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Default mind parasites


Here is an interesting article for those with perhaps the stomach to read it.
Came across it a year ago.
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kha zarr
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hm this is interesting bluestar. Ill have to take a closer look. lot to get through.
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Just read this and will say it is worth taking a look at this. It goes on for longer than it really needs to, the author spent too long describing relatively unimportant factual accounts, and for that reason I was disinterested with much of this article. However the bulk of it is valuable info and really explains the nature in which many people out there truly are "vampires" in the sense they suck energy from others.

His take on 9/11 being a mass fear-based ritual of terror is a good slant on things and I am sure it was exactly that on the symbolic level.

He said at one point that one of the most common ways people enter into the dark arts or dark path is through studying it. I agree as it is undeniable that when you start looking into stuff such as Crowley etc you begin to find yourself attaching to it. I have dabbled myself and at one point was a practioner of the dark arts.

I couldn't help but feel during the authors account of "Nicholas" the vampire he seemed oddly descriptive regards the person - it is either that the alure of the figure is still with him or the whole thing is a sexual fantasy put to paper. It is very common with this stuff that people literally just make things up and are really just fantasising. I am not saying this is the case with this article though as it reads very well and the author is clearly a learned researcher.

On the whole a good read. Thx for the link.
"The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there." - Yasutani Roshi
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