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Default Obama to Have Everyone Move to the Cities?


Wow. It sounds like the Jews and the ghettos!
They would have easy access to everyone.
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It intends (supposedly) to funnel public (tax) monies away from suburban and rural areas and into metropolitan or dense urban areas -an attempt to economically rescue cities facing, or soon to face bankruptcy.
This does two things; first, creates larger, denser, easier to control populations. Poverty and unemployment will not necessarily decrease just because more tax money is allocated to urban areas, but if there are riots and civil unrest it is easier to control it in a smaller area than an area that is spread over millions of square miles.
The second thing it does is free up LAND for corporate and investor purchase, as land acquisition and control of large swathes of geographical areas is on the 'grab list' of the nwo.
Interesting how the ducks are being lined up.

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