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mr dolka
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Default 7/7 doctor killed in house fire.

A top children’s doctor who treated severely injured victims of the 7/7 bombings has been killed after a fire tore through her home.

Dr Claire Sheppey, 47, a consultant paediatric anaesthetist at the Royal London hospital, was unable to escape as a blaze gutted her second-floor north London flat.
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diamond dogs
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Is there any indication she has spoken out about the 'incident' since as to warrant any foul play.

I am not suggesting anything sinister but there is a graph as to the time a fire would be most lethal and less chance of survival when the likelihood of the victim would be asleep and this fire occurred early in the morning.

Would have to wait for the official investigation as to what allegedly caused the fire.. The good always go first damnit!

The fire broke out at about 1.30am yesterday at her flat in Crowland Terrace in Canonbury, Islington. A team of 35 firefighters spent three hours battling the blaze but she could not be saved.
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Thanks for posting this Mr Dolka.


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The fire sounded very fierce. Poor woman.

I would be very surprised if she didn't have a smoke alarm. She was obviously a woman of intelligence.
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Interestingly, nothing on the London section of the BBC's 'news' site about this at the moment.

Ah, probably because the story was from 17th March.

I would expect the investigation to have concluded by now then.

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evil edna
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Another loose-end tidied up. Another phony "witness" instrumental in selling the 7/7 narrative to the masses.

Did she actually exist in flesh-and-blood? Or was she a doctor simulated on paper alone?

She certainly didn't treat any genuine 7/7 victims, as there were none.

For fear of flogging a dead horse, the 7/7 Operation was a victimless hoax.
Ergo, anyone who claim to have assisted in the "rescue" is a fraud.

So was she just another "desk identity" at Vauxhall Cross?
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