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Like Roage said, then?
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Originally Posted by elenita View Post
Like Roage said, then?
I examined that path a long time ago, and something didn't sit right with me.
The scale of the deception is so grand that the ONLY guide that will lead you to the truth is your higher self, your I am presence.
The ego is the obstacle preventing the one truth, and while it cannot be gotten rid off, it can be silenced to a point where you just know.
Everything oscillates in the land of the snake, the creator of the big bang, the jealous god, who wants you to worship him and no other. The great arch itect of the universe, the same entity that all religions are really worshipping unknowingly, and the so called elite knowingly.
The law here is everything gets degraded, life / death, where everything has to devour something to survive, the fruit you eat turns to putrid waste, what do you think happens when you eat from the tree of good and evil, duality.
do you think that the true realms need anything to survive.
Even the truth gets degraded, such are the laws here, that's why the truth cannot be told.
Most of humanity think that this is a gift, some are enjoying their taste, others say everything's just fine.
Beyond that where nothing is split, oneness, harmony, truth, incorruptibility exists, home.
Man everywhere seem to be caught in the denial of reality. They fear the awful truth and are turning a blind eye… .Therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness.

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