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Jesus Christ you fool Shenoma... He is 'these' people...

FFS Masons..Biggest Secret, paeodiphile satanists... didn't you reach that chapter yet or something?

Originally Posted by masonic3
SORRY ABOUT OTHER POST "edelweiss pirate" has it in for me because I scare him?

I ment "What" as in this needs alot of thought:

I come up with:

If what you talk about is a kind of dictatorship? If so then the "Dictator" needs an enemy, like Cuba had USA hitler had the jews to blame.

Is there anything known about who there enemy is? Is there anything we can look at already posted about this?

Are we there enemy?

It would work if we are the enemy....?

You can't think big enough when it comes to these people. They will pay for everything they do now and in the future, even if they get rid of the human race and kill the earth. They would get their's one day, even if it took a million years, they would still get it. God's justice has no time limit.

So what's up Shenoma?

You exchange pleasantries with a maso disinfo merchant (ffs open your eyes)

and tell me to fuck off! I don't like being picked on mate for no reason. Many people here say I post good info and it tends to agree with what other people experience.. so what's your game?

Know something I don't? Spill the beans then.... come on, let's see what you think you know..

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Some people, and I won't mention names, come across as peaceful and enlightened but ooops...what was that? Slippage. True colors coming through. Some are more in control than others, and yeah what is a Freemason doing here?

Monitoring. That's what.
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Default Misunderstandings

Please people, keep things nice. There have been a few misunderstandings, so please just go easy....no need for further insults.

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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Holy fuck what's wrong with you?

just waking you up to the mason troll on the loose..

As for you M3
Just what do you contribute to the forum mason?

Nothing except a weird picture of his royal kiddie fiddler his Royal lowness the Duke of Bent with scary coloured in black eyes..

What's going on here... you don't like the info I contribute? I that's the case I'll fuck off in a hot minute... So long see ya... shit why try to inform people when they just try dump on ya..

You can always get your scoops from M3 lol.

Yes you can get your scoops from me, will help in any way I can.
I am not here to check on you, why? Why would anyone care what we say on here?

I forgive you "edelweiss pirate" for being nasty, don't leave the forum its not worth it, stay.

I have read alot of your posts to try and rip it out of you but I can't because you do write good posts but sometimes you try to put people down when theres no reason to.
I am a freemason and it should not matter because in the end we all are init together, the day I find out something bad about freemasonry I will post it here and thats a promise.

God bless you edelweiss pirate your ok
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