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Thumbs up "180" Movie

This 30 minute video discusses everything from Morality to Abortion and from The Holocaust to Judgement Day.

I found it interesting, thought I'd share.
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Its a interesting video,Was very shallow about hitler though who was a pupet.
But people are clueless out there.makes sense.
Ray comforts also does videos with kirk cameron on christian subjects.

just a side note.....
Also this symbol of his movie is all azazel!!!!!

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This is not the right way to treat abortion.

Many aborted children are the product of sexual immorality or fornication by people who have no intention of getting married. Often the woman refuses to get married so she aborts the child. The sin is in the refusal to marry, abortion the byproduct.

Under biblical law, the woman and the man would in many cases warrant the death penalty, and so many of the aborted children would be destined to die even under biblical law.

Also under biblical law, one cannot be held guilty of the murder of a foetus, even if one can be held guilty of destroying it, so the theological basis of the video, comparing abortion to mass-murder, is nonsense.

Abortion is the byproduct of sexual immorality, of state sponsored feminism, and of atheism. Condemning abortion is like dealing with the symptoms, not the cause of the disease.

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