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Default Blood moon longest lunar eclipse of the century - Sacrifice/Rituals

Could this event mark a sacrificial/ritual period?

‘Blood moon’ takes over night sky in longest lunar eclipse of the century (WATCH LIVE)

People across the globe turn their eyes to the sky on Friday night to see the crimson Moon as our planet’s satellite moves into the Earth’s shadow in the longest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting over 100 minutes.
The total eclipse will continue for 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, with its pinnacle phase at 2022 GMT to be visible from Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East as well as much of Asia and Australia. The impressive ‘Blood Moon’ effect is created by the sunlight that bends through the Earth’s atmosphere, making the moon seem orange, brown or crimson.


Hopefully not but if this stuff matters to the PTB it’s probably something worth questioning and seeing could something like this be taking place an elaborate deception, ritual and sacrifice...
Danny Edwards
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Lunar Eclipse coming to a sky near you very soon (well, this evening in fact). Viewing guide below:


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Why do you do a sacrifice/ritual for a spaceship?

It's like who the hell worship BA 737?
I guess plane spotters?
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Seems strange, the story posted on DI Headlines about lots of young people going missing in Iowa, and Trump in Iowa, and the devastating tornadoes there, all at the same time, all around the time of the blood moon.

Keep on keepin' on
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