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Originally Posted by 1977 View Post
Has Christian apologetics has reached such a nadir that it now consists of nothing but flailing wildly and excessive exclamation points
Of course we see you attacking the messenger rather than the message. Debate the information.

Prove to me that the Holiday's were created by early Christians, not Pagans. It's just not so, so good luck with that.
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Originally Posted by 1776 View Post
No, no no .. wrong again!!!

I don't celebrate the pagan Holidays that the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH decreed holidays!!! That's not Christianity, that's Paganism, Gnostic beliefs!!

That's NOT Christianity!!! That's distorted again by PAGANS.... you're totally missing the ball here!
list all the holidays EWE do celebrate IGNORANT plebe and I will TRY to enlighten YOU.
betcha I can find a PAGAN holiday that matches any of the bullshit holidays that the numb and dumb dark ages Christians celebrate...(under another name of course)

And it is not difficult to prove who came first when discussing pagans vs. christians.
Was it the unruly heathen pagans who needed saving who came first?
Or was it the holier-than-thou christians who were up to the task and were willing to be the righteous SOBs, who were, and are still today, behaving as moral judge, jury and executioneer?

And guess what?
The righteous SOBs are still being begat today, and they become not only ignorant christians but belligerent jews and muslims too!!!!
Will it ever end?
Joseph Campbell was 100% correct.
Jews, Christians and Muslims have ALL subscribed to WAR MYTHOLOGIES.
Do I need to prove that too?

HITLER and WWII and the Holy-Caust would NOT have occurred if the folks in Europe who followed the SWASTIKA were Jains and Buddhists INSTEAD of dark ages white folk who called themselves Roman Catholic judeao/christians.

And that is a fact.
Own up to the facts IGNORANT CHRISTIAN sheeple.
Judaeo/Christian arrogance + ignorance + belligerence = HELL on EARTH

todays swastika pic of the day is being scanned.
I will post 3 images from a book no longer in print, showing the swastika as representation of 'god's house'.

Why are all the good reference materials re: swastika out of print?
Why has this divine godly symbol be reduced to simply a 'solar symbol' and a symbol the 'Nazis used' in the IGNORANT crucifix waving west/occident?


SWASTIKA = a solution for pi, and the Pythagorean theorem that ante-dates (came before) Freemasonry?
Could those be reasons the FREEMASONS and the VATICAN veil this symbol Hitler unveiled?

VEIL is an anagram of EVIL

Some of the judeao/christian wankers should soon start to feel a bit queasy.
And if they don't?

It means they are obviously judeao/christian zombies, the walking dead.
LIAR LIAR club of roaming Roman Catholic JC christians IS THE fucking problem NOT the solution to LIFE.
They are DEAD to the truth already.
The plebes NEED a wake up call.


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SWASTIKA Image of the Day

3 examples of God Houses

yes yes yes I know I know jesus has his diggs too...
St. Peter's is also a house of god, built over a rock blah blah blah baa baa baa

maybe the religious plebes want to tell me why St. Peters square is just a COPY CAT TEMPLE?

The Anasazi Kiva (the one on the left) is 1000 years older than St. Peter's House of ill-repute.

So if the biggest fan and supporter of the literal Jesus is proved to be dishonest...what does that say about Jesus?

fuck off IGNORANTarrogant belligerent religious plebes.

geesh and duh, I think I am starting to see a pattern.

IGNORANT means simply that I read MORE ENLIGHTENING books than the herd of sheeple ...

It is obvious most of the ignorant sheeple on this thread who oppose me....could use an education plus an exorcism.


p.s. by the way
I am just getting started sheeple people.
A TRUTH WARRIOR never ever rests.

time to start promoting the TRUTH...
FEEL FREE FOLKS .... link to my posts OR steal my material, edit out all of my vulgarity and contempt and paSS it on...

Tell two sheeple who want to become people the truth.

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christianity, common sense, religious agendas

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