaches & back aches are

so common.....When observation studies are made of 1st graders in school the blondes are

usually the leaders and are looked up to by non-blondes....
Blondes have ,on average ,higher IQs than non-blondes...
Most succesful blacks who marry white women chose blondes...example OJ,Tiger Woods,Sammy Davis Jr.,Seal,etc.......Do the math......Blondes are considered ,on average,more good looking than brunettes.....

I don't like the idea of blondes being bred out of existance by non-blondes......maybe Hitler

wanted to preserve the blonde "species"......

Let's face it The Scandinavian countries have the highest standard of living on the planet....

something is going on there and it's racial IMHO.....
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Originally Posted by cagedlion View Post
Hmmm. It says one of those kids is now 58? But that would mean she was conceived in 1953, 8 years after the war had ended. Sorry, but any articles with stand out mistakes like that need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
I agree
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Shocking stuff.

What no Nazi apologists in this thread yet? Good.

5 b7 b2 4
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Originally Posted by octopusrex View Post
Awesome fucking post, girlfriend. Good work.
I second that.
Shocking thread but very informative
The most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.
George Carlin and Bill Hicks at their very finest!

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You know, I would really be an @$$ if I were to say that all white people behaved this way and treated their children this way, because of a news story or event like this one.

Just saying... people who know me know I don't feel this way. I cannot deny the the level of hatred that is going around is astonishing and very eye-opening to say the least.
<3 ~ Peace & Love ~ <3
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maybe they rounded up all the main truthers in norway
gassed them
took them to the lake
stuck bullets in their dead bodies
then paraded CIAnders Breivik as the 'loony, middle class, well-educated, ex-military, pissed-off conspiricist' as the culprit


remember, MSM = total bullshit control mechanism (MSM - MANIPULATED SOCIETY MECHANISM)
Death Penalty now Valid in Europe http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=135044 posts 3 & 4
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Exclamation this thread, maybe

Originally Posted by steppenwolf View Post
I don't get the whole blonde hair/blue eyed thing either. It seems some racist groups think this is special or elite while others demonize this trait. Although, the ones who demonize blonde hair/blue eyed folks probably do so because of the whole Nazi thing. I don't know for sure but it's interesting.

I don't know if it counts but I have ash blonde hair and blue eyes and I am neither "special" or evil.

Very interesting post, mountain!
Yes thanks Mountain

Blue eye thread

Maybe You find this one interesting, Steppe ?

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As I began reading this story I was struck by the similarities of the experiences of Indian Residential School survivors here, in Canada.

Young native children stolen from their parents and delivered to catholic schools to have the heathen beat, preached and sodomized out of them.
It has left a legacy of pain and dysfunction that has been passed down through subsequent generations...whether they know it or not.

Doesn't seem to matter where we are...if one person can be convinced that another person is less than human it apparently justifies any manner of hideous acts.

Fuck, I hate people. Present company excluded, of course

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child abuse, mind control experiments, mkultra, nazi, norway

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