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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Should have...should have... What about kids who have been handed down this poor soil, earth? It's not their fault as such.

As for sustainability, if it weren't for budgets freight/flights, Brits would be eating turnips, carrots and potato as staple diet. None of that Stevia, coconuts, oranges, banana, dates etc.... (We've excluded almonds and avocado from vegan menu since they are not vegan friendly food. )
Californian almonds aren't as they make frogs homosexual


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I think it's really each to their own standard but if you are at all spiritually inclined then you need to see it from far wider angle than the mundane level. I think indigenous people prayed for animals so I think this will be more helpful in the future because they have given an animal a ticket to a new journey and chance to have a better life on top of that which could be a human life? So by vegans protesting Do Not Eat Meat.... is actually missing the point from a wider perspective? But I guess most humans aren't on that level so they have to protest to cater for the limited mindset.

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I remember Chris Packham presented a programme about bigfoot, big cats and the like. I'm interested in that.

Anyway. He said bigfoot was unlikely as evidence would be found. But then on the prgramme about big cats loose in the UK he said it was unlikely as they would be found and that they could only exist undetected in places like the north American forests. Which is exactly where bigfoot s supposed to live.

I can't remember when this was exactly but maybe late 80's or early 90's. He had the flat top anyway. I remember thinking that is kind of contradictive.

The twat.
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Originally Posted by quadrati View Post
I remember Chris Packham presented a programme about bigfoot, big cats and the like. I'm interested in that.

Anyway. He said bigfoot was unlikely as evidence would be found. But then on the prgramme about big cats loose in the UK he said it was unlikely as they would be found and that they could only exist undetected in places like the north American forests. Which is exactly where bigfoot s supposed to live..
people have always seen such entities

for example in scotland we have the 'grey man of ben macdui' that many walkers on that hillside have heard or seen

Cu Sith are black dogs seen by some

Cath sith are large cats

I suggest these entities are more likely to be seen on leylines
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The TV series you are referring to that Packham presented about Bigfoot, big cats, etc was called X-Creatures. It shown on BBC1 around 1996. In the episodes Packham gave his rather sceptical view on various cryptids like the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, Yowie, as they would normally do (I think they investigated the Yowie), though I can't remember how many cryptids they covered in the series. I think I still have two of those episodes that were taped the first time they were aired (not sure if they've ever been repeated), those two being my favourite - the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot episodes.

In the Bigfoot episode he interviews John Green and is shown the original copy of the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film at his home. Chris comes across in this episode as seemingly open-minded and willing to accept the possibility of the creature existing, but then drops a bombshell at the end by suggesting it's all really just a man in a monkey suit, all because they had some bloke in a very fakey looking Bigfoot costume to try and reinact the famous Patterson encounter thinking they could do the same and prove it's a hoax. I just laughed when they did that.

I remember Packham also doing a children's TV series for CITV (I think) during the afternoons in the summer (around 1996/97). It was called the Great Dinosaur Trail, and featured a group of school kids learning about dinosaurs, with Chris talking to dino "experts" like Bob Bakker. I was well into dinosaurs at that time and remember watching (and recording) some of them. Strangely though, looking on Packham's IMDB page, this children's series is nowhere to be found (last time I checked that it) in his list of TV work. Why that is I don't know, but I know this strange of omission of certain programmes of other TV presenters is quite common, even on their official website. I remember a documentary about the Loch Ness monster that was aired on Channel 4 around 1996. Quite a well produced documentary of the mystery. It was narrated by Mark Halliley, who is a well known narrator of many documentaries. Yet, on his imdb page and even on his official website, this particular Loch Ness documentary isn't mentioned. It's as if he doesn't want to include it.

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Philip Morris[edit]

In 2002, Philip Morris, owner of Morris Costumes (a North Carolina-based company offering costumes, props and stage products) claimed that he made a gorilla costume that was used in the Patterson film. Morris says he discussed his role in the hoax "at costume conventions, lectures, [and] magician conventions"[275] in the 1980s, but first addressed the public at large on August 16, 2002, on Charlotte, North Carolina, radio station WBT-AM.[276] His story was also printed in The Charlotte Observer.[277] Morris claims he was reluctant to expose the hoax earlier for fear of harming his business: giving away a performer's secrets, he said, would be widely regarded as disreputable.[278]

Morris said that he sold an ape suit to Patterson via mail order in 1967, thinking it was going to be used in what Patterson described as a "prank".[279] (Ordinarily the gorilla suits he sold were used for a popular sideshow routine that depicted an attractive woman changing into a gorilla.) After the initial sale, Morris said that Patterson telephoned him asking how to make the "shoulders more massive"[280] and the "arms longer".[281] Morris says he suggested that whoever wore the suit should wear football shoulder pads and hold sticks in his hands within the suit.


I also saw a news article where the guy in the suit described how he did the walk.

Bob Heironimus claims to have been the figure depicted in the Patterson film.[286] Heironimus says he had not previously publicly discussed his role in the hoax because he hoped to be paid eventually and was afraid of being convicted of fraud had he confessed. After speaking with his lawyer he was told that since he had not been paid for his involvement in the hoax, he could not be held accountable.

The connection between Icke and 9/11

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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Hmmm, I don't like to be negative but I sincerely have my suspicions about this Anonymous group. It smacks of another fake "for the people" campaign/awareness group, which imo, is likely being steered, manipulated and co opted by the govt or some intel group, either from the start or has been hijacked at some point. I'd say the former as they would never allow something like this to grow so quick under their own steam.
With respect, you don't know anything about the group, I know many people who go to these events. I've helped organise them, I know the organisers of 5 different groups, they are just regular people! it's not funded, it's all voluntary...

I've watched it grow from when it started. My friend runs a group, which she set up a few months ago. It costs very little to set up, all we do is meet once or twice a month, wear black clothes, a mask, show slaughter footage on a screen and talk to the public and promote veganism.

That same concept was the original idea of the people that set up the website, it's grown from one city to 900 in 2 and a half years because it is very easy to replicate and set up, and it is effective in it's aims.
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Originally Posted by dave52 View Post
The vegan thing has been around for years. Its a good thing and flies in the face of everything from big government and big agri and big pharma.

Yes, the poet Shelley in the early 1800s was pretty much vegan and wrote essays about animal welfare and rights.

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It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.

Rod Serling.
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