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Originally Posted by comawhite015 View Post
It would also be too much to assume that some have learned from this misjudgement. It'll happen again and again on here, and people who don't lap it up will be accused of not 'having an open mind' again, simply because they won't believe *absolutely fucken anything*.
amen to that.

To think most the people that fall into this group have the nerve to use the term "sheeple".
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Originally Posted by jesta_g View Post

in some cases "maybe", however this would be different circumstances.

lol, in this case, NO...

think of how many people were actually aware of this unlikely nuclear crisis ..... some on this forum and a wee bit more due to people not resisting to share their fear or those that just get a kick out of telling someone any old "prediction". Eitherway nowhere near enough "exposure" or "awareness" to "stop" such a threat by simple conscious thought.

This was simply Lazyhorses personal dream, nothing more as we can now see.

it would be good to assume that some have learnt from this misjudgement.
ye s i see that but i was just thinking of the times when my own intuition warned me of something , but i ignored it to my cost! then if i had listened and not been at a certain place ata certain time then it wouldnt of happened thus cancelling out the prohecy intuition aspect
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