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Default Anamnesis of the Motherland

All experience is memory

All the things and places, buildings, hotels etc that we remember in our dreams not just from life, but things we remember in our dreams that we never even experienced in life, things that we remember from fragments of previous dreams. Things that we may have seen in a previous dream, and trigger the memory, but also beyond that we even have the memories of things we've never dreamed.

We will notice some place, some event, and we will still get that sensation of
remembering it from somewhere else as if all these people, places, events and things are not
just fragments of previous dreams remembered, but are in fact scintillations of the meta-world,
the consciousness motherland.

In dreams we often get the sensation of recognizing something that we've seen before,
this dream de-ja vu is quite common if you wake up in the right state to piece it together, and in
life we may get this sensation as deja-vu, albeit not as commonly as in dreams, but all this
recognition of things done or seen before, this general deja recognition of these scinitllations
from the unconscious motherland, this place where all things are in the "now", and we just
experience their emanations in an illusory fashion of some lineal order, like shapes on the
wall of the cave, and often as in dreams we experience them in multidimensional orders, and also more fluidly.

Distinction between dreamworld and motherland. When we have the sensation of dream deja-vu of something that wasn't even a memory from a previous dream, it is in fact a memory from this source place, where all experience/memory/being exits in a now state, waiting to be drawn upon by the lineal and semi lineal experience of life and dreams respectively.

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