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Default The Hero’s Journey And The Alchemy Of Civilisation...


The Hero’s Journey And The Alchemy Of Civilisation...

Claire Rae Randall approaches spiritual growth through the application of evolutionary psychology to the unfolding political challenges of our era.

The Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm of our lives.

In this talk, Claire discusses how her experience of the New Age movement of the nineties led to a rejection of its false ‘Oneness’ ideal in favour of one of individuation – of the uniqueness of the person, of the tribe, of the nation and of the world.

The immense change and realignment taking place currently within our political structures can be seen in the context of emergent archetypal processes breaking free of the social engineering and cultural memes which are strangling human growth.

Western Civilisation currently faces challenges which fit the pattern of the “Hero’s Journey” identified by Joseph Campbell. It is in overcoming these challenges that we will slay the dragon of Globalism and pursue our destinies free of enslavement.

Claire Rae Randall qualified as an Art Therapist in 1982 and has featured twice on Radio 3Fourteen of the Red Ice Radio network. She is the author of “Waking The Monkey! – Becoming The Hundredth Monkey (A Book for Spiritual Warriors
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