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We done Sean, dont worry about your GCSE's. The people with the best results are perhaps the most easily indocrinated. Thats what I told myself anyway.

I got 3 GCSE's in Maths, English and computer studies back in 1990, then went on to do BTEC National and then a HND. All the time I was doing these I wasnt really interested in the subjects but just wanted to go to college for the experience of meeting new people and places etc.

No employer has ever checked my educational certificates so just go and do what you want to do.

Good luck......
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What a shame hope your ok when I get shot down like that it pisses me off for weeks, good on you for trying though
I have been met by the same hostility and apathy by my own family and some friends and that hurts, they say things like she’s in to THAT icke dude or I get called weird and asked when im going to make a tinfoil hat lol I also get who cares that doesn’t effect me or that’s years off and sometimes just a stony silence, so uncomfortable you feel like taking everything you have just said back.

Anyway I think what you tried to do was brilliant maybe some of them took in what you said but just stayed in baba mode so as to not stray away from the heard but will think about it later.
It takes strength of mind to do what you did and I respect that, well done x
‘Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.’
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i like the bit when you say that they say that (him into that weird stuff) , could they tell you what weird stuff is , and not what reality is i dont think ,so keep it up and well done for doing it.
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I hate how tinfoil hats have become a joke/crazy person in popular culture.Well
done to the perpetrators I take my coper/emf blocking base cap off from www.lessemf.com to them.

my step granddad was a teacher and he left it because he hated how it turned into just getting people to pass exam and had nothing to do with making people think.I have noticed this myself when I was a collage basically they spend so much time showing you the answers and training you to pass the exam.Think alot of schools are more bothered about getting high exam passes as founding is linked to high passes. This is probably why the world is full of repeaters who can`t think and work things out for them self.
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Default People are strange

I would love to help people see what is happening, but people just don't want to hear. I have found out that when a person is ready to wake up they will.

I remember how I used to be. I was so ready to think someone is a nutter for talking about this stuff. Then a series of coincidences happened, it was all too obvious to ignore after that.
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