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Thumbs up ‎Plant in pain ...

‎Plant in pain ... Subhaan God

Always draws the attention raises surprising new discoveries scientists and confusion, but if we look at the book of God we recently reported, and latest discoveries that plants suffer and produces a painkiller!!! ....

Finally, Scientists have proved that plants feel pain and even address the plants around it? Perhaps the incident nostalgia trunk of the Prophet peace be upon him one of the most incidents, which was criticized skeptics and atheists, they said: Is it possible that plants feel pain and too?

But, thank God, the answer came from U.S. researchers (non-Muslims) to confirm that the plant has a sense of pain, but also produces a painkiller for the pain, but the rest of the plants and warns of the dangers by studying material!

He felt Researchers working in the Control Center airspace, the U.S. surprised when they discovered that plants "sick" produces a chemical similar to aspirin, can be found in the atmosphere Balneptp. Can this article be part of the immune system helps protect the plants, according to the weights researchers.

And increases the likelihood of discovery to become farmers who, thanks to Note This article, in the control of "health" of their plants in the early stages of her beams of her climate change or invasion of insects or other.

Even time, farmers can not ensure that a climate of unhealthy Takes Npatadthm except to observe indicators can be seen with the naked eye, such as fibers or dead branches. The researcher said Thomas Karl, "unlike humans, who are directing them aspirin as an anti-virus, the ability of plants to produce Ospirinha, by the secretion of proteins that boost their biochemical defense system, thereby reducing infection. The measurements show that we have had significant amounts of the chemical can be found where in the atmosphere surrounding the plants are in a climate that is healthy. "

At a time when researchers realized that the plants produced in the laboratory a form of aspirin, known as "methyl Saliceli" but they did not look for it at all in the forest or farms. But the researchers also, when the measurement system set up on a farm near Davis, California, in order to monitor emissions from existing plants there, which can pollute the environment, they found significant quantities of the "methyl Salisalit."

As for similar studies that concluded that the plants dealt with animals, in turn, produces chemicals that can be sensed by plants nearby. Were found on this article in an atmosphere of farm plants exposed to changes in weather ranging from cold in the night, followed by large increases in temperature during the day. And increase access to post similar defense system, the chemical can be a way that plants use to connect with its neighbors, and thus warn them of the threat exists. The researcher Alex Guenther The results lead us to obtain the evidence continues to plant between each other.

God has provided this paper with sensitive can feel what is happening around him, and plants affected by the words of God Almighty, and that there is no real scientific research about it, but I firmly believe that the plant is affected by the Word of God and increased growth, so the quality of fruit-changing and increasing power plant in hearing the verses of the Koran, and there is some research on the impact of sound on plants confirmed this fact, but this research is not documented until this moment, and we hope the botanists Muslims to make experiments on plants and results will be impressive!

In the face of this fact, we can only say Hallelujah! Who Botany secretion of this article while he was palliative for the pain? Who gave him this precision equipment to produce chemicals to warn the others while a sense of danger? Which is the creation of plants and gave him these wonders, is able to make the trunk and groaning come to parting the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him!

He has a great verse in the Koran that all is extolled Allah Almighty says: (It was nothing but praise praise and is rewarded Zbeham his worship) [al-Isra: 44]. There is another verse where the Lord of the Worlds tells us that everything he says, God says about words Leather Day of Resurrection: (Ontguena said God, who uttered everything He created you the first time and you will be returned to him) [separated: 21]. These verses was a prelude to skeptics in the past, but today, after these discoveries is the scientific miracles of the signs of a tangible physical evidence that this Qur'an is not written by human beings‎
sow with generous hand...
pause not for toil or pain...
weary not through heat of summer...
weary not through cold spring rain...
but wait till the autumn comes...
for sheaves of golden grain...
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