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That journalist is what we used to call 'unclear on the concept.'
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Originally Posted by lewi View Post
Very true, however the British Armed Forces are the peoples only hope of victory, and that would mean rounding up those guilty of treason. conveniently No-one can be executed for high treason any more - that was formally abolished in 1998 by Lord Archer of Sandwell - Bilderberg - but people can still technically be sentenced to life in prison, although the Act has not been used since World War Two.


This makes it illegal to bring back the Guillotine to make these traitors accountable.

So to say... Off with their heads.... makes you a Terrorist and they shoot you and if you wear a yellow vest, how can they miss?

44,000 traitors lost their heads in the French Revolution.

They have set the rules... Its Us or Them

They have started and got their ducks in a row and we drink fluoride and inject mercury and eat aspartame and say..... Brexit? who really cares anyway... ?
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If the illuminati and buddies made all these nations over centuries then why would they dismantle them? why would they build something to pull down?
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Lightbulb The Dismantling of Great Britain, What We Have Lost

Great book on the Subject Link Below...

Between 1939 and 1945, Britain produced around 125,000 aircraft, and enormous numbers of ships, motor vehicles, armaments and textiles. We developed radar, antibiotics, the jet engine and the computer. Less than seventy years later, the major industries that had made Britain a global industrial power, and employed millions of people, were dead. Had they really been doomed, and if so, by what? Can our politicians have been so inept?
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