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Exclamation Murdered by reptilians; experiential EVIDENCE

I'm here on this forum to share knowledge about first hand experience with reptiles.

There are many people that disbelieve reptilians exist.
There are many people who come on here demanding evidence.
There are many more people than both of the aforementioned groups combined who seem to spread vicious rumours and disinformation, trying to throw others off the scent.

I am none of these three groups of people.
I have met a great many reptilians.
They are not green scaly creatures (not the ones i've seen anyway).
I have also met a great many of the elite humans: reptilian hybrids, modern day undercover nazis, pedophiles - all which facilitate the reptilian agenda in one way or another.

After crossing someone, they threatened revenge on me by stealing my DNA and eventually murdering me...
I didn't understand what they meant at the time. Or even believe it possible.

Now I do; they have picked me as a "fluffy bunny", or human sacrifice to those of us unfamiliar with their brevity codes...

They have spent the last 5 years targeting me, and setting me up to have my lifeforce stolen.

I have been to many military facilities across the country that are specifically for reptiles, and a soul processing/extraction centre.

They have certain buildings that humans cannot see unless "retuned" to be able to.
A perfect metaphor for this is Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter novels.
Interestingly there are many similarities between these books and the reptilian agenda.
Not just J K Rowling novels, but the majority of science fiction has hidden information only available to the right brain.

For example, reptilians stealing your life-force is much like how Dementors do it.
However I have not worked out yet, if you can protect yourself from this by thinking of a loving memory, as the books and fairytales profess.

The fundamental idea is that they do not have an emotional body (ability to sense feelings and emotions),
and so cannot feel emotions. Just have a basic fight or flight response, and desire to "feed" on energy.
This energy is then fought over, going to the more dominant reptile, and makes its way up the hierarchy to the top of the pyramid.

We as humans DO have an emotional body, we also have individual souls.
Psychopathic humans don't have an emotional body. Although they can feel - these feelings just wash over them and dissipate afterwards - which is why they are the ones picked to work for the reptilians.

Their key aim is to interbreed with the human populous, rendering their kind dominant.

They want our kind docile, and essentially unaware of being harvested for life-force and soul fragments.

We are all prisoners. Whether we know it or not.

If anyone has any information they can share, preferably from first hand evidence, it would be greatly appreciated.

Especially if anyone knows of areas or countries that actively oppose reptilian rule, I would be interested to hear about them.
Unfortunately there is much disinformation out there, and even more trolls looking to keep people off the scent of the correct information.
I'll answer any questions, but please no diversions from the topic or cheap tricks.
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any information, or evidence you can share, will be a massive help to all the other people out here fighting reptiles on a daily basis...
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You obviously sound like A Reptilian Humanoid man. Same here Brother, Reason I know this is by the way you opening post of this thread was and the fact you mention you don't know real Reptilians, Well I hang out with real Reptilians, But I'm not quite aware of them yet, I can see them all as beings watching over me or signs if they are present with me at my house just by the way you can all the races face and places out there they might be from, I know I'm from Alpha Draconis. The Real Reptilians already know me in my green scale form with wings. Every Reptilian Humanoid on Earth is a real Reptilian and when you die from your Reptilian Humanoid life you either pop up on Earth again as a differerent race (that's a long shot given that because your a Reptilian Humanoid you turn into a Real Reptilian. So when Humanoids of all Mixed race die they don't really die they just change their form and disappear from other peoples existence and reality on Earth for example. You do this to get away and take on a new life experience as another being. You only die once and that is when your in the 3D, 3rd Dimensional life of experience, The Grays killed me but due to the fact I was Reptilian already I quickly escaped my death with maximum output crys of Fear. The Grays didn't know I was Reptilian and once they found out they felt sorry without feeling sorry ofcourse because the Grays are mostly Emotionless but yeah they expressed to themselves and with themselves with all those responsible and gave me a bionic implant that keeps me alive as a Reptilian Humanoid who hails originally from Alpha Draconis and most likely live there or came to Earth to visit the native Reptilians on Earth to live with them or the fact I was born as a Draconian Humanoid first up in 06/09/1985 @ 11:35 so I have travelled the opposite way but I'm still grounded as A Drac with Drac features that still come out in me. SO yeah I get to live an infinite healthy life in which I can abuse drugs and cigarettes and alcohol to my hearts content due to the implant I have but I'm a responsible drug user anyway but its just nice to know I wont die from things like tabacco.

Sorry to drain you with the me me me bullshit but I cant help it I'm Pro Dominant when it comes to expressing myself and the way I use Language.

Peace. <3
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illuminati, military industrial, reptilians, satanic abuse, secret societies

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